You may remember me writing an article on the absurdity of Canada sanctioning Russian oligarchs, but not literally the richest one, Roman Abramovich. Well it appears that the utter absurdity of that was a bit too much, and he’s finally hit with the sanctions.


Canada has announced another round of sanctions against Russia, including high-profile oligarch Roman Abramovich.

In total, five top business leaders were added on Friday to the list of those deemed to be enabling President Vladimir Putin in his war against Ukraine.

The federal government also sanctioned 32 organizations and companies associated with Russia’s military and security services, including the country’s foreign intelligence service.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who announced the new penalties on the last day of his European trip, said the Russian elites will be prevented from doing business in Canada and their assets will be frozen.

Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club in the United Kingdom, also holds a 28 per cent stake in Evraz, the steel company that has operations in Western Canada.

I’ll remind you that (((Abramovich))) is the richest man in Russia, and is known to have a good relationship with Putin. Yet only now are they finally sanctioning him. Methinks there was some (((lobbying))) behind the scenes here.

Trudeau said the federal government has been mindful of the potential impact, but remains confident there will be no impact on the 1,700 people who work for Evraz in Regina. 

“The sanctions on Russian officials and oligarchs like Abramovich are directed at them so that they cannot profit or benefit from economic activities in Canada — or the hard work of Canadians working in companies that they have investments in,” Trudeau said in Warsaw, before boarding a flight home.

Boy, there sure are a whole lot of foreign billionaires making tons of money extracting profits off of Canadian Labour. Luckily, the structural problems that there are foreign owned businesses in Canada, or even billionaires in the first place is being totally ignored. That would be good for the people, so we can’t have that in Freedom Democracy. 

Trudeau continued to insist, as he has throughout his trip, that sanctions are having a meaningful effect on Russia’s ability to wage war in Ukraine.

“We have seen the collapse of the Russian economy, collapse of the ruble, the shutdown continually of the Russian stock exchange,” he said. 

Sigh. Sanctions will have literally no effect on the military itself, since they don’t rely on the stock exchange to run. JFC. If anything, a lowering of the price of oil would actually increase their ability to wage war, since modern militaries are limited by fuel, and they now have more of it.

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