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A poll by French institute Atlas Intel has become the first to indicate right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen could beat French President Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential elections.

The Atlas poll showed that none of the candidates will obtain at least 50 percent of the votes in the first round of the election on Sunday, therefore triggering a second round runoff. According to the poll, in the first round, Macron would be placed first with 27 percent of the vote, Marine Le Pen second with 20.7 percent and veteran leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon third with 18.1 percent.

In the second round, however, the Atlas poll shows Le Pen beating Macron by 50.5 percent to 49.5 percent.

Thank goodness. Someone has to get rid of this little queer. Macron, who the WMD Liars called “a political outsider,” spent a decade and a half as a “rising star of finance,” whatever that means. The guy is the privileged class insider of insiders, but was retroactively deemed an outsider, because puppet sounded a bit too on the nose.

He also has a wife who is literally 25 years older than him. It’s incredibly creepy, and him being a homosexual who is using her as a beard is honestly the most charitable possible explanation.

While Atlas — as polling agencies routinely do — did not comment on the poll data, analysts say Le Pen was able to catch up with Macron on account of her relentless campaign across France, while Macron largely refrained from direct campaigning and has even been accused of using the war in Ukraine as a pretext to avoid direct confrontation with rival candidates.

“Le Pen did a proximity campaign, visiting a lot of small towns and villages. Her trips were not very much covered by national press but had a big echo in local media,” said Mathieu Gallard, research director at polling firm Ipsos. “She gave an impression of proximity, which is very important for French voters,” he added.

That’s the kind of extension I like to see.

Never underestimate the power of campaigning. Last election Trudeau whined that he was done campaigning after someone threw a pebble at him. He took three days to dilate and recover, and then continued with a series of “private,” events. This was basically where he went to some donors house and, I don’t know, gave them some gay little speech. These were closed to the public.

Now you might be wondering what the point of doing private, unannounced “campaign,” events is. Well he’s not trying to get more votes, he’s just trying to reward his donors for giving him money by showing his face. It’s one of the best examples of our privileged class giving up on actually trying to appeal to the people. 

Macron has also made a number of controversial statements as of late, arguing that France is “not overwhelmed” by mass immigration despite polls showing the majority of French have a completely different view. He also said the French have no right to self-defense after a farmer shot a burglar who invaded his home while his 3-year-old daughter was present. Finally, the death of Jeremy Cohen has become a symbol of France’s out-of-control crime problem, which is likely to further erode faith in Macron’s leadership.

Le Pen may not win, but she’s basically showing the way to win. Do tons of campaigning in rural areas, and feast on unforced errors from your opponent. That really should not be too hard for us. I mean Justin Trudeau is kind of an idiot.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what platform Le Pen ran on that made her so popular.


Le Pen has shifted her campaign focus to purchasing power, the number one priority for French voters, without shedding far-right policies from her election programme. read more

Here are her main policy proposals:


* No income tax for those aged under 30

* VAT on energy at 5.5% from current 20%. VAT at 0% for essential products such as pasta and diapers as long as inflation is one point higher than growth.

* No employer contributions on pay rises of up to 10%

* Early retirement at 60 for those who have worked 40 years. Increase low pensions

* Scrap inheritance tax for middle and low income families. No tax on donations of up to 100,000 euros per child or grandchild every ten years

Okay, this is all pretty reasonable stuff. No income tax for those under 30 is bound to be popular. Reduced energy taxes is also popular. Frankly, it’s sort of a grab bag of pretty decent policies, even if it’s not truly revolutionary. I’d be putting forth policies of establishing a national film industry, national public works programs, putting increasing tariffs on foreign products and bringing manufacturing back to Canada. So what she’s proposing is good, I just think she’s not going far enough.


* Only French citizens will have access to welfare benefits

* French nationals will be given preference in access to social housing and to jobs

* Stop family reunification

* Systematically deport undocumented migrants, foreigners convicted of crimes

* Withdraw residency for migrants that are out of work for more than a year

* Remove birthright citizenship

* Asylum requests to be processed outside of France

Solid stuff. Not nearly what I would be pushing, but it’s decent. Of course, you have to wonder if she’s moderating her message in order to get into office, and then go full Mussolini, or if she’s cynically pushing these policies in order to get elected.


* Re-establish mandatory sentencing and remove the possibility of reduced sentences

* Establish presumption of legitimate defense for security forces

I’m really not sure I like the sound of that last one. Maybe things are different in France, and this serves as some sort of culture-war battle.


* Strip French citizenship for people with extreme Islamist views

* Close mosques and Islamic associations that contradict French constitutional values

* Ban the hijab and religious symbols in all public spaces and for parents on school trips

Sure, whatever.


* Withdraw France from NATO’s military command structures

* For the French constitution to prevail over international law

* Create a “European Alliance of Nations” intended to progressively replace the European Union

* End Franco-German cooperation agreements established since 2017

Marine, you magnificent bastard, you had me at “leaving NATO.”


* Stop wind turbine projects and dismantle existing ones

* Leave the European electricity market

* Invest in nuclear energy

It’s not exactly the NJP, but it’s good stuff regardless. I don’t necessarily agree with people who argue against moderating our message. There is no reason for media figures to do anything but tell it how it is. However, most average people aren’t politically engaged. Starting up a conversation with them about how the (((ADL))) was founded to let jews rape and murder 13 year old White Children isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things.

A serious political party, which we have aspirations to, needs to be doing serious work finding out which messages resonate the most with average, everyday people. Then you push those messages over and over and over. That’s not to say that you can’t be genuine, but we have a parasite class that lies us into wars, and then says that we should be censored because we say that a mentally ill man in a dress is a mentally ill man in a dress.

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  1. If she wins and does what she says…

    I’ll be fucking impressed. But as we’ve seen the anti-Islam stuff is a cover for zionism. A serious antimuslim position is just “send them back”

    No tax below 30 sounds like a very pro natal policy, combined with some other good programs and we could be looking at a female Napoleon.

    Though after Trump and Salvini were going to be Caesar, Duterte was going to cleanse the streets of drug dealers and Bolsanaro was going to establish a white Brazilian ethnostate…. I think I can hold my excitement in check before getting too excited over another zionist cuck.

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