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Yesterday, Christopher Rufo, who has been instrumental in exposing and combating Critical Race Theory and is doing the same with Gender Theory, exposed one of the more comprehensively horrifying examples I’ve ever seen laid out in plain terms. Rufo publicly exposed the details of a children’s sex camp run by ultra radical woke progressive gender theory activists. While they advertise for “all ages,” it’s the younger ages that have me really worried. The kids. Rufo posted screenshots and videos for everyone to see exactly what they’re doing out there in Kentucky. And literally as I am writing this article, they are removing their videos from YouTube. One minute I was able to watch their promotional videos, and now I’m being told that the video is unavailable because it was removed by the uploader. They’re definitely doing damage control, because yesterday they took down their website for a bit following the massive public exposé.

What are you talking about? I see nothing more than the stunning bravery of pedophilia on full display. Get with the times, bigot. And oh, BTW, Tanya here isn’t just a pre-pubescent girl hungry child abuser. She’s also a Scorpio whose “craft tools,” are candles and sex toys. But I bet you just assumed that all Minor Attracted People are the same.

Buckle up, because this is actually disturbing.

So sad that “differently abled,” people who dream of a world where “fat folks,” are “appreciated, normalized, and safe,” are considered “disturbing,” to bigots like Natalie Argyle. Krysten “eatin'” Ooten wants nothing more than her own personal chubster 8 year old female sex slave, but apparently that’s too much to ask from this cisheteronormative White Male Patriarchal Society. 

Think maybe I’m overreacting about this because it couldn’t possibly be as bad as all that? Surely I’m exaggerating?

You hear that you fucking trannyphobe? Larah founded “their” school’s first Gender Sexuality Alliance. She, I’m sorry, they’ve been doing fantastic work against Bigotphobic faggots like Natalie here.

Surely this isn’t actual children? Well, here’s the camp’s creator talking about teaching toddlers to masturbate.

I’m sorry, but imagine not supporting this? How goddamn bigotphobic do you need to be to not want Lesbians touching the genitals of toddlers to give them “sexual pleasure.” It’s bad enough to not just want that, imagine actively fighting against this. It’s 2022, bigots. It’s not child abuse, it’s progress.

Tanya Tubster: Get down with yourself, explore your own body. Masturbation is really healthy and I recommend it to people of all ages. ALL ages. 

As soon as my nephews could talk, they were doing that, that’s what they were doing. Kids touch themselves. Kids start to ask questions and we teach them the language for their bodies, right? That’s your nose, touch your nose. Show auntie you can touch your nose.

But we’re not supposed to be saying that when they’re tugging at their penis. But it feels good, right?

We have to learn how to talk to young people about this so that they can touch their body consensually so it’s not in public, right? We don’t want people exploring their body in public because that’s not consensual right? 

Yes, absolutely correct. I 100% agree with all of this, as well as the rest of the curriculum.

Let’s make a list of these wonderful courses that are being taught to children.

  • Sex with ME – Self pleasure workshop
  • Reproductive Health: The Basics and Beyond
  • Gender diversity
  • Talk it Out: Relationships
  • Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Over Sexualization and Policing of Blackness
  • Self-Managed Abortion Info Share
  • Pelvic Floor Health Is For Everybody!
  • The 3 P’s: Pee, Poop, and Pleasure. (Editors Note: Gross)
  • Sex on Drugs
  • Eugenics in Appalachia
  • Contraceptive Methods: Understanding the Options
  • Navigating Sex, Pleasure, and Liberation as a Differently-Abled Person
  • Cycle Tracking

Right when I started thinking to myself “is this really a positive influence on children,” I saw the Sex on Drugs course, which glorifies drug use and casual sex and it was confirmed to me that yes, this is what toddlers need to be exposed to. I remember being a young girl trapped in a boys body, and I would think to myself everyday “I wish some pedophiles were showing me how to touch myself and teaching me how to have abortions.”

I’m also happy that they included the two political courses, Eugenics in Appalachia, and Over Sexualization and Policing of Blackness. It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that these children are being exposed to correct, reality based, and pro-social ideas from the age of 2.

There are some particularly disturbing descriptions in there. Like in “Sex With ME,” they teach the kids “techniques to make the most out of their masturbation experience,” including “some hands on practice (on hands!)” They’re literally going to use their hands to teach and simulate masturbation on the children’s hands.

Here’s a picture of me laughing at you for being so uptight about this. It’s the Current Year. Oh my god. Next she’s going to be angry about Child Pornography. Like I mean, HELLO? Is anyone there? It’s called filming a Child’s Sexual Liberation.

The only thing that could possibly make this better would be if the government stepped in and made it entirely impossible to have any parental oversight. We’re working on it, but we’ve definitely got more work to do to overcome Bigotphobia amongst the goy-peasants.

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  1. Tanya Turner’s podcast, ‘Trillbilly Worker’s Party’, makes $21,640 PER MONTH!

    1. ???? How does it make money at all?

      1. It’s jew munny.

  2. The faces of low-level, organized criminal operatives; whose bios (and fat faces) suggest have never done a day’s honest work in their lives.

    1. The perfect middle management for (((oppression))).

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