Yesterday we saw a tranny getting its flag stolen during a protest outside of a Toronto school. That troon was counterprotesting a protest of the Toronto school board bringing in some AIDS ridden “Stonewall survivor,” to spread monkeypox to impressionable young children. The protest was lead by none other than Josh Alexander, whose speaking presence I was most impressed with.

Who is this young man?

Life Site News (February 1st):

(LifeSiteNews) — Josh Alexander, a Canadian high school student who protested his Catholic school last year allowing gender-confused males to use girls’ bathrooms, was permanently suspended by the school board from attending class for the rest of the year.

Alexander’s lawyer, James Kitchen, the chief litigator for Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC), told LifeSiteNews today that Renfrew County Catholic District School Board won’t “permit him (Alexander) to attend school for the rest of the year because, according to them, Josh’s beliefs constitute ‘bullying of trans students.’”

You can find the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board website here. They have a news page, where they are such cowards that they make no mention of the most obvious news story of 2023 that involves them. That would be the time when they suspended and then arrested a sixteen year old student, because he has the majority view that troons don’t belong in the wahmens bathroom and had the audacity to get uppity towards them.

It’s par for the course, but always disgusting when these crybullies pretend that they aren’t just vicious, evil cunts, and are fighting against the big meanie *check notes* sixteen year olds protesting their groomer policies that only a tiny minority of weirdos want. Remember, the students themselves don’t want this, as we saw with the recent demonstration. I doubt that even the voters in Toronto want mentally ill freaks accosting their children or in their bathrooms.

Alexander was earlier this month served a trespass notice by the principal at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario.

This trespass notice, Kitchen told LifeSiteNews, was “in retaliation for Josh attending the two classes he was prohibited from” in early January.

“Josh’s desire is to appeal his suspensions on his own and through Mr. Kitchen as his lawyer. Despite demonstrating to the School Board he has standing to appeal the Board’s disciplinary decisions against him, the School Board continues to refuse to hear his appeals,” the LCC said.

According to the LCC, Alexander was hoping to return to school on February 6, but because he informed the board he would “continue to adhere to his religious beliefs regarding Biblical sexuality and gender,” the board responded by “excluding Josh from attending St. Joseph’s for the rest of the school year.”

Kitchen told LifeSiteNews that the “technicality” the school board used as the reason for not allowing an appeal “has to do with standing.”

“A 16-year-old only has standing if they have ‘withdrawn from parental control,’” Kitchen said.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, Alexander was handed a 20-day suspension on November 23, 2022, after organizing a school walkout that same month in support of girls’ rights to access their facilities without the presence of male students.

In short, the school board forced girls to put up with mentally ill creeps in their bathrooms. Josh Alexander organized a walkout. The school board then punished him, claiming that he was bullying trans folx of colour, and suspended him from some of his classes, enough to cause him to fail the grade.

They have proceeded to act like the delusional tyrants that they are, constantly crying “bully” while giving him the run around in their fake appeals court, eventually fully suspending him from school, and not even letting him appeal his suspension. His organized walkout was in January, and this took us up to the beginning of February. Before we continue, I have to include this one semi-related little nugget.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government pledged a whopping $100 million in funding last year for LGBT activist groups.

I am not surprised to hear this. Furthermore, the real way to counter this would be for consubversatives to pledge $100 million to anti-groomer activist groups. Since their job is to make sure that you get nothing, rest assured, that won’t happen.

Life Site News (February 6th):

RENFREW, Ontario  (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian high school student Josh Alexander was arrested and charged this morning at his school for attending class.  

“I have just been arrested and charged at my Catholic high school for attending class after being excluded for indicating my intent to adhere to my religious beliefs,” tweeted Alexander this morning.  

… (different piece, but related)

Josh Alexander says he will “not back down” despite being arrested, held in a police car for hours, handcuffed, charged for trespassing, and then dumped on the side of the road after preaching the Gospel in protest of a drag queen event geared toward children last week in Ottawa.

On February 6th he is arrested for going to school by the blue antifa. On March 13th, he gets an appearance on Tucker Carlson, in one of the few good things that Carlson has done in recent years.

A day later the board doubles down, justifying their bullying of this sixteen year old as a human rights issue.

Life Site News (March 14):

(LifeSiteNews) — The Canadian Catholic school board that banned high school student Josh Alexander from attending class after he said there are only two genders has claimed in a statement that barring him from class is a “human rights” issue because gender-confused males have a “right’ to use girls’ bathrooms.

Renfrew County Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB) director of education Mark Searson said in a public letter that, according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) policy statement on the use of washrooms and changing rooms, anyone can use the bathroom they want.

This policy, said Searson, is what the school board uses for its guidelines.

“Access to washrooms is a basic physical need at the core of human dignity for everyone. Yet washrooms cause significant barriers for trans people and are one of the public spaces they avoid most,” the OHRC policy reads.

I had no idea that we were forcing these mutants to shit on the floor now. Although that would only be somewhat more unpleasant that being greeted with this in the women’s bathroom. Or, frankly, the men’s for that matter. It’s not like we enjoy having these things around.

Come to think of it, defecating in public is probably a big fetish for these creeps, considering that they already fetishize messy diapers. I covered that in a previous piece, and it’s exactly as disturbing as you would expect. The below shot isn’t even close to the worst, but I don’t want to ruin your day so we’re leaving it at this.

Anyway, it’s a human right to have these people in your daughter’s change room.

The OHRC policy then says that washrooms “cause significant barriers for trans people and are one of the public spaces they avoid most.”

Searson noted, “The Code allows for restriction of services or facilities to persons of the same sex for reason of ‘public decency.’ Facilities such as washrooms, change rooms and locker rooms are typically segregated based on sex. Trans people have the right to access these facilities based on their lived gender identity.”

“The majority of washrooms within RCCDSB and St. Joseph’s High School are restricted by sex, and we do have universal gender-neutral single use washrooms available to all. However, the OHRC is equally clear that individuals have the right to utilize the washroom of their lived gender identity,” Searson wrote.

This is the Mark Searson creep, taken from the RCCDSB site. He probably makes over $200k per year to push this unpopular shit that only mentally ill people want.

And that leads us to April 13th, where Josh Alexander protested the perverts in Toronto pushing Monkeypox on the children, a troon protested the LiTRAl GeNOcIdE of Cisness, and then some kids stole his flag right out from his hands.

It’s a mess, and while Alexander appears to be slowly getting wrapped up in the consubversative crowd, he himself is genuine and deserves everyone’s support.

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  1. I remember when the first anti-bullying “pink shirt” stuff first appeared in schools. Seemed reasonable – at first.

    But seeing it metastisize and turned into a weapon to intimidate normies has been instructive. I now find myself sympathesing with bullies, and ponder their previously important yet underappreciated and misunderstood role in upholding public order. I miss that.

    I hope that when the public mood changes and the pendulum swings back, that the bullies are there in the forefront kicking ass – and kicking hard!

    1. But also, they’re just crybullies. So I sympathize with people who stand up to them, and disagree with their reframing of the issue.

  2. The Noah’s Ark student body is a far bigger problem.

    For years, Canada’s per capita immigration rate has been the highest in the West, and probably the world — of course for all practical purposes, you can regard all the newcomers as being non-white; the number of Whites has been very small in comparison to all the non-whites — Ontario has probably been the epicenter of this demographic disaster — you see that in a video like this, which shows the younger age cohorts are now very heavily non-white.

    Adios and good luck Canada.

  3. It’s fun to laugh at and fight with these mentally-ill crunts and the state-sponsored fake religions, schools, and businesses that support them (like tiny spandex velcro crotch suspeners)…. but at the end of the day it’s a big psy-op , exactly like the dumb fat kid in grade school …”what ya gonna do about it? gonna cry baby?”.
    Let’s take thoreau’s advice, there are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking the HOOKED NOSE.
    btw….first time I read the comments on a post on this blog… pretty darn lame.

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