Funny that the last article I wrote was on them cutting the trucker protesters in Canada out of the banking system. This is just that applied to a country, only impotent and ineffective.

Huffington Post:

The United States and key allies will cut Russian banks out of the global financial messaging system SWIFT and begin to target Russia’s central bank, according to a White House statement on Saturday.

The statement said the U.S., top European economies, Britain, and Canada would disconnect selected Russian banks from SWIFT, which will severely hurt their ability to operate internationally, and prevent Russia’s central bank from using its foreign currency reserves to evade Western sanctions. The pro-Ukraine countries will also make it harder for wealthy Russians to obtain Western citizenship and launch a task force to freeze the assets of Russian elites — a bid to pressure Putin by hurting his friends.

Of course, it’s impossible to find any analysis of this, since we’re reading WMD Liar propaganda. They don’t even pretend that this will impact Russia militarily in the slightest, but what the actual economic impacts will be I have no idea. I will remind everyone that the world is more dependent on Russia’s oil, mineral, and food exports than Russia is on everyone else.

Earlier in the day, Germany — a key holdout on the SWIFT sanctions — signaled a harder position against Putin by sending anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainians and lifting a hold on the Netherlands doing so with German-made arms.

Sending in anti-tank weapons is a LARP. Ukraine had years to prepare for this invasion. Not having enough anti-tank weapons is the least of their concern when their airbases get taken out on day 1. I never go all in at the clout casino, but the war is all but over. What’s left is for the Ukrainian government to start mass arming grandmothers and hoping enough of them get slaughtered that they can pretend this is some humanitarian disaster. Which they are already doing.

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