A few months ago, I wrote about TwinkPAC III. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the Manlet Cult’s attempt to copy trivial GOP bullshit before dutifully voting Republican anyway. Here’s the trailer.

Since there are actually important things going on in the world, like Russia-Ukraine, I entirely forgot about this event until after it was over. I probably wouldn’t have watched anyway. Based on the telegram comments I’ve seen it was incredibly tedious, boring, and unfocused, so I guess I dodged that bullet. The only good part was apparently Stew “cocaine cowboy” Peters, which we’ll get to later.

The conference started off with a whimper. Fuentes had been hyping some “Secret Speaker,” for months, and it turned out to be Marjorie Taylor Greene, the retarded girl who talks about the Rothschild’s having space lasers. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Her speech was some gay shit about how race doesn’t exist, and she got booed. Yes, the crowd booed the secret guest of honour. This is absolutely ideal for attracting outsiders. Make them feel as unwelcome as possible.

And then predictably she denounced Fuentes and his entire following.

I do not know Nick Fuentes. I’ve never heard him speak. I’ve never seen a video. I don’t know what his views are, so I’m not fine with anything that may be controversial.

I love how in one single paragraph she perfectly explains why getting politicians to speak at your event is a total waste of time. Wave some dollar bills in a politicians face, or give them a platform to bloviate about whatever, and they’ll show up. It’s really not that hard. 

What I can tell you is that I went to his event to address his very large following because that is a young – it’s a very young following and it’s a generation I’m extremely concerned about.

America Fist got the most retarded GOP Congresswoman to show up at their no girls allowed e-boy twink festival, and called it winning. Right after she explains that she’s never even heard of these guys before, she just thought there was a large audience that she wanted to be in front of. And frankly, they have views that concern her.

I went to talk to them about America First policies. I talked to them about what’s important for our country going forward. Now when it comes to Russia, Putin is a murderer and he should have never invaded Ukraine.

Well that should fit right in with a movement literally called America First. I mean that is the –

Right. Nicky Juan Fuentes has previously contradicted himself numerous times on China, so it’s only a matter of time before he starts supporting Ukraine in some retarded way. So maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene will be welcome into the Manlet Cult.

Then again, maybe not, since literally the next speaker, Stew Peters, immediately denounced Marjorie Taylor Greene as being a completely fake piece of garbage. 

The congresswoman from Georgia didn’t mention it I will. Child sex trafficking is the number one business coming across that border every single day and it is… SICK! 

*Pregnant pause

That is deeezgusting!

*Audience cheers

And nobody is willing to talk about it! None of these people in the media will talk about it!

*Audience boos

None of the people we elected in congress or the United States congress are talking about it!

*Audience boos harder.

So you have to ask yourself, are they a part of it.

*Racuous Applause. 

I don’t really care that that guy is an Alt-Lite weirdo who does tons of coke, this speech is fire and he knows how to perfectly interrupt the audience to build it even better. And he goes back to felting Marjorie Taylor Greene again.

Last October, when Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was just here, heard about Chairman Biden offering reparations to illegal immigrants she complained that Biden was giving money to illegals, while snubbing a reparations bill for Black Americans. 

Congresswoman Greene was embracing race-based reparations, to own the libs!

*Audience resoundly boos. Peters waits. Complete command of the room.

Great job, Marj. 

*More pregnant pause.


*Absolutely raucous applause once again.

This guys speech was absolutely hilarious. Frankly, the little bit I saw, which is the video above, wasn’t even a bad speech. I might have to fact-check the child sex trafficking claim, since I’ll bet illicit drugs are the number one cross border item, but that guy actually managed to make me laugh.

And he continued taking it to Marjorie Taylor Greene on his telegram account which has 335k followers. I’ll note that this is almost ten times more than Fuentes, the guy who put on the event he showed up to, and yet he defends Fuentes in his statement. The video he’s referencing is the same one I put earlier in the article.

Translation: “I went to AFPAC to bloviate because we can’t deny its existence and massive, explosive growth. I wanted to embrace my celebrity and talk about gender and naughty Dems, while ignoring the REAL ISSUES facing America.
Now, I’m going to disavow Nick Fuentes, which was my plan all along.”
MTG supported black reparations and uses blue collar donor money to fund the McCarthy-led deep state establishment.
Now, she says she “doesn’t know who Fuentes is”, and again, I’m vindicated.
Given her past degeneracy, her advocacy for black reparations, and sending hundreds of thousands of dollars of blue collar donor cash straight to Kevin McCarthy’s globo-homo deep state establishment, it is unsurprising to see liar and fraud Marjorie Taylor Greene so quickly stab Nick Fuentes in the stomach mere hours after pretending to fawn all over his fast-growing movement of Christ-focused, America First Patriots.
She’s a faker.
I pray Marjorie Taylor Greene becomes the fighter she currently pretends to be.

So first sitting congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene disavows Juan Fuentes. Then Stew Peters, Alt-Lite grifter with 350k telegram subs disavows MTG. I’m sure that Juan Fuentes will be very grateful to see this man sticking up –

So MTG disavows Fuentes. Peters disavows MTG. And then Fuentes disavows Peters. I have never seen this sort of weird triple mutual circular backstab in my entire life, but I think I can make sense of it.

MTG is the easiest. She’s a sitting congresswoman who wanted exposure to a new audience. She’s probably lying about having seen Fuentes speak before, but I can believe she barely knew anything about him, other than that he had a young audience. And she was probably paid to show up anyway. Since she doesn’t give a shit about Anal First she immediately disavows.

Stew Peters disavows MTG because he correctly perceives her to be a completely fake populist retard doing damage to America. Unlike Fuentes, Peters is actually serious about attacking the GOPe, or at least being seen to be attacking the GOPe, which MTG is most definitely a part of. Also, her speech was fucking gay, and she was the mystery speaker, so he may have written his speech ragging on her before the event even started. That’s why mystery speakers might not be such a hot idea. So he disavows because his whole schtick is attacking the GOP.

Then Fuentes disavows Peters, because he’s trying to infiltrate the GOP. Or rather, he’s trying to appear like he’s trying to infiltrate the GOP so he doesn’t have to explain to his audience of retarded incels why he has no political victories. So even though MTG is a retarded grifter who shat on Fuentes’ little Mexican face, he still grins and bears it to further the illusion of GOP support for the manlet cult. 

Speaking of which, I know I’ve made this joke before, but there is literally one guy in the entire manlet cult who is taller than 5’7. And that would be Jaden TwinkNeil on the far right, who is the gayest of them all. This picture might be the single greatest example of looking good by comparison, but the other manlets in that picture make Jaden look like the White Shaquille O’Neal. 

There are about 4 guys in this picture who are average size, admittedly.

I don’t make fun of people for being short and ugly lightly, but when you have an entire political movement consisting entirely of guys under the height of 5’7, there’s really nothing more to say. 

Did these guys intentionally dress like complete social retards, or do they think they look good? How the fuck are these the guys talking about themselves being “better looking than wignats.” They look like they couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.

Oh, right, they can’t. My bad. I forgot that not getting any pussy ever made them all vastly superior to us lanklets.

There were apparently three other politicians who showed up to TwinkPAC III. And by showed up, I mean they played pre-recorded 30 second speeches that were shorter than their introductions.

They’ll probably denounce Fuentes by name if they even care enough about this shit to make a statement. I think it’s pretty clear they got paid to literally phone it in, so it really wouldn’t surprise me either way.

Phase one of taking over the Republican Party is complete.

Listen up heteros, your days are numbered. Nicky Fuentes might not be able to convince a girl to have sex with him, but he’s convincing (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) corpse and (((Paul Singer))) to hand over the reigns of the Republican Party to him as we speak.

Just seven more strategic disavowals from retarded GOP grifters like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Fuentes will become the next POTUS.

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  1. This is a very interesting operation. It’s continuing to evolve into ever more retarded bs, but nonetheless it has no clear vision, goals or platform…

    Are you sure it doesn’t already run the GOP?

    1. The only difference is that the GOP actually cares about optics.

      1. I legit think their plan to infiltrate the GOP will work one day… but only once the NJP has millions of members and the GOP has to lower their standards to “anyone with a pulse”

  2. I want to know what Stew Peters meant by MTG “previous degeneracy”?

    1. Think she was a part of some steamy love triangle, or something along those lines.

  3. Great stuff Doc, but there are a few highlights missing.
    You missed Joe Arpaio’s speech where the crowd cheered at him, much to his confusion, for being considered “the biggest racist in the country” and kept droning on about Obama’s birth certificate and how he wasn’t a racist because he has a black grandkid.
    I would like to see a part 2 where you cover that and some of the other speeches, but honestly I can’t blame you for not wanting to watch any more of this shitshow than you have to.

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