You may know Benny Shapiro as the little jew who once said,

“don’t call it an ethnic cleansing, just call it population transfer. If you truly support the jewish state, you must support the peaceful transfer of Palestinians.

You may also remember him from the Sarah Jeong story.

For those of you who don’t remember, in 2018 it was found that the (((New York Times))) hired a new writer named Sarah Jeong. Wasn’t long before the autists of 4chan unearthed some anti-White tweets of hers.

There was an outrage about this, so of course Benny Shapiro was there to make sure that nothing came of it.

Notice the author.

See little Benny Shapiro is super against “cancel culture.” Even when it means defending an anti-White piece of human garbage like Sarah Jeong.

I mean there’s just nothing that gets Benny Shapiro more up in arms than cancel culture.

There’s just nothing that gets Benny “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing” Shapiro up in the morning like bravely fighting against “cancel culture.” 

Benny Shapiro is on a one man jewhad against “cancel culture.” 

You can find a whole bunch more tweets just like this here.

A few days ago I wrote about the ADL changing the definition of “racism,” once again, because Whoopi Goldberg tepidly pushed back over some random part of the lampshadocaust. Whoopi was “suspended,” from her job, which essentially means that she might be able to keep her job if she grovels hard enough. Of course, Benny Shapiro was right there in her corner fighting back aga-

Right. Because Ben Shapiro is a jew supremacist. There is literally no other way to interpret his numerous contradictory beliefs and views espoused. He says a bunch of shit that is designed, if you take it seriously, to get him and his race and advantage over you, goy. That’s all that’s going on.

Keep that in mind if you ever see Kosher-Tube faggots attacking him. The above and below screencaps are from Adam Something’s (uncensored) youtube channel. He’s a typical breadtube faggot who bloviates about urban planning a lot.

There is this bizarre astroturfed ecosystem on JewTube these days, where you get (((Benny Shapiro))) out there making retarded arguments against “socialism,” or whatever kosher-leftists are talking about. This lets these people, who are never censored by Google, or any other corporation, to pretend to their audiences that they’re super serious on economic issues because they’ll occasionally dunk on Benny Shapiro. It also let’s these anti-White perverts pretend to be (uncensored) revolutionaries, since they get their utterly fake “socialist,” bullshit unchallenged.

I enjoy beating on the Traditionalist Twinks of America Fist. I even got a request from someone fairly important to write about that stuff more. I’ll certainly work some things in, but there’s just so much juicy and actually politically relevant Finklethink to work my way through that it’s a pretty low priority for me.

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