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A nurse in Vancouver, BC is facing an investigation after complaints were lodged against her over her “gender critical” views. Amy Hamm had sponsored a billboard expressing support for famed children’s author JK Rowling, and for this she faced calls for her permanent removal from her career in nursing, and is under investigation by the BC College of Nurses and Midwives.

Above was the billboard she put up in Vancouver. This was back in the fall of 2020, and I remember this well because I still had my twatter account. Said billboard didn’t last long.

City News:

Less than 24 hours after a billboard proclaiming “I Heart JK Rowling” went up in East Vancouver it is being covered up, and one city councillor is applauding the move saying the message was insidiously hateful.

Coun. Sarah Kirby-Yung asked Pattison Outdoor Advertising to take the billboard down, Saturday morning.

“It’s hateful. The billboard was clearly intended by having a message that said I love J.K. Rowling to target the trans community, be an anti-trans message without getting into the statutory definition in the realm of hate speech,” she tells NEWS 1130.

“The clear intent here is to incite hate against the trans community to incite division. It’s clearly designed to cause harm and distress and that’s not something that we want to see in the city of Vancouver. We have had some really challenging incidents with homophobic preaching in the West End, people are really stressed right now in terms of the pandemic and a lot of other things that are happening and experiencing a lot of challenges and the last thing that we need is to divide people and push them apart instead of trying to get everybody through these tough times.”

Vancouver City Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

This broad also introduced a special holiday for the Holocaust, or something like that, if you’re curious. She’s exactly what you’d expect her to be after taking one casual glance at her.

Anyway, back to the original article.

Hamm has two young children, and does not believe that biological sex is a changeable characteristic. Instead, she believes fully that women are adult human females, and that no amount of surgery, medication, or lived experience can change the unalterable facts of biological reality.

So how did posting a billboard saying “I [heart] JK Rowling” begin this tumult in Hamm’s career? For that, you have to go back to the beginning. Back in December 2019, Rowling, who had sort of expressed gender critical views before, posted a tweet in support of a woman who was facing termination due to her belief that men cannot become women.

“Women will speak,” Hamm is fond of saying. And it is for speaking her mind that she is being targeted for harassment.

Kind of an annoying turn of phrase, but I’ll allow it. One of the problems that you get with a lot of these types is that they think that politics is real. So they do some “but wahmen empowerment,” type arguments. Yeah, the world’s most famous feminist is this guy honey.

No really, here’s some of his movies.

This was literally his fourth movie ever produced, at least with the Weinstein Company.

Feminism doesn’t exist for women, it exists for Harvey Weinstein. If you’re not doing what Harvey Weinstein wants, then you’re not doing feminism, and you’re going to find to your horror that these types of arguments don’t get you anywhere.

A self-proclaimed “social justice activist” complained to the BC College of Nurses and Midwives, saying that that Hamm’s supposed “transphobia” made her unsuited to her career as a nurse, and called for Ms. Hamm’s removal from her current and future nursing positions. Another anonymous complaint was filed, too, which accused Hamm of “promoting and stoking hate speech towards trans and gender?diverse communities.

I’m sorry, are the Groomers just throwing random question marks into sentences now? Apparently the answer is yes.

Hamm is being represented by the JCCF. Her attorney, Lisa Bildy, said that “The apparent conflict of rights is something that must be sorted out in society through discussion, argument, debate and reason—not the immediate characterization of good faith positions as ‘transphobic’ or ‘hateful.'”

Conflict of rights? JFC, your client is the victim here you cunt. I repeat, your client is the victim. These people are the oppressors. There’s no “rights,” here, they’re malicious and evil.

“Instead,” Bildy said, “we are seeing abuse, threats, and now the targeting of women’s professional careers, for stating the view that men cannot simply call themselves women and thereby be considered biological women for all purposes, especially where it potentially causes harm to women and girls.”

Highlighting the abuse part is good. The rest is pretty bad. It’s interesting to see the parallels between what our goys get with typical lawyers, and the treatment this wahmen is getting from her lawyer. 

So what happens now? Hamm may face dismissal or a disciplinary hearing unless she agrees to “consensual resolution” terms. What this looks like in real terms is that activists are “weaponizing the professional regulatory regime to intimidate opponents and punish opinions outside of a narrow orthodoxy, thrusting professionals into a stressful and often lengthy disciplinary ordeal which they are told they may not discuss,” the JCCF writes.

JCCF is the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. They do some okay work, and are basically what conservative-libertarians would be if they weren’t complete and utter jokes. 

Amy Hamm

I wish Amy all the best, and I believe her lawsuit is still ongoing. This story was from july of 2021 after all.

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