In anticipation of my upcoming takedowns of Breadtube, I’ll give you this little snippet someone made in 2017 of Hasan Piker.

The top comment: 

One of Sam Hyde‘s best sketches – Main

The next top comment.

This feels like a Sam Hyde joke. Hasan saw the final cut of this and was like “Yeah this performative vague rallying cry is extremely cringe. Upload it” – jellobyte

Literally the next top comment.

I honestly can’t tell if this is satire or not – Smitty

The next top comment.

It literally feels like a 2014-era MDE sketch – Jack

I’m just going to keep printing out the comments, because they roast him better than I ever could.

“the revolution will not be televised” as he’s doing a promo for a fashion magazine that promotes luxurious clothing that the majority of americans cannot afford – Solidus

The lazy, nonchalant expression on his face, the tired glint in his eyes, his low-effort posture and manner of speaking. Oh yeah, I think this is the revolutionary we’ve been looking for: a leader who will sacrifice himself for the cause and trudge through thick and thin for the greater, common good. – Laugh Track Editor


The best part of all of this is that I thought SchonMagazine was making fun of him. I thought what happened was Piker made some retarded video, or videos, and then one of our goys cut it up. No, this is 100% straight from the source.

Here’s their YouTube channel. 

They regularly made videos. All of them typically got less than 100 views, except this one with 1000x that. Sort of an extreme example of going viral. They also stopped making videos, with their last one being from October 2020.

Supreme hoodie: On New Yeezys: Laced Knuckles: Cracked Yup, It’s revolution time – Optimus Primate

Hasan piker is the human form of the Che Guevara t-shirt – E K

Cenk’s nephew got rebellious and fashionable in this debate. – MyNameIsChef

This is so cringe-inducing I honestly cannot wrap my mind around how you did this with a straight face – Greta’s Stolen Dreams
Hasan is a living GTA character. – Jack Ohlander
Only you can bring the revolution by buying 3 mil house – Valravn

Most of these comments are from 5-1 months ago, despite this video dating back to 2017. In any case, this is who we’re dealing with. The human version of the Che Guevara shirt. I’m going to do a full transcript of this video, but I honest to god couldn’t make up something this retarded if I tried. Frankly, I don’t think Sam Hyde could either.

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