In our last post we looked at Jaden McNeil. But his co-whistleblower was some guy named Simon Dickerman that I have never heard of. He seemed somewhat decent, until he started shilling for Andrew Anglin because he “did a good job exposing the fed honeypots that the alt-right was getting young men into.” 

Uh yeah, about that.

Attomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes. – Weev, on Anglin’s site, the DS.

Just in case you don’t see what the point I’m making is.

And in case you think this is some sort of old news, here’s a story from two days ago.

So no, Anglin did not do a good job of steering young White Men away from fed honeypots. He promoted them constantly on his site, and then made up retarded attacks on TRS. And he was purely malicious in doing so. He knew he was lying, but he lied anyway. And he continues to lie and slander TRS to this day.

And of course after the stream he was out there e-begging. I mean, e-begging is fine in and of itself, but it’s slightly suspicious in this context.

Simon Dickerman was, according to those who know, somewhat relevant back in 2017 in the Spencer-sphere. Needless to say, he doesn’t have a very good reputation.

Supposedly he did some work for Spencer for free. Considering how that turned out, I’d say he was the victim of a grift if ever there was one. But you don’t need to feel too bad for him.

Mike puked on himself on the way to Waffen House.

Typical. So very typical of Moike.

Anyway, archived discord messages and tweets from Simon show him to be a pretty self-interested bandwagon jumper. Above we see him retweeting someone dissing “wignats.” And yet he worked for Richard Spencer, for free. While Spencer absolutely deserves to be “betrayed,” as does Fuentes, there comes a point where you have to start questioning the victim to some extent.

He’s also faking being autistic for clout, or is actually autistic. I honestly don’t know which one would be worse. 

I did find this hilarious tweet from Fuentes that he retweeted. Supposedly Fuentes had blocked literally hundreds of thousands of accounts on twitter by the time he got ovened by Jonathan Greenblatt.

And by the way, the child saviour of the HuWhyte Race is not taking it well.

Anyway, this is about Simon, not Fuentes. 

And the guy’s basically a retard.

I could end there, but I’m interested in Simon’s future. He had a lot of very reasonable complaints with Fuentes, that I’ll go into detail in a later piece. Most relevant is how little he was paid, at $20k per year, and that doesn’t even include travel expenses.

I don’t know enough to make any sort of definitive comment, but my gut tells me that he’s sort of like McNeil. He was just turning 20 when he started working for Spencer, and he’s 25 max today, if that. Not only that, but he has two young children and a wife at home.

One of the reasons why the Manlet Cult targets teenagers so much, is because they tend to have decent financial situations, and no real problems. Teenagers might think that Becky not liking them back is the end of the world, but men who have to wonder how they’re providing food for their infant children have actual real problems. There’s no question that Fuentes was stringing Dickerman along with false promises, I’m just curious to know whether he cared more about the lack of money, or the lack of politics.

Simon almost perfectly represents the kind of person who left the alt-right for the Manlet Cult, because he did exactly that. And now, four years later, having gotten zero political victories and very little money, he’s finally jumping ship. Except that he makes sure to praise Andrew Anglin on the way out.

So he’s either a grifter, or a retard, and maybe both. Having followed him on twitter after this, I think we can lean more towards retard. 

People have looked at his “evidence,” for view botting on Fuentes’s streaming platform, and it’s far from conclusive.

So yeah, the guy is a retard. But we’ve reached the point where the Manlet Cult can’t even keep this retard around, so that has to be some kind of milestone then.

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  1. Well if this fellow is actually married and has kids – I wish him well. I hope he finds a better path…

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