Hey, did you notice how weird it was that the Globo Homo Schlomo media was accepting of Ukrainian Refugees? Well I mean they most definitely weren’t to start. But then, weirdly, it was like it all flipped.

This tweet got deleted. It’s not that they don’t stand by it, but they’d really like retarded, low IQ nationalists to not see this shit, because it hammers home what complete and utter tools they are. Enjoy dying for George Soros. Enjoy sitting in a foxhole while your daughter gets state funded “speed dating,” with Jequeerus. 

Enjoy dying for the people who are looting your country and destroying your people. Faggots.

You know I had a few of these types pushing this bullshit in my two telegram channels and I think I’ve been overly nice with them. It’s entirely fine to simply say that we should stay out of this conflict. It’s better to point out that the people whining about imaginary atrocities and celebrating imaginary characters lie us into wars. You can also say nothing.

Instead I was treated to some retards going on about how Azov Battalion was secretly this super based organization and not full of low IQ easily (((manipulated))) retards. That makes sense, after all they were fighting against their entirely Schlomo controlled government and –

Oh whoops. Sorry, my bad. They were doing retarded anti-White ethnic squabbles in order to have the (((Ukrainian Government))) hold on to land full of 90% ethnic Russians. Land that, were it put up to a vote, would vote to join Russia in the same 95%+ numbers we saw with Crimea

Instead, they send artillery into their towns so that their daughters can get state sponsored “speed dating,” sessions with Third Worlders. Great job faggots. Really making use of that Nazi imagery there. 

Adolf Hitler was a highly decorated WWI Infantryman who won multiple medals for excessive bravery and skill, one of which was for throwing himself on his commanding officer to shield him from an artillery barrage. He was most definitely not a swastika skull-tattoo having meth dealer.

BTW, when France invaded Germany in 1925 in order to force WWI reparations, Hitler condemned the makeshift German force that repelled them. That’s because he wasn’t a fucking idiot, and understood that if the International Privileged Class controls your country you’re a fucking idiot for defending it. Somehow, someway, these low IQ dipshits haven’t figured this out yet.

But who knows, there’s always hope.

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  1. Shame on those White girls.

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