As women around the world have taken to social media in the past few days, posting videos of themselves dancing to show #SolidarityWithSanna, some Canadian politicians and strategists are also coming to the defence of the Finnish prime minister, suggesting she is being unfairly judged due to her gender and age. 

This article was from a few days ago. I wrote about Sanna “Big Whore” Marin at the time. Then she doubled down on bringing the hussy heat. She’s not being unfairly targeted because of her age and gender. She’s being fairly targeted because she’s a dumb partygirrrrrl whore who behaves like a particularly stupid teenager.

Nobody should be acting like Sanna Marin at any age, and she’s the PM. Whether or not she has a vagina is totally irrelevant.

Marin became Finland’s youngest prime minister in 2019, at 34. At the time, the Social Democrat told reporters she would remain true to herself. This isn’t the first time her private life has become the subject of public debate, leading some to say she is being held to a double standard — while others say a world leader should always be prepared to be called upon to make important decisions. 

What double standard? The double standard of not being a dumb whore who embarrasses herself in front of the World? Like, trust me buddy, if a man was twerking to some horrid Finnish house mumble rap stuff, we’d be making fun of him as well.

“The fact that this became a huge story is absolutely absurd,” said former Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna, who faced sexist attacks during her tenure, including being called Climate Barbie by an opposition colleague — an insult hurled at her for years by her critics.

“When you think about all the critical issues that we’re going through in the world right now — a climate crisis, a COVID crisis, a security crisis — and that we are focusing on the way someone, a prime minister, but a real person, behaves in her own private time because she’s a younger woman … then I think we’ve lost the plot.” 

When you think about not being able to pay your bills because of rampant inflation, when you think about not being able to put gas in your vehicle because of artificially inflated gas prices, when you think about child trannies, foreign wars for Israel, mass tech censorship, anti-White “diversity” quotas, just understand that the people who are the figureheads for these decisions are partygirrrrl bimbos, and the rest of our privileged class will instantly close ranks around them and hold the line against any uppity peasants wondering why the people in charge are such worthless retards. So because things are bad, that’s why you need worthless dipshits running things. The logic is impeccable.

Former NDP MP Peggy Nash says people often celebrate women’s presence in public life, but then proceed to tear them down at the first opportunity. 

There is a clear double standard when it comes to women in politics — especially young women, said Nash, who wrote a book called Women Winning Office: An Activist’s Guide to Getting Elected.

“I think for women — not only in politics, but in any aspect of public life — there is still this traditional stereotype of who is a leader,” said Nash. “And that is male, unfortunately.”

The entire rest of the piece continues in this vein. Just over and over and over, some dipshit bloviates about how unfair it is to demand that World Leaders With Vaginas not be worthless dumb whores. Mixed in with some anti-Whiteism for good measure.

Quebec Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade, who has spoken out about how women are treated in the province’s National Assembly, said she wasn’t surprised by the reaction to the video of Marin.

“Every level of diversity brings a level of complexity, if you will. So the fact that she’s a woman, the fact that she’s young … is two levels of diversity, in an environment where people are older and it’s more of a male environment.”

Marin likely had no choice but to take the drug test to silence her critics, said Andrea Reimer, a former Vancouver city councillor. She agreed with Anglade that her male counterparts probably wouldn’t have even had to consider it. 

“Where Boris Johnson or former president Donald Trump may not have had to deal with that type of request, a young woman in a position of leadership doesn’t have as many options,” Reimer said.

People see older white males as natural leaders, she suggested, and it takes a lot to change that perspective — but it’s been different for Marin. 

I actually agree with Angelade on this front, I just think that it’s good while she’s whining about it. In any case, the CBC wasn’t satisfied with a single whinefest. They had to go and write Whinefest 2: The Whinening.


Public instances of threats and intimidation of women in public life have intensified in recent weeks, with significant examples of abuse targeted toward politicians — most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland — as well as activists and journalists.

That the above yellow toothed monstrosity. She’s basically just one of these figures who just kind of… there. I don’t know what kinds of cocks she’s sucked to get to where she is in life, but they were probably circumsized.

For weeks, a group of journalists, particularly journalists of colour, have publicly shared a series of private, anonymous emails they’ve received. Those emails contained specific, targeted and disturbing threats of violence and sexual assault, as well as racist and misogynistic language.

Jaime, we’re gonna need more eye roll react memes to get through this one.

$100 says that no actual “specific threats” are ever mentioned. Instead this will be some trolling that these cunts received, which they’re playing up as LITERAL GENOCIDAL THREATS TOWARDS VAGINAS OF COLOUR.

“It was very insidious, and the language around it was a perversion of some progressive language that was used to basically abuse and torment us.

I didn’t even cheat and look ahead, this one was a pretty easy call.

Also, we were told we were put on a list of journalists to be silenced,” Erica Ifill, a columnist for The Hill Times and a podcast host, told CBC Radio’s The House for a segment that aired Saturday.

The online harassment crossed over once more into an in-person encounter on Friday, when Freeland faced a tirade of verbal abuse during an incident in Grande Prairie, Alta. 

In a video circulating widely on social media, several people, one of whom is filming, are seen approaching Freeland as she and several others walk through Grande Prairie’s city hall toward an elevator.

During the brief encounter, the man yells at Freeland, calling her a “traitor,” a “f—ing b—h” and telling her to leave the province.

Finding the video was a real pain in the ass. After almost an hour of searching on twatter I finally got the fourteen seconds of hate, directed against the Empress of Love (of international finance capital) Chrystia Freeland. Before we even get into that, I noticed that YouTube had greyed out my ability to let the naughtiest of goyim comment. For this, I am sorry. I don’t know if it’s a one time thing, or if my Allow Naughty Goy Comments privileges have been permanently revoked.

The video itself uploaded just fine.

*Someone off screen says “Hurry, that’s Chrystia.”*

Chad Thundercock: Chrystia.

Chrystia Freeland turns to him.

Chrystia: Yes!

Chad: The fuck you doing in Alberta, you fuckin’ traitorous bitch. Get the fuck out of this province.

Get this man a medal.

The video ends with one of Freeland’s handlers saying “you don’t belong here.” Au contraire you cunt, he belongs there more than you ever could.

The actions in the video have been widely condemned by politicians and others across the country Saturday. Conservative leadership candidate Jean Charest called it “gross intimidation” and “dangerous behaviour” in a tweet. Former Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna called it “beyond the pale.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney referred to the incident as “reprehensible” and Conservative MP Dan Albas said, “What our Deputy PM experienced yesterday has no place here in Canada.”

Since I announced my school board candidacy let me be the first politician to officially endorse Chad Thundercock, real name currently unknown, who went to this privileged little cuntess named Chrissy, and gave her a piece of the People’s Mind. Yes that’s right. I, Timothy Coish, coming to a school board near you, officially endorse calling politicians “traitors,” and “fuckin’ bitches.” And not really any in particular. You can call Justin Trudeau or Pierre Poilievre bitches as well, I will immediately endorse without hesitation.

In an interview with CBC News, Grande Prairie city councillor Dylan Bressey said the encounter was “completely ridiculous.”

“Something we’re seeing Canada-wide — and our community isn’t immune — is that there are people who feel disenfranchised, and are angry and are scared, but they’re expressing it completely inappropriate ways that don’t help anybody.”

How about go fuck yourself Dylan? 

And how about we get some Chads to take his job away from him over this? Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll be focused on my current run, and then next year, when the Albertan local elections start, I’ll be giving it my all to get actual representatives in office for Grand Prairie, Alberta.

Harassment has long been a problem for Canadians in public life, especially women. McKenna, for example, was at times forced to have additional security because of harassment she received, and many other MPs have revealed threats made against them.

One of the most extreme examples of online harassment played out in London, Ont. recently, when transgender activist and Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti was forced to leave the country after a campaign of harassment that included an instance of “swatting” — when a threat of violence sent under her name but without her knowledge led armed police to show up at her door and arrest her.

Wait a minute, Keffals?

Yeah, no. Lucas wasn’t “forced to leave the country”, you hysterical retards. Lucas decided to leave the country because he wanted a vacation, and used that to grift d’nations out of his well groomed audience. And I highly doubt that Catherine McKenna was “forced,” to have additional security. She’s just a cunt who enjoyed wasting the taxpayers money. 

Prior to the 2021 election, the federal government introduced legislation aimed at protecting Canadians from what it calls online harms, but that bill died when the election was called, and, after widespread critique, new legislation is back in consultations.

Legislation governing how social media platforms grapple with harmful content is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to online harassment, said Emily Laidlaw, Canada research chair in cybersecurity law at the University of Calgary. Reforms to the legal system, education and other policies areas like cybersecurity and privacy were all important as well, she told The House.

Yuan Stevens, a lawyer who specializes in human rights and technology, likened the issue to smoking, in which education and awareness led to both legal changes and a shift in public attitudes.

“I think a holistic effort will be needed in Canada that isn’t just ban this, prohibit that, punish that,” he said, but instead one that tackles attitudes toward people of colour, women, LGBTQ people and others and addresses the “root causes” of harassment, threats and violence.

Keffals the tranny makes up a story about a SWAT team breaking down his door and holding him at gunpoint. What this means is that the government absolutely must pass legislation banning uppity peasants from conversing on social media. There’s no other way to protect vaginas of colour.

Ifill, The Hill Times columnist, described how the campaign against her and other journalists appeared to be targeted, expanding from a few people to a group of more than a dozen, many of them people of colour.

“Each email they become more intricate. They are creating scenarios based on our past work to torment us with,” Ifill told guest host Ashley Burke.

“It’s more than just an e-mail. It’s a concentrated effort. It’s psychological warfare.”

So many times when these people do their little crybullying routine, I don’t necessarily believe them, but I wish that it happened. Would I stake my life on some group of trolls sending these propagandists personalized messages and trolling the ever loving shit out of them? No. Do I think it’s hilarious if it really happened? 

The real crime against humanity would be no one calling these people dumb retards.

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  1. Freeland, who helped mind-f*ck and lock the country down, is now surprised when she can no longer wander freely amongst the peasantry unmolested. Moron. I hope she needs a battalion of security to do the simplest of things – and that working people call her fat ass out forever…

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