A few days ago I wrote about Elon “Nuke Mars” Musk buying a 9% share in twatter. Apparently he even said that they’d be doing less censorship. As someone who has been censored from twatter, I needed to see it to believe it. Earlier today, while cruising BANG, I saw a relevant post.


You Should Check to see if you got your Twitter Account Back

Just on a whim. I thought I was allowed back on Twitter, and I was. Didn’t have to do any special shit to circumvent or anything.

I think the days of caring about twatter are in the rearview mirror, but I guess it could be interesting to have an account again. So I went over to twitter and checked.

Nope, still censored. 

Musk continues to be perhaps the single most useless fake populist on the planet. I guess, like most of his “genius ideas,” he had the idea that twatter should have less censorship, and that’s basically it. 

I can now safely go back to not caring about twatter again.

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  1. That sounds like something someone on BANG would say.

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