Former teammates of recently-released Jacksonville Icemen defenceman Jacob Panetta published a statement Friday as a show of support for the 26-year-old after he was suspended indefinitely by the ECHL and released by the team.

Panetta was seen making an apparent racist gesture at South Carolina Stingrays defenceman Jordan Subban in a game on Saturday.

The message, titled “Official Players’ Statement” and shared by Icemen forward Derek Lodermeier, was relayed Friday with the team’s logo but not shared by the organization.

The players supported the notion Panetta shared on his own Twitter account on Sunday that his actions were not racially motivated.

This story is actually pretty unbelievable. Here’s the video of the altercation between the two of them. The actual incident starts all the way at the very end, where I have started the video.

Literally all that happened was he shook his gloves at the other player. That kind of thing happens constantly in hockey. Then this privileged negro whines about how he was horribly oppressed by this White Man, and then the White Man loses his job.

At the bottom of the page the multibillion dollar state propaganda agency makes sure to point out how anti-White it is.

I’ll have more on this story later, since it’s so outrageous.

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