It’s been too long since I worked on this series. In part 1 I showed the intro, which provides a lot of context. Then we got to the anti-White Samantha Moonsammy explaining her “layers” and alternating between being anti-White and dropping buzzword after buzzword. We pick up just as Faduno Ali passing the baton off to Rob Chambers, an Assistant Deputy Minister with the Department of Defense in Canada.

Before I start I have to give a big thanks to Samantha and to Fiduno and to your teams for all the work that you to in this uh, in this space. You know the committment, the courage, the endurance uh that it takes to do what you do is… is very very humbling. You’re certainly leading by example so uh thank you very very much for that very much appreciate that.

That’s it. I have decided that these people will literally explode if they do not call themselves courageous at least once every five minutes.

Anyway, he bloviates about thanking everyone. Ryan Trudeau, the audience, ADME employees. Everyone on the planet is having a courageous conversation that needs to happen. And by everyone we mean like 50 people on a livestream. They didn’t include the nubmers, if you’re curious.

So we live and work in communities all over the country. We have cultures that match those communities. Some in Ottawa, but actually the majority outside of Ottawa, so it’s a very diverse organization. But a growing one and a strong one, and one that is benefitting from the leadership of people like Faduno who are leading the anti-racism work within our organization.

There is no more important work that we do outside of our core mission, our core mandate, than creating a workplace in which people feel safe, people feel welcome. As Samantha was saying they can bring their whole selves to work. And in which they can flourish. And us you know there are all sorts of reasons why we wanna do that work. Uh uh uh you know you talk about business reasons harnessing people’s potential. Like it’s insane to think that we should leave a whole portion of our workforce only bringing – only enabling them to bring a portion of themselves to work only enabling them to bring a portion of their ability to work.

Nothing makes me feel welcome like being racially attacked and then racially attacked again as “fragile,” when I get mad at being racially attacked. The only thing that makes me feel more welcomed is when these anti-White dipshits start going on a corporate buzzword spree. I personally feel like the sustainability of these new synergies we’re finding in our core competence are allowing us a real human return on investment that, when viewed holistically, enable us to move past some pain points and readjust our alignment to drill down into our human ecosystems. The increased human bandwidth we’re applying to these long standing systemic problems has moved the needle through incentivization and retargetting of hyperlocal logistics.

But there’s also the human side which is the side that I find the most compelling. You know everyday someone is going through uhhhhhh the negative experiences associated with systemic racism. That gets me out of bed in the morning. It it keeps me from going to bed at night some nights but it certainly gets me out of bed in the morning. So being here today with you all is uh exactly the right thing to do it’s exactly where we need to be to be continuing this conversation.

Look how excited this soyboy is at waking up in the morning and hitting new synergistical anti-Whitisms outside of core competency that holistically touch on new human problems that bring us a true return on investment that cannot be measured.

We’ve got work to do, like everyone we’ve got work to do. We’ve started the journey.

Understanding these people as shitty and worthless is the first step to defeating them. They’re middle managers, who have chosen being anti-White as an easy grift. The reason they all sound the same is because there’s like 14 jews in the entire world writing the script for them. They just repeat it.

I’m excited. I want to get out of the way and let Ryan do this thing. White Fragility, uh super interesting issue. Delicate issue for some people but that’s the whole point. That’s the whole idea behind White Fragility. So I’m looking forward to today’s discussion.

Good lord. This guy is apparently a heterosexual who managed to father two children, but you’d never think that listening to his low testosterone soy voice.

And I uh can’t wait to uh hear Ryan’s presentation, see the questions, and hear the discussions. So Ryan, over to you and thank you.

With that he ends it. Our goys asked about 20 questions between us all, and none of them reached moderation, which just shows how full of shit these people are, in case you were wondering.

Next time we begin with failed actor Ryan Trudeau, no relation to PM Justin Trudeau, as he explains how his black son makes him an Aryan genderwarrior.

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