An attempt to evacuate civilians from the bombarded port of Mariupol and deliver food, water and medicine was thrown into jeopardy Tuesday by what Ukraine said was continued shelling by Russian forces as conditions inside the strategic city of 430,000 grew more desperate.

Remember just yesterday, when I told you that the Ukrainian Government rejected the Russian humanitarian plan that would allow Ukrainian Civilians to leave the war zone peacefully? Remember how I told you that the goal of the Ukraine Gov, lead by (((Zelensky))), was to get as many Ukrainian civilians murdered as possible, in what might be the most evil and cynical government action in recent memory? Well the goal was for exactly this to happen.

Corpses littered the streets of Mariupol, where besieged residents have increasingly turned to breaking into stores to try to feed themselves. People got water from streams or by melting snow.

None of which would be necessary had the Ukrainian Gov allowed these citizens to leave Mariupol. They made the calculation that the lives of those Ukrainian Goyim were worth far more to them dead than alive. The atrocity propaganda of people starving, which happens in an encirclement, was deemed to be valuable to ZOG. The lives of the Ukrainians, not so much.

Moscow’s forces have laid siege to Ukrainian cities and cut off food, water, heat and medicine in a growing humanitarian disaster. But for days, attempts to create corridors to safely evacuate civilians have stumbled amid continuing fighting and objections to the proposed routes.

Yeah, no. They stopped because the Ukrainian Government rejected Russia’s incredibly reasonable proposal of letting everybody evacuate into Russia. That’s not some sort of vague “negotiations.” One side, ZOG owned Ukraine, wants as many Ukrainians dead and starving as possible. The other side, Russia, wants military victory.

One evacuation attempt Tuesday did appear at least partially successful: A convoy of buses packed with people fleeing the fighting moved along a snowy road from Sumy, a northeastern city of a quarter-million people, according to video from the Ukrainian communications agency.

The Russian military said 723 people were evacuated from Sumy to the Ukrainian city of Poltava. It identified them as mostly citizens of India, with the rest from China, Jordan and Tunisia. It made no mention of any Ukrainians among those evacuated.

Mass migration into one of the poorest countries in Europe? Of course, goy. That’s the purpose of the (((Zelensky))) government. That’s why they threw that 2015 coup in the first place. You have to have Freedom Democracy, which means the little people never get what they want.

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