I previously covered the intro of Louis Theroux’s documentary on the terminally online AIDS ridden Manlet Cult known as America First. At the end of that we were left with this “scary” graphic.

At this point I need to get a bit of a rant off my chest. I touched on this in the last piece, but the best way to shut down these retards is to either simply point out that they’re weird faggots, or catch them saying contradictory things. You can also do both for bonus points, as I do, such as here and here. But that’s if your goal is to destroy these manlets.

Louis Theroux is the son a an high ranking intelligence officer. He’s a Globo Homo Schlomo hatchet man. However, he’s serious about getting actual policy. Just saying “LMAO these guys are faggots,” in so many words, won’t lead to the seriously oppressive policies that he wants. So he has to do this weird thing where he keeps accidentally showing these guys for being the retards that they are, but playing spooky music over the whole thing.

This is what I mean by TardFight. Nicky Fuentes is running a grift on his audience, where he pretends that he’s just seconds away from infiltrating the GOP. But Louis Theroux is running his own scam of a kind, where he pretends that these people are seriously dangerous, therefore justifying harsh censorship laws, or whatever else is desired by ZOG.

Because of that, he misses out on the absolute hardest hitting material. And because of that, I think his documentary is, frankly, quite boring. That’s also why I’m not going to be doing an entire recap of the doc, just the funniest bits.


The original YouTube video that I was working with got copyright struck. So I’m using the Poast.tv version below.

That seems to have some embedding issues, so if you can’t see it, just go here.

However the laughs come right from the very beginning as we see little Nicky arriving at CPAC and t-posing to the soy infused delight of his adoring all twink fans before getting kicked out of CPAC. Or rather, not even being allowed to enter. After being denied entry, the guy who has been six months away from infiltrating the GOP for the past five years does a Mussolini-esque speech.

CPAC sucks. It’s gay. They’re not conservative.

Ya. We’re leaving.

After that rousing speech they proceed to chant America First from outside the building as they impotently whine that CPAC is for fags. They do this after they all traveled to the event because they wanted to get in so badly.

This barely has anything to do with the doc, but I’d never seen this footage before. I just think it’s hilarious how every time I see a new piece of footage involving little Nicky I am reminded of what a complete and utter faggot he is.

Case in point, this AFPAC II graphic. I am just blown away by what an incompetent faggot little Nicky is. Like my brain is a little baffled as I gaze upon his “America First Bitch,” paraphernalia. First of all, as Louis points out, Fuentes is a complete retard who didn’t include the comma after first, so it reads as the wearer of the tag being a bitch.

But even beyond that, this guy was 22 years old when this was filmed. Even if he didn’t fuck up the grammar you couldn’t catch me wearing some shit like that if I was dead. Even back when I was 22 I was about 10 years too old for that kind of ultra juvenile SERIOUS GUY humour.

There is one particularly great bit where Theroux asks little Nicky about women in the movement.

Fuentes: I mean we try to as best as we can keep women out of the inner circle. Women, when they get involved in these dissident political movements they tend to be a total disaster.

Women out, catbois in. Optics status: Peak.

Theroux: Women should still have the right to vote right?

Fuentes: Mmmmm, I mean I don’t think so, but that’s probably not going away any time soon.

JFC Nicky. You had one job with “optics.” That was to be a milquetoast little pretend Republican. All you had to do was not say anti-social loser shit like “wahmen shouldn’t be voting.” Your job was to do nothing and you still fucked up.

But look, Nicky has great optics, so I’m sure he’ll save this, and not give Theroux more rope to –

Theroux: That’s pretty fringe isn’t it. Thinking maybe women shouldn’t have the right to vote.

Fuentes: Yeah, but. I mean look the society’s broken. So, people who are in the mainstream are, you know, they’re participating in a totally broken system though. So like, if society is totally destroyed, wouldn’t it be the people on the fringes who would have the antidote? Whatever side of the fringe, but wouldn’t it be the people on the outside, because the people on the inside are fucking everything up, for lack of a better word.

That’s how I see it.

Dear god what a little retard this Mexican is. First, admitting that your views are fringe is the biggest, and most unnecessary self-own you could do. I mean it’s literally true for these constantly online incel retards, but it’s not that hard to have a legitimately populist agenda. Watch,

“I think that trillion dollar multinationals like Google should be punished for mass censorship, and also the people who lied us into Iraq should be investigated for treason, and hopefully executed.”

Do you see how both those policies are really popular and have no place in either the Republican or Democrat party? Maybe do shit like that instead of “I hate women and don’t think they should be allowed to vote.”

But as always, the goal is not to be popular with actual normal people. The goal is to attract a lucrative audience of constantly online NEETs who want a social club for losers.

Speaking of which…

And that ignores the general incoherence of his answer. Ask Nicky Fuentes if women should be allowed to vote and he’ll bloviate about how society is broken so abnormal retards like him and the lump of soy above should be put in charge of things.

And if you’re wondering what would happen with Fuentes being put in charge of things, we’ve got part of his gay little speech at AFPAC on the doc.

When I see what’s going on in the country, I don’t want to listen to some of these five hour podcasts about policy making. I wanna get in front of somebody and say it’s America First Bitch.

I’m sorry Nicky, is that America First Bitch, or America First, bitch? Because I could see Nicky rebranding TwinkPAC as some sort of BDSM movement where they start calling themselves America First Bitches and dress in assless chaps while they play with catbois.

Catboi enjoying his America First Bitch.

Anyway it’s nice to know that Fuentes doesn’t bother listening to five hour podcasts about policy. Or 5 minute podcasts about policy. Or even thinks about policy at all, considering that nobody can find any sort of policy statements from AFags. Or any sort of political party.

Let’s see how he ends his speech.

This country wouldn’t exist without White People, and White People are done being bullied.

If Nicky Fuentes is the advocate for White People, genocide me now daddy.

Tune in next time as we take a look at the dual retards of Baked Alaska and Beardlet Beardsoy as they get absolutely destroyed by just being on screen for a while.

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