I’ve covered the Crackbaby of Kiev before, as well as the Ghost of Kiev. And I even covered his recon exploits, where he saved an entire orphanage of brazilian mulattos from Putin himself. Sadly, I must inform you that he has been killed in action.

The Times UK:

A fighter pilot known as the Ghost of Kyiv died in an air battle last month after allegedly shooting down more than 40 Russian aircraft, it can be revealed.

Forty aircraft? That sound like Russian disinformation to me. I’ll bet he shot down at least 4,000. Probably more.

Major Stepan Tarabalka, 29, a father of one, was killed when the MiG-29 he was flying was shot down on March 13 while fighting “overwhelming” enemy forces, according to local reports.


In addition to being a father of one, he was also a South American lawyer named Rahul.

Ukrainian sources today confirmed the identity of the fighter pilot and his death to The Times.

Well if the Ukrainian government that has passed off video game footage as real on three separate occasions says that they’ve confirmed his identity, then I’m going to just sit here and uncritically repeat that.

They said his helmet and goggles were expected to go on sale at auction soon in London, although gave no further details.

Ghost of Kiev really just shows how retarded our (((privileged class)))’s propaganda is these days. After Ukraine had their jet fighters destroyed on day 1 of the war, apparently they had this guy flying around in DCS World destroying all the Russian jets.

Well apparently he’s dead now, so now you can buy his goggles.

Hold on, goggles? Why the hell would a fighter pilot need goggles?

It’s not WW1, where these guys had open canopies.

This propaganda just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

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