Russia Today:

Moscow will convene an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council over an incident in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the organization, Dmitry Polyansky, said on Sunday. Ukraine has accused Russia of massacring civilians in the town, while Moscow dismissed the incident as having been staged by the Kiev forces.

I think we all know what happened here, but I’ll let this Pootin Shill try to steal glory away from Samuii Hydekov, the Murderer of Mariupol.

Graphic footage from Bucha, a town to the northwest of Kiev, emerged over the weekend, showing multiple bodies clad in civilian clothing scattered around. Kiev was quick to blame the Russian military for the incident, with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba alleging it was a “deliberate massacre.”

Mr. Hydekov don’t mess around. These Russkies fucked around and found out.

“The Bucha massacre was deliberate. Russians aim to eliminate as many Ukrainians as they can. We must stop them and kick them out. I demand new, devastating G7 sanctions NOW,” Kuleba said on Twitter.

Above we have an exclusive shot of the Killer of Kharkov reclining after murdering 40,000 Russian Neo-Nazi Whyte Supreemacists on behalf of the ADL and George Soros.

Top Western politicians were quick to back and amplify Kiev’s claims, with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg branding the incident “a brutality against civilians we haven’t seen in Europe for decades.”

Drone surveillance captured this one still from the massacre at Bucha. We don’t really know how the UAV was flying at this particular angle, but there’s no question this is legitimate.

“And it’s horrific, and it’s absolutely unacceptable that civilians are targeted and killed, and it just underlines the importance of, that this war must end. And that is President Putin’s responsibility, to stop the war,” Stoltenberg told CNN.

The Shadow of Kiev appears to have accrued quite the online following. Crazy, since he loves murdering civilians so much.

A similar stance has been taken by many other officials, with some explicitly pinning the blame for the ‘massacre’ on Moscow. French President Emmanuel Macron said, for instance, that “Russian authorities will have to answer for these crimes.”

But seriously, does anyone think it odd that all the murdered civilians have white armbands on? It has been long established that white armbands are worn by those supporting Russia. Blue armbands are worn by those supporting Ukraine.

So this doesn’t appear to make any sense. We have a whole bunch of Russia supporting civilians murdered.

I can’t speak Ukrainian, so I can’t verify this, but according to this poast there is video of a Ukrainian soldier saying, 

Soldier 1: “There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot them?”
Soldier 2: “Fuck yeah”

So we have a bunch of murdered civilians wearing white armbands, which has signaled support for Russia for this entire war. Then we have video of two Ukrainian soldiers allegedly (I can’t verify, I don’t speak Ukrainian) laughing about shooting civilians who aren’t wearing blue armbands, which would signal their support of them. Making this all the more weird, we’re only finding out about this now, and yet the Ukrainian forces were in Bucha since March 31st. Did they just like, not notice any of the bodies lying around?

Top War (Google translated):

Now about the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, who on March 31 happily broadcasts to the camera about the withdrawal of the Russian army from the city. Smiling for the camera, it should be noted. But what about the corpses on the streets? But what about 280 shot? Later, a group of seasoned Nazi Sergei Korotkikh (aka Boatswain) enters the city and silence again. The information field of Ukraine remains silent until Sunday, April 3rd. And here the most interesting and tragic begins. The fact is that during the special operation, the hallmark of the Russian army and the People’s Militia of the LDNR are white and red armbands. Ukrainians designate themselves with blue ribbons. So, some of the corpses in Bucha are just with white ribbons on their arms and legs. While the units of the Russian Armed Forces were stationed in the suburbs of Kyiv, they handed out these ribbons to civilians so as not to be confused with the enemy by chance. And when the Ukrainian punishers entered the empty city, the first thing they did was execute everyone, in their opinion, sympathetic to the Russians. For example, with white bandages. Someone was shot on the street, and many in torture cellars.

I will never sacrifice the legitimacy of this site by pretending to know something I don’t know. I don’t know what happened in Bucha, I just know that something beyond suspicious is going on. Potentially, this is an explosive and damning story, I just can’t say for sure right now.

I need someone to verify much of this before I commit any harder to this. We know the Zelensky Government lies constantly, but that’s all I can say for now.

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