The tagline of this article is literally:

As a nurse, parent and cancer survivor, I feel ignored by Premier Scott Moe

Strap yourself in.


I feel lonely.

And it’s not only because of the physical isolation to avoid COVID-19. As society embraces the lack of any government restrictions, I’m left feeling like I’m not valued here as a registered nurse, a mother to a child too young to be vaccinated, and a woman recovering from cancer.

It can honestly be a real challenge empathizing with these people. Imagine whining that your child is too young to get a vaccine that is useless against this current strain? And then having the state propaganda let you write on their site, so you can whine about how unvalued you are.

Throughout the Delta wave, it became clear to me the Saskatchewan government wasn’t respecting the work my colleagues and I had done throughout the pandemic.

At every turn, they seemed to be downplaying the severity of the problem despite rising hospitalizations. Experts were begging to be heard and were ignored. Therapies and treatments were being cancelled and delayed.

The more accurate term would be “true but misleading,” to the claim that treatments are being cancelled or delayed. Those aren’t Covid-19 treatments, just run of the mill hospital operations like surgeries. They are being cancelled due to Covid-19 bullshit hysteria, which you wouldn’t have understood if you just read this garbage, even though it’s in the link she gives.

Premier Scott Moe’s letter of support to “trucker rallies” in late January was insulting to me. I’ve never heard him rave about health-care workers like that. He also made the false claim that vaccination doesn’t reduce transmission and pledged to remove proof-of-vaccination requirements.

Imagine a group of people so insufferable they make Conservatives look like serious champions of the people.

I found myself increasingly disillusioned by the ineptitude of our provincial leaders. I could see that their strong-headed decisions and disengagement from science was impacting real people.

Couldn’t agree more.

The future undoubtedly holds many crises for Saskatchewan. I firmly believe that facing them with a government that is anti-science will drive away the professionals needed to solve them.

To even talk about vaccines, and not the enormous wealth transfer that was the result of these arbitrary government policies is missing the point, and it annoys me.

Having said that I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad that this Covid-19 bullshit if finally over. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a retarded issue.

But then again, you’d expect it to be funny sometimes, and it’s mostly just irritating.

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  1. A partisan hit piece wrapped in a sob story. Typical CBC.

    And what an argument: A semi- disabled nurse is sad that she can’t keep up at work and blames the government for not magically keeping more people healthy, and out of hospital. So nurse is going to move to a province where nurse work is easy, because gov keeps people healthy and out of her hair.

    Conclusion: Damned anti-science government!

    So the CBC takes a story of a nurse returning to work while struggling with post-cancer care, and twists it into a complaint about government lifting covid restrictions.


    I can’t wait for the CBC’s defunding.

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