Jean Charest, the former Premier of Quebec, will be a candidate to succeed Erin O’Toole as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

He will make the official announcement on Thursday, two sources confirmed to Radio-Canada.

Earlier Monday, he won the endorsement of columnist Tasha Kheiriddin, who will not be running.

Kheiriddin was one of the anticipated candidates for the Conservative leadership race, but after careful consideration and discussions with Charest, she said he is best placed to advance their shared vision for the party.

Tasha Kheiriddin

I covered the whimpy candidacy announcement speech of Pierre Pollievre. Who has since gone on to endorse George Soros’ talking points on Ukraine. Needless to say I do not have high hopes for this Jean Charest, or anyone else tangentially involved with the CPC.

She said the decision not to run was difficult but necessary, “so that we can really rebuild this big [Conservative] tent.”

“There is no point in dividing our electorate or membership,” she said in French. “So that we have a chance of succeeding in advancing the party in that direction.”

Ms. GumSmile here wants the CPC to be a “big tent” party. That means being super anti-White and perverted, even more so than the previous cuck leader.

Prospective candidates have until June 3 to enter the race. The party will declare its new leader on September 10.

I’ll be covering these shills as they announce their candidacies, and have their little catfights. Which puppet wins is unimportant, I just want to show how utterly fake and ghey the Servative Party of Canada truly is.

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