The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of his trip to Israel and the West Bank (CNW Group/Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada)


Canada’s public safety minister says multiple levels of police and national security forces are preparing to deal with any threats that could erupt from extremists who have latched on to a massive truck convoy that began descending on the nation’s capital Friday.

Marco Mendicino, Public Safety Minister

The featured image in this article is actually of former Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale shaking hands with jew ethnostate former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahou. He was the Liberal PS Minister from 2015-2019, then it was Bill Blair until October 26, 2021, whereupon Marco Mendicino took over from his job as Minister of Immigration. Yes, a guy named Marco Mendicino was the Minister of Immigration.

As hundreds of trucks and other protesters make their way to Ottawa to demonstrate against vaccine mandates and other public health measures imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19, Marco Mendicino said there must be lines drawn between free speech and risks to public safety. 

“We have to put our trust in the trained professionals that work within law enforcement, that work within the intelligence community, to draw those boundaries,” he said in an interview with CBC News Network’s Power & Politics.

I get serious faggot vibes from this guy, even beyond looking at his face. I really get annoyed at this privileged class fake debate about how they just love free speech but they’re forced to use censorship because these meanies are causing harm with their words. These people lie us into wars.

The very same people getting all sanctimonious about “harmful disinformation,” use lies to achieve mass murder. You’ll see a lot of fake and ghey arguments from these types. It’s tempting to engage with the premise, but it’s far more productive to deny these people the right to make those arguments altogether.

Earlier in the day, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended his government’s vaccination push as the convoy of protesters opposed to vaccine mandates began descending on the city.  “The enemy is not vaccination. The enemy is COVID-19 and the best tool to fight this enemy is to be vaccinated,” he said during a public health briefing Friday morning.

“We understand now there is frustration around COVID-19, but we also know that the only way to exit COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.”

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos

Of course, vaccination for a virus that has so many different strains is a Sisyphean task. As with influenza, there are so many different strains, all of which mutate so quickly, that there will never be any sort of long term vaccination as we have with other diseases such as Polio. Frankly, everybody, Science! lover or not already knows this, as evidenced by the fact that they keep having to get these booster shots every six months.

That’s what actual Science! tells us to believe, but these vaccines are quite literally the most profitable product for Big Pharma ever, which is the actual reason why they get shilled so much. That’s why Joffrey Trudeau is telling four year olds to get really excited about New Vaccine Product, because that puts another few hundred million into the pockets of Pfizer. 

Pfizer CEO (((Albert Bourla)))

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly told CBC News Network’s Power & Politics that the protest organizers initially told his force the demonstration would be a weekend event, but that “the option of going into the week is also still on the table.”

Sloly said any decision to bring the protest to a close early or let it extend beyond the weekend would be based on public safety and that security services will be asking a number of key questions as the protest unfolds such as: “Are there lives at risk, are there elements of critical infrastructure that cannot function sufficiently, or at all.”

Sloly described the situation as “unique, fluid, risky and significant” and said police and security resources, including cameras, will be bolstered throughout the downtown.

“Let me be very clear. We are prepared to investigate, arrest if necessary, charge and prosecute anyone who acts violently or breaks the law in the demonstrations or in association with the demonstrations,” he said.

“We have seen in other jurisdictions where these behaviours have led to people getting injured, killed and/or incarcerated. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that that does not happen again.”

Ottawa black police chief Peter Sloly

Oh really, these vague “behaviours,” have lead to people getting “injured, killed or incarcerated”? Other than incarcerated I don’t believe you, and I don’t think for one second that this Sloly character would say the same about BLM riots, despite people actually being murdered at those.

In fact, we don’t have to hypothesize, since we have this article from 2019.

Capital Current:

Ottawa’s first Black police chief is nearing the end of his first year on the job in a climate of intense scrutiny.

After 27 years with the Toronto police service, Sloly became chief of the OPS on Oct. 28, 2019. He has been thrust into a community where the public is more critical of the police than ever. 

As the Black Lives Matter movement intensified over the spring and summer, calls to defund the police and draw attention to racial profiling have been prominent and all eyes are on Sloly to see how the OPS leadership will react.

Sloly’s history, says one expert, suggests he could be the man to spark change in Ottawa.

Before the death of George Floyd under the knee of of a Minneapolis police officer sparked international outrage, Sloly was already making serious changes to the OPS. Last January, he reintroduced a hate crimes unit that was disbanded in 2017. And he created three more Neighbourhood Resource Teams to help increase community-to-police co-operation.

Central to Sloly’s time in office will be his relationship with the police union and the union’s president, Matt Skof, who has openly criticized him.

In early September, Skof stated that Sloly had “lost the room” and ignored “inconvenient truths” after the chief published an opinion column in the Ottawa Citizen stating that the OPS is committed to solving issues of systemic racism.

So the anti-White activist police chief Peter Sloly is putting back together hate crimes units so that they can oppress White People. While I couldn’t find any quotes of him outright supporting BLM, he did allow their Ottawa struggle session to happen uninterrupted.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole met with some of the truck drivers participating in the protest and afterwards called in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with demonstrators and “hear their concerns.”

“Truckers are our neighbours, our family and most importantly, the are our fellow Canadians,” he said. 

Erin O’Toole, cuck leader.

As expected, cuckservatives are supporting this because it’s largely harmless. Truckers protesting could easily become extremely serious, but they’d have to stop using the “muh liberal are NAZIS,” “muh lampshadocaust,” rhetoric, and instead start pointing out that these people support BLM superspreader events, refused to shut down the border in early 2020 and build quarantine facilities for Canadians traveling abroad, and are interested in nothing less than lining the pockets of Pfizers shareholders. 

Instead we get “muh nazis.”

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