Man I wish Tucker Carlson was as based as that shopped image made him out to be. While I don’t really watch Fox Jews at all, including Tucker, I casually took a stroll over there in search of article content. What I found somehow still exceeded my already low expectations.

That’s… a lot of propaganda. Let me list out the titles available on the front page. Not even the front page, just the portion of the front page that I was able to capture on one screen. Judging by the sidebar we aren’t even 1/10th of the way through this.

Zelenskyy begs the world for help after Russia hits nuclear power plant, warns of ‘catastrophe’

Watch Live: Night falls on Kyiv once again as Ukrainians fight to keep their capital out of Russian hands.

(((Blinken))) says Putin’s rhetoric on nuclear threat is ‘height of irresponsibility’

Hannity: Biden’s incompetence hitting ‘dangerous level’ 

Biden faces bipartisan pressure to ban access to Russian oil and gas.

Interesting how everything shitty is always bipartisan. Also, you may notice Fox Jews loves to praise Democrats, as long as their pro-mass murder. And just to remind everyone, lying the goyim into wars is a solid part of the (((conservative))) agenda, and most definitely will not get you censored by Mark Zuckerberg and the ADL.

Should US ban or sanction Russian oil?

UN reports 1.1 million people have fled Ukraine with number set to increase.

‘I fear for the worst’ in Russia-Ukraine war: Hoffman

Ukrainian forces deal Russian military major blow during operation.
White House asks Congress for $10B in Ukraine aid as Putin’s brutal war ratchets up

Graham: Putin’s ‘war machine’ has one ‘Achilles heel’ US can exploit

Ladybug Lindsay Graham leading the charge in sending young White Men to go and die for the geopolitical interests of the jew ethnostate. Remember to vote Republican, goy.

VIDEO: Pulse-pounding moment shells rain down on nuclear plant in Russian siege

Experts say Putin’s strategy may be to get more aggressive in war on Ukraine

Russians have attempted to murder Zelenskyy more than once: new report
Chechen hit squad sent to murder Zelenskyy ‘eliminated,’ top Ukrainian defense official says

We’re reaching Ghost of Kiev levels of propaganda again. Sort of weird for the Russians to send in the Chechens to do an assassination. You’d sort of think they’d send in the, you know, Russians to do that. Are we really supposed to believe that the Russian military doesn’t have snipers now? That nowhere in the Russian government/military there exists anyone who can do an assassination. Like, they’re sitting there, and they realize that they want Zelenskyy dead, so they all start looking around, before realizing that they have no idea how they are supposed to do an assassination, before settling on calling up some Chechen guys that one of them used to know.

I’m sorry Fox, I’m not sure I believe that one. 

Who is Putin’s right-hand man leading Russia’s invasion at Vladimir’s command

Why do I have a feeling that some intern trying to make a name for themselves came up with that title?

What do the Russians have militarily? Bill Hemmer explores what makes up the Russian invasion force, compared to the US.

Also, you’ll notice that this title has a question mark and a period. Yet most, but not all, of their other titles don’t have that. But it’s okay, I don’t expect perfect consistency. Small indie propaganda corporation and all that.

Russian forces lay siege on Ukrainian seaports as major cities continue getting battered

Russia’s war spurs corporate exodus, exposes business risks

PHOTOS: 15 hours of non-stop shelling after Ukraine president says Putin wants history ‘erased’

Ukraine has advantages if it gets pulled into urban warfare fight in Kyiv, expert says

It’s over, we’re done. We’ve made it through the top of the front page. There’s no more retarded and evil war propaganda left to go through. Unless you scroll down just a little bit.

I have no words.

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