This was uncovered after the GiveSendGo hack, which I should have covered yesterday. It really shouldn’t be legal to use illegally obtained information to do this, but I am not a lawyer.

Toronto City News:

Ontario’s Solicitor General Sylvia Jones’s director of communications is no longer employed after recently donating $100 to the convoy protests that have paralyzed Canada’s capital for over two weeks.

A spokesperson for Premier Doug Ford confirmed that Marion Isabeau-Ringuette “no longer works for the Ontario government.”

“We’re not commenting any further as this is a staffing matter,” said Ivana Yelich, Ford’s executive director of media relations on Tuesday.

It was revealed that Isabeau-Ringuette donated $100 to an online fundraiser created by an organizer of anti-mandates and anti-government protests on February 5.

Really now, an “online fundraiser.” Would this happen to be the GiveSendGo fundraiser? Would this happen to be information obtained after the illegal hack of GiveSendGo? Well I can’t confirm this, but I’d bet my left testicle on it.

According to Q.P. Briefing, the donation was made under the initials” M.R.,” but her identity was confirmed based on the email address and postal code linked to the offering.

This should serve as example 101 of why Conservatism must be utterly humiliated and destroyed. Imagine facing an enemy that is so petty and motivated that they’re illegally hacking into websites, scouring through people who made legal donations to a protest, and firing them. All without facing any legal repercussions. Now imagine that Upper Middle Class Boomers are bloviating about “Chyna baaaaaad,” while this is happening.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Isabeau-Ringuette was still working for the government as of Sunday as she was connected to a press release centred on keeping pets safe during extreme cold.

Marion Isabeau-Ringette

Look, this girl is absolutely juicy, in exactly the way I like them. And she’s writing articles about how to prevent animals suffering from extreme cold.

For what feels like the hundredth time, I am pissed that the Finklethink Convoy is run by a perverted jew supremacist, instead of someone serious. If it wasn’t, you could make serious political gains by exploiting this absurd oppression of a very sympathetic character.

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