Michele Tafoya, a longtime fixture as a sideline reporter on NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasts, announced last week she had quit that job to, among other duties, join the fight against critical race theory, which the U.S. political right claims is the problem, not the actual racism.

I’m sorry, who wrote this? It says Morgan Campbell.

CBC Propagandist Morgan Campbell

Right, got it. He’s whining that White People are getting too uppity.

To be clear, Tafoya, a five-time Sports Emmy award winner, isn’t reinventing herself as an anti-racism educator. She’s joining a movement that aims to stop educators from teaching students that racism shapes America’s past and present. You could describe it as anti anti-racism.

Michele Tafoya


That’s true. You could describe the fight against the anti-White hate propaganda that is Critical Race Theory, by saying it’s anti-anti-racism. You could also say that Los Angeles is Spanish for a Whale’s Vagina. There are a lot of things you could say, but only some of them are correct.

Tafoya’s announcement triggered a mix of bewilderment and ridicule from some sports fans, which is expected. If I snagged one of the highest-profile, highest-paid positions in my industry, and then quit so I could invest my time in pressuring schools to stop teaching Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation, you guys would have a right to question a lot about me. 

Like my priorities.

Or my character.

My ability to distinguish between fighting a fire and letting it burn.

Instead, let’s choose empathy.

Thank goodness he hits the enter key after each sentence. Otherwise I wouldn’t know to stop for a pregnant pause after each poignant thought.

Imagine yourself in Tafoya’s shoes, as someone who now claims to organize her life around the principle that the world is colour blind, and then trying to cover the National Football League. How do you react when you realize that 70 per cent of the league’s players are Black, but no team owners are? That the current roster of head coaches includes two Black people, and a third who, under cross-examination, identifies as bi-racial

It’s almost comical the anti-White assumption here. That Black Players are massively over represented is not only taken for granted, but then used as an argument for why they need to also be over represented on the coaching staff, and ownership. To make it very clear, the argument is explicitly that Black People should be OVERrepresented relative to their population levels in everything tangentially related to football.

That Black and white players — even those who grew up near each other — speak the same language with different accents

And you’ll notice that they refuse to capitalize the W in White People.The people who are writing these screeds are incredibly anti-White and petty. So you should filter any complicated argument they make through that lens.

Those details could add up to shatter the fantasy that skin colour doesn’t matter, and could certainly force somebody in Tafoya’s position to make a choice.

Because Blacks are overrepresented in football, they are oppressed? Look, it doesn’t really need to make sense or be logical in any way. These are the people who say “whiteness is not humxness,” and then say that Black Peepol’s skin has a “memory mode,” which “communicates with cosmic energy.”

These people are really anti-White, and don’t have reality based views.

Tafoya, surrounded by reality, chose to stake her career on a post-racial illusion. It takes a sort of courage to watch evidence pile up on the other side of your opinion and then, in such a public way, declare that the evidence is out of line. So credit Tafoya for betting on her beliefs.

Before we go further make sure to give a warm shoutout to the CBC more broadly. Thank goodness the multibillion dollar state propaganda agency is there to tell us who is and isn’t oppressed.

“It breaks my heart that my kids are being taught that skin colour matters,” she told Carlson, who, according to the Anti-Defamation League, traffics in white supremacist conspiracy theories

A yes, the ADL. There’s an organization with a long history of advocating for those poor negroes like –

Oh right, they’re actually a jew supremacist organization that was founded to get a jew who raped and murdered a 13 year old White Child off without punishment, and frame two Black People for the crime. One of whom was an actual retard.

There is a term for the Morgan Campbell’s of the world. And it’s not House-African American.

Ms. Watson knows the word.

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  1. Nignog in a $1000 suit writing for a billion dollar corporation. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to your oppressed overlords…

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