For those of you who don’t know who Ana Kasparian is, she’s a former member of The Young Turks, usually referred to as TYT. Well she’s actually a current member, but they’ve become utterly irrelevant after Jeffrey Katzenberg (oh gawwwwd) gave Cenk Uygur, the founder, twenty million to go shill for Democrats.

The Wrap:

WndrCo, the venture capital firm founded by veteran Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, helped The Young Turks raise $20 million in a new round of funding, the company announced on Tuesday.

Jeffrey Katzenberg

The Right Stuff goys have covered Katzenberg before, but he’s committed to spending over $600 million controlling various media outlets, and I’d bet my left nut he’s a zionist jew, it’s just not worth my time to confirm.

Cenk Uygur

Then we have Cenk Uygur. He’s an obese anti-White turkroach who founded TYT. He’s sort of like a fake populist, but for leftists, where he pretends to be fighting against corporate power and wars and all that stuff, but he’s actually just there to take up space and suck up the oxygen in the room.

Ana Kasparian

Which leads us finally to Ana Kasparian. Above we see her as she once was, in all her juicy glory.

I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t find her sexy once upon a time. Nowadays she looks like Jeffrey Katzenberg demanded some of her life force for that $20 mil, but once upon a time she was fresh and juicy.

I don’t like focusing so much on women’s looks, but it’s hard to avoid the elephant in the room. I’ve been paying attention to politics for long enough to chart the journey of Ana Kasparian from being one of the hottest girls in politics, to, whatever she is now.

Seriously, WTF am I looking at? She looks worse than Emma Watson did at after the Schlomos of Hollywood drained her life force.

And it’s not like a one time thing either, this is the creature she’s become.

I am aware that this is really mean, but it’s just so stunning. The girl was undeniably tasty before.

Probably the single hottest Turkroach in all of history.

I mean she had to be secretly Greek or something, right? There’s no way the Turks could produce something this cute, is there?

Well maybe not. Turns out the girl had some plastic surgery designed to facilitate her transformation from a Middle Easterner into a beautiful White Woman. Where have we seen that before?

Note the doctor name.

I once saw a great meme where it was comparing animals that imitate their prey to hunt them with jews getting nose jobs to look HuWhyte. It was pretty great stuff.

I’ve long suspected that the reason why there are so many White Women who ruin their noses with plastic surgeries in (((Hollywood))) is simply because there are so many jewesses who really need to do that in order to look decent. This creates this weird culture of nose mutilation that infects the non-jew women in Hollywood just as much.

Above we see an example of a formerly beautiful White Woman with a slightly large nose that, in my opinion, looks cute. Then she lops it off and now her face looks like it comes with a warranty.

And it’s not restricted to White Women of course. This mystery meat also made sure to have her face butchered, probably at the advice of an (((agent))).

Hell, this heeb culture of nose surgery is so pervasive even some jew girls fall for it. Take a look at Mila Kunis, above. Look at how adorable she is on the left. And then look at how she resembles a wax figurine made to imitate Mila Kunis on the right.

Am I turning in my goy card by admitting that I’d not only rail a young Mila Kunis, but I’d caress her forehead afterwards and whisper into her ear until she fell asleep?

Imagine softly stroking her jew hair as the two of you catch your breath from a rough but loving romp underneath the sheets.

“Anon, w-would you send me to a gas chamber” – Mila Kunis

Snap out of it, goy. Young Mila Kunis is nothing more than the sultriest version of demonic entity known as the Heeb Race. She is not the only one that has been known to ensnare young and naive men in her siren song.

Above we see Sarah Michelle-Gellar, a Middle Easterner in Full Whiteface. You may remember her as the smoking hot blonde who played Buffy in the titular series.

But did you know that she’s not a real blonde, nor is she a real Aryan? Here’s what she looks like in her true form.

I know, I was as horrified as you were to find out. It feels like I’m playing a video game and this is the final version of the final boss. We went from this:

To this:

We’ve even got some pictures of the organism halfway through the larval stage, when it was only somewhat transitioned.

Notice, goy, the hair colour. It’s been died to appear lighter than it really is. You can tell because of the way the light shines through it. It’s undergoing a process known as “jewing,” where it progressively sheds its skin until it appears the same as its victim.

Final Form. Imitation of Aryan Female Complete.

Eventually, through a slow process designed to not arouse suspicion, the jewess will make itself appear as a fertile Aryan Woman. It does this in order to secure the superior Aryan Sperm for its hatchlings.

If successful in duping you, the female jew will carry around your sperm in its sperm sack, located in the bulb of the nose. The jew will carry around many dozens of real human’s sperms until it decides upon the winner.

Who I hope to god isn’t this guy.

If this process is kind of hard to follow, it’s sort of like how Octopuses breed. This makes sense as the closest living ancestor of the jew is in fact the Octupii family.

Although some scientists, where by scientists I mean trustworthy autists on 4chan, have speculated that jews actually come from outer space and have faked the scientific link between them and Octupuses. This is considered a conspiracy theory by many, although there are some prominent believers. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t decide either way. I just know that the current scientific consensus is that jews are octupuses. 

NOTE: An earlier version of this piece incorrectly identified the above as a female jew. It is in fact male.

It is encouraging though to see that the debate has progressed to deciding whether jews come from the deep sea or outer space. For decades the scientific community was treated to the ludicrous notion that jews simply descended from a different, more annoying and whinier primate.

Despite the obvious similarities to octupuses, the scientific consensus was only reached after years of hard fought battles.

Getting back to Sarah Michelle Gellar and jewesses more broadly, other methods of concealment include wearing Christian themed earrings, and other paraphernalia designed to imitate a White Woman. This performative mimicry is often concluded with a look of subdued arousal and feminine coquetry.

Gaze upon this atrocity. Look at this evil creatures full, pouty lips. Look at its clear skin, and light eyes. Look at its seemingly sweet feminine face, but be not confused, for this is a vicious monster with a very tasteful and subtle perfume.

The female jew gazes with smugness at the ensnared Aryan Male, bewitched by its pale imitation of Aryan Beauty. Behind the seemingly sweet, feminine eyes is a cold, calculating machine. It is not enough for this vile creature to bandit your sperm, it serves itself a visceral and giddy thrill by pretending to be a god fearing Christian woman all the same. In this way it can deny a true Aryan Woman her chance at your seed, thus ending two noble lineages in one fell swoop.

In this image the ju-monster wraps its neck with beads. It does so in an attempt to mimic female vulnerability. It wants fantasies to pop into your head of gently wrapping your strong hands around its throat as you pull its soft lips in closer for an intimate embrace. Feeling its body heat. Hearing it gently sigh and exhale as your lips part. And then you both open your eyes at the same time, and the two of you smile. 

But be not confused, this is all part of an elaborate dance known as the jew breeding ritual. It mimics female human emotions in a desperate attempt to fill its sperm sack on the tip of its nose.

Historical strategies for filling its sperm sack have included biting its lip, pretending to be nervous in your presence, telling its second (also known as a female friend to those confused) that it likes you, calling you and scheduling a time to meet up, and many others. Modern strategies include texting you hey, but instead of one y, they have three. This is often coupled with a winky face.

If a young jew “girl” texts you “heyyy ;)” be on guard young White Man, for your balls are about to be drained by this vile succubus. At the very least try not to be so obvious about enjoying it.

Here’s another picture of this vile creature looking really hot and tasty, but also in a fragile, innocent way that is designed to prey upon the Aryan Man’s natural masculine urge to protect women. Such disgusting jew tricks have no end.

Here we see the most disgusting behaviour of all. The jew, in this case Sarah Michelle Gellar, is trying to make you think that it would be a nice girlfriend. This is what jews refer to in the Talmud as “the girlfriend experience.” It’s when a female jew monster ensnares a young goy in her talons. Then they get married, have babies, and grow old together. Truly, it is a fate worse than death.

Look I’ve got to be honest here. I can’t commit to the bit. I think I’d probably slam Sarah Michelle-Gellar until my dick fell off.

Uh, because I’m trying to subvert and destroy the heeb race. That’s it. It’s definitely not just because I think she’s super hot. Or at least was back in the late 90’s.

Yeah, I get it, you’re all too hardcore to be slammin some 10/10 gash just because it happens to have the word Gellar attached to it, but I’d do it if it meant the survival of the White Race. I’d also do it if it didn’t mean anything, but I’m just saying if it came down to you all getting genocided or me slamming Sarah’s presumably tight little puss and creampie’ing it repeatedly, I’d do it. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I’d do it.

If all that stood in the way of our victory over the ADL was me getting my dick sucked by Mila Kunis, I’d let her do it. If the way to get Jonathan Greenblatt to lose was by picking up Mila Kunis from the Missionary position, and repeatedly slamming into her while she came her brains out, you’ve got your guy. I’m just saying if that was what we needed to do to win I’d find it within myself to do it.

I’m not saying that I know how exactly this would work, but if repeatedly draining my balls into Mila Kunis was the way to save the White Race, consider it saved. And if Esti Ginzburg came over and she demanded to have a foursome with me, Mila Kunis, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, I wouldn’t enjoy it, but if that was the way to save the White Race I’d allow it.

Although is this girl even a jew? Get me that DNA test FFS.

Would you do that? If the White Race was going to be murdered, and the only way to save it was to let almost jailbait Mila Kunis and Sarah Michelle Gellar give you a double blowjob at the same time, would you let yourself be defiled in that way young man?

Sorry, how did we even get here?

Oh right, LMAO. Man I got carried away. Okay anyway, we’ll get to her later. I’ve spend hours working on this and I want to go to bed now. She’s basically just big mad at not being able to murder unborn children. As if anyone’s banging her now that she looks like that.

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  1. A female jewess has more to fear from the fascist D, then the opposite.

    1. No doubt. No doubt.

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  3. Sigh. All those images of kikeroachettes. For shame. Shouldn’t you be trying to slam Aryan Life Force back into broken Miss Watson?

    1. CandyCane you are a treasure.

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