Just like the previous article I wrote, where Benny Shapiro is super against “cancel culture,” until he is trying to censor some Uppity Goy, Donald Trump Jr. is super against “cancel culture”. Oh my goodness is he ever against “cancel culture.”

He even wrote a book on “cancel culture.” And that’s to say nothing of his many tweets.

I mean you might think that you’re against “cancel culture”, but boy is Trump Jr. ever against it.

Just a level of being against “cancel culture,” that shouldn’t even be possible.

God, he is just so against “cancel culture.”

Say one thing about Trump’s retarded son, say he’s against “cancel culture.”

Whoopi Goldberg got suspended from the ABC owned show “the view,” for claiming that since jews aren’t a race, the Lampshadocaust wasn’t “racist.” After saying that she got suspended for two weeks. So of course, just like fellow anti-cancel culture warrior Benny Shapiro, Donald Trump Jr. almost broke his neck running to the defense of Whoo-

Just kidding. He’s whining impotently on twatter because ABC’s staff didn’t give in to the retarded interns who wanted blood. Although they did also suspend her for two weeks and force her to apologize.

But really, the sheer absurdity of people who are on twatter whining about “cancel culture,” in the first place…

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