It’s almost a shame that Covid-19 bullshit is coming to an end.

I said almost. Point being that some of the most retarded grift operations known to man were launched in this era. I talked about this earlier with my article Dr. Shekelstein goes to Anti-Vax Rally, dies of cringe. 


I distinctly remember the end of Maxime “104k per year” Bernier’s speech. As my blood pressure went through the roof and I started sweating, this elderly couple walked away, eyes totally downcast as they wondered WTF they just went through. And that was actually better than the hyperloser weirdo who went around honking his horn at randos going about their day while screaming “VACCIIIIINE GENOCIIIIIIDE.”

All of which brings us to Chris Sky. I haven’t been following this grifting weirdo, but he used to be big in the sort of new alt-lite that popped up doing anti-vaxx bits. His whole schtick appeared to be being really obnoxious to random government workers, and acting like a revolutionary for eating at a restaurant without being vaxxed by Pfizer.

Except that in addition to being super obnoxious to cops, and waitresses, airport workers, pretty much everyone ever, he was also a big “Back the Blue,” fag.

Basically everything about this guy was unproductive horseshit. A buddy of mine told me that he went to one of his rallies in Canada, and the people there were basically sub-antifa. Like, the absolute most anti-social weirdos, freaks, and losers you can imagine.

And of course, he still has a twatter account, putting the immediate lie to his claims of being even remotely rebellious or effective. 

I first wrote about him on telegram in November of last year.

Well everyone, meet Chris Sky.

A complete and utter goofball with neck tattoos, wearing an oversized sweater with #justsayno on it. I thought it was hilarious because he’s banned from twitter. Except that I checked and apparently he still has a twatter account. In the year 2021. LOL, just LOL.

And he’s got this look on his face like an eighth grader as he stands next to some girl who would not be out of place at a cheap brothel. I really don’t like attacking the wahmen, because it feels like attacking puppies to me, but it needs to be said. Bleach Blonde hair, obvious titjob, knee high boots, caked on makeup, obvious plastic surgery, and the general clothing outfit. I mean girl looks like a prostitute, and knowing Chris Sky, could very well be one.

You know what you’re looking at? The saviour of the people. He’s just gotta back the blue one more time, and then the billionaires making bank off of maliciously destroying small businesses are gonna say “shit, they’re backing the blue, gotta stop this shit right now.”

But apparently in the time between then and now he’s upgraded from one woman who looks like she spends all her free time doing cocaine, to two! And the best part is that their faces come with warranties.

You hear that haters! The roided out super rich kid, his dad owns a very successful construction company if you’re curious, is gonna save Canada from Trudeau Tyranny by going to Florida and having a live in prostitute girlfriend. I say Florida, because apparently everybody here in Canada, even the Conservatives in the Finklethink Convoy stuff, got tired of this grifting weirdo and he ragequit Canadian Grift-Politics in a huff.

This is what I mean, FTN means, and TRS means when we say we’re sick of Covid-19 shit. It’s not that I have ever supported completely arbitrary Covid-19 bullshit that is designed to destroy small businesses, and put money into the pockets of billionaires.

We had a government that refused to shut down the border, and endorsed BLM superspreader struggle sessions. But then they demand that everybody take Pfizer’s most profitable product of all time. 

That doesn’t mean that grifting pieces of garbage like Chris Sky need to be a part of any real political movement. And these weirdos aren’t popular, and are therefore not populism. If they were serious about fighting Globo Homo, they’d be pointing out constantly that the very same people who are arbitrarily imposing Covid-19 bullshit on us endorsed and encouraged BLM riots.

But they aren’t serious, so they do this instead.

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