You may remember the brave black crackbaby that took out an entire Russian Armoured Division while cheering for Israel. You may also remember the Ghost of Kiev, a Ukrainian Mig-29 Pilot who became an ace on day 1 of the Russia-Ukraine War. This was extra impressive, since all of the Ukrainian Fighter Planes were destroyed on the ground on day 1 of the war. He had to steal a Mig-29 from the Russians just to shoot down 10 of them.

Ignore that the tweet says 6. That’s typical Russian Disinformation. In fact he actually downed well over 20 in one mission. What is less known is that he actually downed his plane over Mariupol, in order to save a small Mexican child from an incoming artillery round. He used the plane to shield the brave Mexican baby, but the plane was destroyed in the process. This lead him to running through the streets, and it’s shocking what he uncovered.

Thank goodness the Ghost of Kiev was able to fight his way through streets full of Russian neo-Natzees. He had to do this while shielding a group of hungry Guatemalan tranny orphans from Russian airstrikes. Although also Russia totally hasn’t been dominating the skies because of the Ukrainian Air Defense System. Oh but also, the Russian S-300 and S-400 systems don’t work, even though that’s what Ukraine is using.

Anyway, the Ghost of Kiev also collected a large following of baby animals. These somewhat gave his position away, but he found them so cute that he didn’t have the heart to tell them to get lost. Also they were hungry, and he got a paternal thrill from watching them eat. He’s childless, in case you hadn’t noticed, so he’s just like the catladies who are cheering him on.

But more importantly, after fighting deep into the heart of darkness, which in this case was a steel factory in Mariupol, he came across a scene so shocking that he nearly threw up. What he saw… was nothing.

No bodies. No blood. Only a normal street with no evidence of any conflict.

Instantly, he knew what had happened. The Russkies had loaded pregnant Ukrainian Mothers onto rollercoasters that went directly into ovens. They had hooked young teenagers up to masturbation machines. They glued the eyeballs of adorable young orphaned african children on the walls.

Worse, they made them play with soccer balls full of dead jew fetuses. Then, when they got sweaty, they encouraged them to take showers. While in the showers they then surprised them by gassing them to death with a mildly toxic insecticide. Their carcasses were turned into a variety of hygeine and interior decoration products.

And then they thrown the remaining cadavers into mobile crematoriums, and perfectly disposed of all the evidence. After all, how else could there be no evidence for any of that?

There was no other explanation. The Ghost of Kiev knew what to do. And with an army of baby animals and South American orphans at his back. Oh and BTW, the orphans have tastefully sooty faces. Like, they’re not really gross and smelly, and they don’t have any sort of pustules growing on them. It’s kind of like if you took child actors and then smeared a touch of ash on their faces, just think of that.

Anyway, with an army of orphaned future models with slightly dirty faces, who were surprisingly well fed, but also adorably hungry, the Ghost of Kiev fought his way through the KKK members who had taken up shop and were currently genociding an entire favella of mystery meat immigrants from Brazil, all children. He tried to save them all, but it was too much. He had to make the hard decision to let some of the Brazilian Mulatto children go. It was too much, even for him. But as he looked back at them, tears streaming down his face, the two year old Brazilian Mulattos sang to him in unison.

Go, Ghost of Kiev. The Neo-Natzee KKK members come, but not for you. Go Ghosty, and sing the song of our oppression to all of Liberal Democracy and the Rules Based International Order. 

They then launched into an impromptu rendition of Brazilian Funk Music. They kept singing, even as the KKK Grand Wizards, one of whom was Emma Watson, slaughtered them one by one. Their chorus of bravery lead the Ghost of Kiev to freedom at the outskirts of Mariupol, where he was able to get a helicopter ride from a tranny MI6 agent, and tell us this brave story.

Truly, I am at a loss for words here. Unfortunately, there is no evidence, but only because there was a Russian cover-up. After all, how else could there be no evidence for mobile crematoriums?

This doesn’t have any other relevance to anything else. 

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