In part 1 of this story we were introduced to Zoe and Emily Luba, the vandals of the St. Jude’s Parish in East Vancouver. Luba were also members of the RedBraid Alliance, a “decolonial socialist,” organization that did tranny feminist summer school in the park and also recently had to remove a pedophile.

You might think that the Vancouver Police Department would be very interested in really blowing up the phones on this one. “Hey goyim, remember those cunts who vandalized a church? Well not only are we nailing them for anti-Christian hate crimes, but we’ve just infiltrated a pedo ring. Hope this makes up for all those speeding tickets.”

LOL, imagine that actually happening.

No instead what happens is the Vancouver Police Department absolutely refuses to call the vandalism of a church an “anti-Christian” hate crime. Or even a hate crime of any type for any reason. Because apparently burning down a church is not a hate crime. Here, let me prove this to you by showing you the Criminal Code.

Oh. Apparently burning down a church is a hate crime. Because, like, of course it is. But remember, if someone vandalizes a pervert installation, then the VPD will investigate this as a hate crime.

The above picture is from an article detailing the video that got the Luba’s arrested and charged with $5,000 fine for vandalism, but no hate crime. Remember, the VPD or RCMP are extremely happy to call things hate crimes even if they turn out to be wrong in the end, as seen here.


But since the goal here is to show an anti-White/Christian/Goy/Infidel/YouNameIt bias, you have to play along with these people to some extent. While them not referring to church burnings as anti-Christian hate crimes is sort of all you need to know, we wanted to see just how hard it would be to register a complaint under Hate Propaganda, as a White Person. After all, part of the way their oppression works is by having them run things, but the other part is Cuckservatives telling the goyim to not challenge these things, which allows them to keep the mask on and pretend to be really against “muh hate,” and “muh bigotry,” instead of just being anti-White/Christian, etcetera.

BLM Toronto Founder Yusra K. Ali.

Our peerless leader, Great Timothy Coish of Make Socialist Republic of Canada, sent an email to the Vancouver Police Department, inquiring about why there was no “anti-Christian hate crime,” talk with respect to this church vandalism, and others. Additionally, Noble Leader sent them another email showing anti-White hate speech, with the purpose being to have this filed and investigated. For those curious, here was the anti-White hate speech.

if your white you shouldn’t play the victim card your kind is a joke and aren’t doing anything good in our community. Leave Surrey

It was a real struggle not to correct the punctuation and spelling, but I had to reproduce the comment as is.

Now, you might be thinking: “Well golly gosh darnit I’m sure the Vancouver Police Department is gonna get crackin’ in this anti-White hate speech.” 

Just kidding. Obviously you aren’t thinking that. But it’s an interesting question, what actually happens when you report anti-White hate speech to the Vancouver Police Department?

According to “ResilienceBC,” a pseudo-governmental organization, what you’re supposed to do is call your local police department. Well first of all, our Huge Cocked Dearly Beloved Leader Timothy Coish couldn’t get through on the non-emergency lines, probably due to the flooding that happened recently in the Lower Mainland. Calling is preferable, because then you get the ZOGbot on call with you, squirming and explaining. Example below.

Instead, our Puppy Saving Leader Timothy had to settle for sending an email, after spending almost an hour on the phone with the VPD non-emergency line not getting through. Navigating their webpage, they tell you to first call, which wasn’t working, or send an email to

Yes, that’s right, the email you are given to report hate crimes, is literally called “”

Regardless, Our Mender Of Broken Baby Bird Wings Leader Timothy Coish decided to send an email regardless, reproduced below.

VPD Hate Crimes Officer,

Recently I was watching a video of an incident that happened in Aspen Park, Surrey. In the comments of the News 1130 YouTube video, which you can find 


, I found this comment by one “vancouvermycity89”.

” if your white you shouldn’t play the victim card your kind is a joke and aren’t doing anything good in our community. Leave Surrey”
– The poor spelling and improper punctuation is kept as is. If you follow the link, you will find that this comment is not taken out of context, it is quoted in full.
This comment seems to be willfully promoting hate towards White People. It would therefore seem to run afoul of section 319(2) of the Criminal code, which makes such statements criminal hate propaganda.
I couldn’t get through the non-emergency lines today, probably because of the flooding yesterday, but I was navigated to this email account through the VPD website. If this is the incorrect place to lodge my complaint, please let me know.
Beyond that, I noticed that there were, according to the VPD, at least 13 anti-Christian incidents where churches were vandalized in various ways. Rocks being thrown through windows, buildings defaced with paint, and arson threats. To my knowledge, only Zoey and Emily Luba have been arrested.
What I was curious about was why there were seemingly no Vancouver Police Department statements investigating these crimes as hate crimes. I searched up and down through official statements and media pieces for “hate” and only found a different story from a few months earlier, where the VPD claimed to be investigating the defacing of a pride decoration on a church as a “hate crime.” Where can I find the VPD official statements referring to these anti-Christian hate crimes as anti-Christian hate crimes?
Beyond that, why were the Luba’s not charged with hate motivated mischief? It says right there on this very page:
“Every one who commits mischief in relation to property that is a building, structure or part thereof that is primarily used for religious worship, including a church… if the commission of the mischief is motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on religion.”
So I’m curious why she was not charged with a hate crime for this clear and obvious targeting of a church, and Christians more broadly. 
Thank you for your response,

To the great surprise of everyone, Our Angelic Leader Timothy Coish did in fact receive a response.

An auto response, but still a response. This was Tuesday, November 16th, 2021. As of four days later, no real response has been sent. Beyond that, turns out the “VPD Diversity Unit Mailbox,” is actually the “Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigenous Relations Section at the VPD.”

Needless to say, we will be calling them again demanding an explanation, but we don’t expect anything to immediately come of this. After all, you’re asking the enemy to attack themselves.

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