It seemed like years went by between the start of “Russkie Hostilities,” and today, but the invasion appears to have finally launched. I uploaded a video, although I have the sneaking suspicion that JewTube is censoring all Russia-Ukraine videos automatically. 

So in case the video doesn’t work, here’s a screencap. It’s pretty hard to tell, but the two flashes of orange light above the hill are from explosions of some sort. It’s much easier to tell in motion.

Of course I had done some military analysis of the situation, and concluded that the United States of ZOG was completely irrelevant in this situation. That didn’t mean that Russia would simply walk all over Ukraine, since anything can happen in an urban conflict. Having said that, it really does not appear like Russia is having a whole lot of trouble thus far.

The cliff notes on Ukraine is that it’s a completely oppressed nation, that has an average GDP per capita of around $3,000. 

They’ve also got this jew president, who used to be a comedian. His election campaign was Trumpesque, as has his “leadership.” He has continued to do nothing for Ukrainians, and is a piece of heeb filth. 

Although as of yet unconfirmed, it appears he’s scurried like a rat away from the goyim he was exploiting, and is currently residing in Poland. He had to scurry, because the conflict appears to be even more one-sided than I had anticipated.

I previously said that one of the plausible theories was the Russia had absolutely no intention to invade, and that this was a story pushed by the US to maintain face. The idea was that when Russia didn’t invade, they could LARP like their tough talk had dissuaded them. Well needless to say, there is a reason I never go all in at the clout casino, especially not on a subject that I only dedicated a few articles to.

I’ll happily pat myself on the back for pointing out in my analysis article that modern armies are essentially jokes. Modern militaries exist in the fantasy land of “they aren’t allowed to just drop some long range warheads, nuclear or otherwise, and destroy our airbases/other bases in five minutes.” And yet, Russia had the brilliant idea to actually just do exactly that, and it appears to be going quite well for them. 

Again, we can see that in this video. 

That’s not to say that Putin is /ourgoy/ or anything else so silly. This pretext of helping Russian Separatists in Ukraine is a pretty silly pretext. The comparisons of Putin to Hitler are, regrettably, imaginary. As is the Russian propaganda, where they show the disgusting pervert freaks of the US Democracy Class as if they are seriously ideologically opposed to that.

Of course, this invasion could start to go very poorly for Russia. Likewise, Vladimir Putin could well turn out to be a secret Russian Hyper-Patriot in disguise. Like I said, I never go all in at the clout casino.

I’ll keep you posted.

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