And when I say Putin-Enjoying I mean guy who told students it would be okay to look at multiple sources.

Fox Jews:

A Northern Virginia substitute teacher was suspended by a public school system for allegedly trying to push Russian propaganda on students.

I covered the insane wall to wall pro-war propaganda emanating from Fox Jews just the other day. And also the retarded “Ghost of Kiev,” style propaganda that gets passed around as fact from the WMD Liars. Although the crackbaby of Kiev story is undoubtedly true.

FOX 5’s Maureen Umeh reports Swanson Middle School officials say the incident happened Friday during a world languages class.

The substitute teacher identified as 65-year-old John Stanton allegedly made comments supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Umeh says. After the comments were brought to the attention of Arlington school officials, Stanton was suspended.

Above we see our artists interpretation of the child who heroically tattletailed to the principal. Later on we find out what horrific propaganda the children were exposed to by this John Stanton character.

FOX 5 reached out to Stanton who told us via email that in his lesson, he suggested that he understood Putin’s logic for invading Ukraine, because it made sense from a Russian national security point of view.

Stanton told us that he encouraged the students to seek information sources from both the West and East before forming opinions.

Umeh says, in his response to Arlington school officials’ letter, Stanton wrote, “It is pointless to petition. We live in a time of war propaganda from both sides which brings with it censorship of opinions deviating from the core message. It is at a fever pitch now. As an expert in information warfare and the author of many pieces on the subject I speak with some authority.”

Umeh spoke with Stanton who says he is a journalist and that he was recorded without his knowledge. According to his resume he has worked for such outlets as Pravda, which is the Soviet Union’s main propaganda platform and Sputnik news. He’s also written and commented on national security and political issues for various news outlets including CNN and ABC, Umeh says.

Thanks, Maureen. Where would we be without the heroically brave propagandists who lie us into wars and tell us that Epstein killed himself? Other than, perhaps, in a better place.

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