In a stunning development, we’ve gained access to the behind the scenes audio from the Biden Administration. We can, for the first time, see how senile Biden’s handlers came to the horrific decision to replace high quality MILF Jen Psaki with the low quality Wakandian Rug Muncher.

What you will hear in this recording is all too predictable, but what us MILF-enjoyers have come to expect from this zionist government. 

Biden’s Handler 1: Alright, Jen’s really been bringing the heat so far.

Poli-whore talent scout: Oh yeah she’s great.

Biden Handler: Fantastic.

Whore Scout: Jimmy knows how to pick ’em doesn’t he? *beams with pride*

Biden Handler: No doubt, but she’s retiring soon. And you know what that means.

Whore Scout: Way ahead of you boss. I’ve got a long list of aging but still juicy whores to plop down in that classy eye candy role.

Biden Handler: Yeah, about that.

Whore Scout: Check her out. *shows pic of gracefully aging White Woman* You like that boss? *grins smugly*

Biden Handler: I mean I do but…

Whore Scout: But?

Biden Handler: Well we’re sort of looking for more… diverse candidates.

*A faint hint of disappointment crosses Jimmy The Aging But Still Hot Whore Scout’s face, but it is quickly replaced with his used car salesman charm*

Whore Scout: No problem boss, I’ve got loads of diverse MILFs just waiting to spout some tired cliches on behalf of international finance capital.

*Whore Scout flips through physical images of various girls*

Whore Scout: See her, grew up in India. High caste, hugely rich family which we don’t need to mention. *winks at Biden’s Handler* Dazzling smile. Whole nine yards.

Or her. Same story. You want me to book them in for a “casting session,” where they can get down on their knees and show how badly they want the role? *nudges Biden’s puppetmaster*

Biden Handler: Yeah… see, about that.

*Smile falls from MILF Solicitor’s face*

Whore Scout: You seem… not so interested.

Biden Handler: We sort of need someone who’s Black. 

Whore Scout: Oh a hot black girl, why didn’t you just say so.

Biden’s Handler: Not what we’re looking for, Jimmy.

*Whore Scout throws up his hands.*

Whore Scout: It’s a joke. Obviously this is the kind of mulatto pussy you slam hard for a fun weekend on the side, boss, not the kind you have to mindlessly repeat war propaganda. That would be ridiculous.


Handler: Impressive, very nice.

Whore Scout: And you wouldn’t believe the amount of dick she’s willing to suck to get this role.

Handler: I like her, but she is a bit… you know.

Whore Scout: Lightskinned?

Handler: *laughs* I didn’t want to have to say it.

Whore Scout: There’s more where that came from, boss. Tell me what you think.

Handler: Right skin tone, but too young. We’re going for grace not juiciness here.

Whore Scout: You want the real MILFs then.

Handler: Yeah Jimmy, break out the real Black MILFs.

*Jimmy the MILF Solicitor winks. He doesn’t say anything, so confident in himself that this Black MILF has the goods. A smug look rests upon his face.*

Handler: I have to say Jimmy, I like what I’m seeing. But does she like the taste of pussy?

Jimmy the Whore Scout: I’m sorry what?

Handler: Does she like the taste of pussy jimmy?

Whore Scout: No, no, I heard you, that just doesn’t seem to have any relationship to anything.

Handler: Well you see we want someone even more diverse.

Whore Scout: More diverse than a Black MILF who enjoys cock.

Handler: That’s right, Jimmy. We want a Black MILF who enjoys vaginas.

Whore Scout: So like… a bisexual then. I mean we’ve got some college Black Whores who’ve experimented a bit, although they’re probably too young for –

Handler: No we want one that only enjoys vaginas Jimmy.

*Jimmy pauses for a minute and scratches his head*

Whore Scout: Okay, let me get this straight.

Handler: Sure.

Whore Scout: We’re going from Jen Psaki.

Handler: Right.

Whore Scout: A tastefully hot White Woman.

Handler: Correct.

Jimmy the Whore Scout: Who is in the 99% of non-Lesbos out there.

Handler: Mmm hmm.

Whore Scout: Making it pretty reasonable to find a similarly hot replacement.

Handler: Yeah.

Whore Scout: To instead now someone who has to be a Black Rug Muncher.

Handler: Yes that’s entirely correct.

Whore Scout: But I can’t cheat, and have her be younger.

Handler: Absolutely not. We want a mid 40’s negro rug muncher.

Whore Scout: So you want me to find a hot mid 40’s Black Lesbian, and nothing else will do.

Handler: Now we’re talking.

Whore Scout: Look boss, you’re really stretching me thin here. Either you’re asking the impossible, or there’s going to be a real step down here from Jen “MILF-tacular” Psaki. 

Handler: Look, we’re okay with her not being quite as hot Jimmy. We’re moving away from the pretense of being a serious regime and we’re going straight to the Wakandian Scissor Sister press secretary as an effort to humiliate the goyim in that way.

Whore Scout: Got it. I’ll see what I can do, boss.

Pictured: Best that Jimmy the MILF Solicitor could do.

Considering those were the restraints, I guess Jimmy the MILF Solicitor did pretty okay. Regardless, this is a sad day for all MILF appreciators here in the United States and around the world. We see here the horrible effects of anti-White and perverted ideology pushed by jews. And we will continue to see this ugliness on our televisions every day until the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) of the United States of America is overthrown.

There were plenty of classy MILFs who would love nothing more than their opportunity to mindlessly drone on about how Putin Bad and Israel good, but we’ve reached a point in our oppression where we don’t even get MILFs anymore. In contrast, there is some extremely high quality pussy shilling for Russia. 

That’s it, I’m Rutin for Putin.

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