I was tipped off to this when I was on Randbot’s stream on the Louis Theroux documentary. Before I joined, they were watching Beardsoy’s cope stream, where he simultaneously made the arguments that this was going to make him look good, but also that luckily nobody would be watching it because it was the BBC.

In my entire life I had never seen more than 5 minutes of Beardlet’s streaming. Even when I do research for content on the Manlet Cult I usually skip over the clips people have made of Beardlet, because in addition to being an incredibly nasty individual, he’s also unbearably tedious and boring.

Unfortunately for me, I was told that Beardsoy did the Vaush thing, where he bragged about receiving hundreds of emails from former heterosexuals who turned their back on bigotry. I went back on Rand’s replay, looking for the part where Beardlet says this. It starts at just before 3 hours in, but there’s too much of their stream pausing and talking to serve my purposes. That means, horror of horror, I need to go find the e-Hobbit’s own replay, and skip around until I find the right part. Which was eventually found.

I was warned by Randbot that Beardlet was the most boring and tedious individual that I would ever encounter, and watching him without commentary really drives that home. My goodness, the sheer amount of dead air on this guys stream is enormous. But in the few moments where he’s actually speaking, he says some very illuminating bits.


It starts with Beardsoy receiving this superchat. Since the video cuts off the bottom, it reads as,

If it wasn’t for you and shawny I’d have probably stayed as some retarded wignat back in 2018. Louis doesn’t realize you’ve done more to destroy the alt-right than any journo hitpiece ever could.

Shockingly, the argument is not that association with the Visible Loser that is Beardson Beardly destroyed the alt-right. The e-boy explains in his own words.

I mean cause uh, I’m not like making this up man. I’m not like, uhhhhh, lying or or trying to exaggerate this. I mean I used to get literally like hundreds of messages. Hundreds of messages that were very similar. Like ‘hey man I just wanna say thanks because you stopped me from coming a Nazi Wignat LARPer, and made me realize what’s important, you know?’ And every single message I always try to respond to but that one really meant a lot to me.

Right. The e-hobbit personally got hundreds of messages from people explaining how they were tempted with heterosexuality, but decided to join the Manlet Cult instead. This would not even be believable if it came out of the mouth of Nicky Fuentes.

You know when I first launched the gumroad for the weekly sweat, I gave people discounts for proof if they were cancelling their TRS memberships. You know. It’s like ‘hey if you’re gonna stop listening to those faggot nazis and listening to some good shit, if you send me proof like a screencap of you uh cancelling your membership. Uhhhhm, I’ll get – I’ll give you like a free month, you know? I’ll give you a free month or something – or it’s like a dollar, because I couldn’t do free.

I do love how he can’t even get his story straight. Apparently he starts off by saying he’ll give free months, but then it changes to a discount. In any case, the e-boy offers no proof that this ever happened, because it didn’t. 

And I mean I’m not kidding, we shot up hundreds, hundreds of those discount codes. I remember I only made, it’s cause you have to like make the coupon code or whatever. I only made like 50 cause it’s like ‘surely we’re not going to make like more than 50,’ I had to re-up it two times. That’s the kind of shit we would do, you know?

I had to make these notes when I was editing the video, because dear god is this guy unwatchable. The dead air is arguably the most enjoyable part of the stream, but you still have to watch this dork’s face. 

I mean I’ll have to check my gumroad but it was definitely at least in the hundreds. Of times that coupon code was used.  

Eventually I had to put in a timer gag to count the dead air. It gets up to a lot longer than 5 seconds, but if you’re making anything other than lazy jokes about Beardlet, you’re treating him too seriously.

How do people not know what TRS is? This guy, that’s how.

And then the e-boy points to himself as he takes credit for his audience not knowing what TRS is. But also… he takes credit for hundreds of them cancelling their TRS subscriptions, in his evidence free rant that informs them of TRS, just in case they didn’t know. I’m not sure how a little faggot with such a tiny audience could possibly be single-handidly responsible for his audience not knowing who Mike Enoch, Sven, McNabb, Striker, and the rest are. 

Look, it doesn’t really make sense, but it’s the thought that counts. Even as of a few weeks ago I had some dipshit pop into my telegram channel and do the whole “no infighting amongst pro-Whites,” bullshit routine on me. As of now I’m just going to refer them back to this article, or maybe this one. While I don’t believe that Beardlet got hundreds of people, or even dozens, to cancel their TRS subscription, the tiny little loser thinks attacking an actual pro-White organization is a thing to brag about. These grifting e-twinks are our enemies, and need to be treated as such. 

So by all means, enjoy the article on Beardlet having his wife up and leave him again. And don’t forget to enjoy Kansas Zoomer’s sadness. The fact that these losers aren’t going to be able to reproduce is, in its own way, them doing their part for the HuWhyte Rice.

Never forget that these people deserve far worse than you have time to give them.

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