Remember that insane video that Kent made of Dr. William J. Powers? You know, the one about Black trannies with AIDS, and children’s penises splitting like overstuffed keibasas? And also other weird STDs and neo-vaginas for kids?  I wrote about it here and here

It’s some incredibly disgusting stuff, but we’re not done with Dr. William J. Powers.

Archived Link from Pink News:

William Powers, a cisgender doctor who specialises in treating trans people, accidentally gave himself gender dysphoria for two days, giving him a major insight into the experiences of his patients.

Look, there’s no such thing as “Gender Dysphoria.” You’re just flat out not the other gender, just like you’re not another species. If you see a box and you temporarily feel like sitting in it, that doesn’t make you a housecat.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as “cisgender.” There’s only normal. Like, there are normal people, and then there are mentally ill people who have come to believe, probably through malicious actors, that they are something that they are not.

Thirdly, even these people are now admitting that you can just snap out of “gender dysphoria,” in two days time. So I guess it’s not a real thing then, eh? Just like you can snap out of plenty of other delusions.

Dr William Powers made headlines last year because of his unusual journey to opening a clinic for trans people.
The doctor raised two Guinness World Record-breaking cats, but lost everything in a house fire started by a massage chair, including his pets.

Look, I’m sorry about the kitties, I really am, but I didn’t edit anything out of this article. You need to put some transition sentence or even paragraph in there you queers. It should be written as follows.

Dr William Powers made headlines last year because of his unusual journey to opening a clinic for trans people. It began after he lost everything, including his two Guinness World Record Breaking cats, in a fire started by a massage chair. 

Terrible writing like this triggers me, to the point where I barely even noticed that the guy raised two “Guinness World Record-breaking cats.” It’s like he’s a bottomless pit of weirdness. This man simply is Reddit.

Losing everything gave him a new perspective, but it led him to opening his dream doctor’s surgery – a video game themed, queer-inclusive clinic in Michigan full of therapy cats.


But now another very unusual –
No I’m sorry I’m going to need a second to process this. His dream was opening up a video game themed queer surgical practice in Michigan that had cats walking around.

Okay, I got it. Continue.

But now another very unusual thing has happened to Dr Powers.

Well I’ve spoiled it with the piece title, so we all know what’s about to happen. Something tells me it’ll still be weirder than I presupposed.

On the sub-reddit he runs to answer patient questions, he wrote a post titled “the story of how I screwed up a dose calculation and gave myself gender dysphoria for two days”.

In a rare turn of events, I have not cheated and read through this entire article before writing my piece. I’m as enthralled as you are. And yes, I am also wondering why he’s dosing himself with some hormonal treatment that can apparently turn him into a nutcase. Or at least, more of a nutcase than he already admitted to being in the previous piece.

Powers said he was a “vain son of a b***h”, and often used a very low dose of oestrogen in his face cream, “after noticing the rejuvenating effect feminizing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) had on [his] patients, particularly their facial skin”.

You know somehow I wasn’t anticipating this, and yet it’s perfect. Of course this guy who talks about doing disgusting science experiments on children to turn them into sterlized freaks like a sleazy car salesman would be obsessed with his looks to the point of rubbing estrogen on his face. Of course he would.

How stupid I was to suspect something actually cool like him experimenting on himself. No, of course it had to be because he’s a hyper narcissist who wants to look more youthful for his Grindr profile.

The doctor said he usually uses a fifth of a gram of a one per cent oestrogen formula once or twice a week, which leaves his body’s hormone levels at baseline.
However, he recently wrote himself a prescription and accidentally ordered a ten per cent oestrogen formula. When it arrived, he didn’t notice any difference, other than that the new bottle had a pump.
One morning, he pumped out an entire gram, instead of his normal one fifth of a gram. He said: “I didn’t want to waste it all and I was in a rush, and so I figured screw it, it’s fine, it’s only one per cent, and I slathered my face up with that and went on my merry way.”

This might be the gayest overdose story of all time. Like, literal faggots who die while having weird messed up group “sex,” while using poppers and other stuff like that overdose in a less homosexual way than this guy. And yet, he claims to have a wife.

The next day, noticing some dry skin and not having any moisturiser at home, he put on another full pump and made a mental note to get some moisturising cream on his way back from work. This, he said, “was a terrible mistake”.

I’m just sitting here on the edge of my seat wondering how our brave protagonist is going to make it through the horrible estrogen fiasco of 2019. Although, in fairness, I actually am kind of curious to see what happens here.

The following night, he began having dreams that he was growing breasts. The day after that, his chest began to hurt.
He wrote: “I was very confused, until I touched my chest and realised my nipple was hard as a rock and insanely painful… I ran to the bathroom to look at the bottle and pretty much gasped in horror.

Wow, he’s just like a real girl. After all, being a woman is about dreaming of growing breasts and waking up to rock hard nipples.

“I had not only used five times the normal amount, I used 100 times the normal dose effectively. Twice.

Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd. What absolutely hilarious hijinx he’s gotten himself up to. It’s like Freaky Friday all over again, only instead of transferring into someone else’s body, you just become even more a fucking weirdo for a while.

“In two days I had given myself more oestrogen than I would normally give myself in like six months.”
Dr William Powers continued: “Dysphoria crashed over me like a literal wave as I was scrambling to think how I could undo my screw up.

Dr. Powers was quoted as saying “my ovaries like hot soup as I look at the future father of my children,” when looking at a picture of himself hung in the bedroom.

Also, where exactly is his wife in all of this? Does she not live with him? He referred to her, but the guy appears to live a totally solitary life.

“I imagined the horror scenario, like I had started some unstoppable progress and this would just continue unabated even if I stopped the oestrogen.
“I rapidly dreamed up whatever pharmacology I could think of to reverse the process as quickly as possible and used it… I could not stop thinking about how awful it was and how much I didn’t want those changes to happen to my body.
“It was really honestly pretty terrible, and I have a newfound empathy for gender dysphoria as a problem.
“I had sympathy before, but now I have empathy as I think I got a small taste of what that must be like to deal with. It literally dominated my thoughts for two days and I had nightmares about it.”

That’s basically the end of the story. They go on with the trannies on his sub-reddit congratulating him for being a big weirdo like they are, but that’s basically it. He took estrogen to make his face look more twink-like, got hard nipples, and then ended up only as mentally ill as he is all the rest of the time.

But I did manage to find a video of his two Guinness World Record-breaking cats, which doubles as video confirmation that he does indeed have a wife. Apparently one of his cats has the longest tail in the world, while the other is the tallest at the shoulder. Also, he and his wife repeatedly refer to themselves as “cat parents,” throughout the thing, and are complete and utter weirdos.

His Wife: It’s a pretty proud moment for us, I think, as cat parents.

And of course earlier in the video he says,

We love our boys, we’re super into our cats. When someone tells you that your cat is the best at something, it’s really validation for a cat family. 

These are the people who want access to your children. These are the people pushing tranny shit. I don’t know if it’s funny, or enraging. I get this emotion often.

We live in a satirical fiction.

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  1. Those poor kitties! They were gorgeous! A fire is a horrible way for any creature to die. How could that happen? My entire family has multiple pets and we would not EVER allow our pets to suffer and die that way or any way we can prevent.

    I hate that freak now more than ever.

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