Vancouver Sun:

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help a Vancouver man who confronted an anti-gay and anti-Muslim preacher in the West End and was allegedly assaulted and left with a badly broken leg.

Justin Morissette told Postmedia News that he lives close to the corner of Davie and Thurlow streets and that on Saturday night he heard amplified hate messages coming from a street preacher called Dorre Love.

If you look closely, you can actually see the mantitties.

“Amplified hate messages.” Who is writing these propaganda articles? It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is Stephanie Ip, but these propagandists are interchangeable. I swear to god, I know this is a common theme, but these really are fourth string propagandists here in provincial Canadian politics.

Love produces videos posted on YouTube from across Canada that show him being regularly confronted by people who are offended by his amplified preaching.

Morissette said that while he was offended by what Dorre was preaching — against gay people in a largely gay community — he more wanted the amp turned down. He said he took the microphone from Dorre.

Morissette alleged that soon after, he was grabbed from behind and put in a “full Nelson.” Then, he said, his attacker put his right leg behind Morissette’s left leg and twisted him until the leg broke.

Vancouver police later said two individuals with the religious group had been arrested and were taken to jail. Charges of aggravated assault and mischief have been sent to Crown counsel for approval.

The pair have since been released from custody and have been ordered not to have contact with each other or Morissette, and are under a court order to not visit the area bordered by Comox Street, Beach Avenue, Denman Street and Burrard. Both individuals are due back in court at a later date.

When reached Monday, Sgt. Aaron Roed said the VPD’s hate crime investigators are taking a closer look into the group’s activities, to determine whether additional criminal charges such as uttering threats could be recommended in connection with previous visits to the West End neighbourhood.

Morissette remained at St. Paul’s Hospital on Monday after surgery and was expected to remain there for at least two weeks due to the severity of his injury.

It’s nice to know that White People and Christians are having our tax dollars forcibly confiscated in order so that the VPD can investigate “hate crimes,” when Christians are assaulted by the servants of Jeff Bezos. Not hate crimes for the assault mind you, you sweet summer child. Hate crimes for being assaulted while Christian. Also, don’t ever think that burning down a church results in hate crimes either, goy.

More importantly, I know we’re long past the point of asking for fairness, but literally nobody disputes that Justin Morissette violently assaulted Dorre Love on August 22nd. This is not up for debate. Dorre Love has the assault on video camera, and the police did nothing. The police then stole both of the cameras Love’s team had, and his phone, and three of his bags. Then the police charged him, a man with no record, with assault, mischief, aggravated assault, and causing a disturbance. They also put him in jail, although he was released after 12 hours. He was then banned from the beach, not being allowed to go to English Bay, Sunset Bay, or anywhere gays are. Morissette was not arrested, nor was he charged with anything. Dorre has the video camera back. 

For the record, this faggot started the confrontation. It was 100% initiated by him. Later he goes and brags about being “bigger and stronger than them.”

For the record, Morissette is a pudgy faggot, who weighs about 300lbs and has the frame of a 120lbs girl.

Justin Morissette is everything that is contemptible with the Soyim. Look at his skinny fat body. Look at him simultaneously bragging about being “bigger and stronger,” than the people he assaulted, whilst also whining about them snapping his leg after they won the fight that he started by his own admission. But really, all you need to do to understand these people is look at them.

I am blown away by what fags these antifas are.

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