I haven’t been following the Russia-Ukraine conflict very closely. A while back I did an analysis of the conflict, and concluded that the US Military can’t do shit. After that I didn’t bother writing much else. It doesn’t immediately affect me, and I’m not familiar enough with the issue to wager any clout at the clout casino.

The view that the US should not invade is extremely popular amongst Americans, with only the greybeards wanting to send the children to die for ZOG. And even there, it’s only a 60-40 split. Frankly the question doesn’t even ask for boots on the ground, where I’m sure the response would be drastically lower in the support column.

I’m seeing a lot of “sanctions this,” and “troop movement,” that, but ultimately nothing appears to be happening. 


US Rep. Gerry Connolly is pushing back on Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the ordering of Russian troops into two separatist pro-Moscow regions in eastern Ukraine is not a “peacekeeping” operation.

“Right now, Russia’s surrogates and Russian troops occupy about a third of Donetsk to Luhansk. What he proposes to do immediately is to extend that to the remaining two-thirds. That is an invasion by any sense of the imagination,” he added.

Connolly told Blitzer there are “three immediate things” the United States should do in response to Putin’s actions:

  1. “Impose some of the most consequential sanctions ever contemplated by an alliance like ours that will cripple the Russian economy in virtually every critical sector.”
  2. “Shore up our NATO borders to make it very clear to Putin that we are prepared to protect NATO members from any incursion on the part of Russia.”
  3. “Help the Ukrainians defend themselves, and that means providing military equipment, training, and the like, to help them defend their own territory against the Russians.”

Rep Gerry Connolly – D – Virginia

This all reminds me of Pedo Vaush LARPing as Napoleon as he vows to “starve out Russia.” It ignores the reality that Russia is a totally self-sufficient state. It’s the world’s largest country by landmass. They are a surplus food producer. They are a surplus oil producer. The idea that their economy can be crippled by sanctions is a pure LARP from Washington, DC. And also pedo-adjacent internet antifa weirdos.

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the idea that Americans should be supporting Ukraine in what is obviously a regional dispute that doesn’t serve our interest in the slightest, or these ludicrous LARPs that these politicians and e-fags dream up where they can do some never stated thing to destroy the economy of a self-sufficient country. Especially when that country has access to China anyway.

I’ll update this when the bullets start flying. Until then I’ll be focusing on other things.

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