Toronto Star:

It’s a startlingly malicious and racist letter sent to a Black vice-principal who had just left her Parkdale school.

It reads, “I’m glad you bought my ‘sorrowful’ goodbye in December [redacted name]. Really, I was thinking ding, dong, the witch is gone! I’m so happy to see you leave. You and your little crew that make everything about black this and black that. So what, white people don’t count?”

Then, “I never even got a thank you when I bought lunch for ALL of you.”

A little later it says, “Well, got rid of [redacted name]. Now I got rid of you.”

Jamea Zuberi

Let me un-redact that for you. The anti-White black person in this particular case was Jamea Zuberi, the former Vice-Principal at Queen Victoria public school in Toronto. 

When Zuberi was transferred to another school in December, the parents organized the school’s first Kwanzaa evening and farewell for her at Queen Victoria, with their own funds (and about $100 from the school). By the parents’ account, it was “very visible, very well-attended” and a “special moment.” They think now that event may have been a trigger for the letter.

Zuberi did not comment on the situation. “I am on a leave of absence from work until further notice,” she told the Star Monday.

Kwanza festival. Lel. Sounds like a typical anti-White activist. Let’s see if our prediction holds strong here.

The parents were initially unaware of the letter. In mid-January, they noticed five Black teachers were absent from school and began asking questions.

These are the six black teachers who ragequit. Yeah they look like serious, normal people to me.

They asked the superintendent about it, the executive superintendent, the school board trustee and even reached out to the affected teachers but didn’t hear back from anyone, they said. Teachers were going on strike about that time. Shortly after, the school was shuttered due to COVID-19.

In April, someone anonymously sent them a copy of the letter that had been sent to Zuberi. The parents published the letter on Twitter on April 21 with all staff names redacted.

Let me write out a transcript of that. Since the names are blurred out I had to do a best guess for what she wrote.

I’m glad you bought my “sorrowful” goodbye to you in December Fuckface. Really, I was thinking “ding dong, the witch is gone!” I’m so happy to see you leave. You and your little crew that make everything about black this and black that. So what, White People don’t count? 

Then pushing your way through classrooms the way you did in November to self-promote. You’re weird. Even the way you play favourites with staff is unfair. Your little birthday procession for you fravourite, Queen Shaniqua, made me sick.

I mean, I never even got a thank you when I bought lunch for ALL of you. Ungrateful!

Glad all it took was me telling you and Unsporstmanlike-LaQuisha a couple of fake stories for you to kick your precious little Queen Shaniqua to the curb! You and Martin Luther Coon are so gullible. Well, got rid of Queen Shaniqua. Now I got rid of you. Just have a few more on the list to go. Ha!

And just a little FYI, next time someone sends you a card saying “thanks for being a human,” show some appreciation and say thank you! My good friend took time to write you that card and all she got was your terrible attitude. I feel sorry for the staff at your new school!

Good riddance!

Going by word choice and tone I’m almost certain this letter was written by a woman. So maybe Chad is the wrong term for her. Speaking of her though, since this story was from 2020, what happened to her? Well best guess for who wrote that letter is Alana Hardy, the principal at the time. I have no idea what she’s doing now, but since I couldn’t find any follow up story, I’m pretty sure she’s still the principal. Or maybe it wasn’t her, but in any case no one was fired over this, which is nice to see.

The TDSB would be hiring an independent external investigator. It transferred oversight for all investigations higher up the chain of command to legal services chief Leola Pon and the highly reputed equity czar Colleen Russell-Rawlins. It temporarily removed superintendent Sandra Tondat and executive superintendent Sandy Spyropoulos from having oversight of Queen Victoria Public School.

Colleen Russell-Rawlins, “Equity Czar”

Equity Czar is simply good optics term for “professional anti-White.” This saga, amongst many other, simply shows why it these local elections are so important.

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