Two nights ago Jaden McNeil and Simon Dickerman blew the lid off of the Manlet Cult on the Kino Casino show. You don’t have to watch all four+ hours of that, but it’s incredibly damaging for the Manlet Cult.

Actually hold on a second.

That’s the kind of numbers we used to get back before we all got censored off of YouTube. Considering that Fuentes has a botted audience of around 2k per livestream, something tells me he’s not going to be living this down. In fact something tells me he’s thoroughly aware of that, even surrounded by yes men and with his eyes clouded by his own severe narcissism.

We’ll get to Fuentes seething in silence later. This is the story of Jaden McNeil.

In a previous article I wrote the following on Jaden. 

Don’t feel too bad for Jaden though, he just hitched his wagon to the wrong grift. There may have been some tiny amount of legitimacy in him at some point, but he I’m getting Michelle Malkin flashbacks. You know, the Philippino White Nationalist married to a jew who incorrectly viewed Nick as the next big thing, so she hitched her wagon to him.

I’m actually not so sure now though, especially after the Kino Casino revelations. There are two extreme opinions on Jaden McNeil.

On one end, he’s a soulless apolitical and sociopathic faggot, who got into TPUSA because he thought it was a solid grift. Then he, hilariously, thought Faggot Fuentes was really the TwinkCel Saviour of the Brown Race, and hitched his wagon to him. Eventually he realized that Fuentes and the Manlet Cult had no future, so, as the superchat donations dried up, he packed up his grift and moved on. 

He wasn’t really a serious political actor, and while I never watched any streaming content he did, or that of Fuentes for that matter, I’ve heard he was mostly a video game streamer. That’s right, a video game streamer is part of the Saving The White Race Moobment.

The other extreme opinion is that Jaden McNeil was basically a good-hearted White kid who joined TPUSA and got in that College Republican sphere because he actually wanted policy. So he joins TPUSA and is active in organization. However, we all know what TPUSA really is.

And we all know who Charlie Kirk really is.

I mean there’s barely any difference between him and the meme.

McNeil joined TPUSA when he was an 18 year old, and left just after his 19th birthday. Even to such a naive young man, it becomes quickly obvious, even if he can’t perfectly articulate this, what TPUSA is really about. Supporting this conjecture are videos of him talking about his frustration with TPUSA preventing him from speaking about immigration and other issues. I don’t have those now but I’ll try to find them.

Selling your soul to (((conservatism))) isn’t something most people are really capable of. It takes a special kind of filth to be a conservative, where by conservative I mean ensconced in the fake political movement. So McNeil, who was spending hours upon hours of his time under Charlie Kirk, publicly quits TPUSA because he falls for the Juan Fuentes meme, and thinks the guy is legitimately part of a movement that is going somewhere.

There were lots of teenagers around this time, of 2019-2020, who were wanting change, and thought Fuentes was as well. The purpose of the massive censorship we faced, and which Fuentes didn’t face until the summer of 2021 was to create this impression of seriousness in Fuentes. That way he could serve as the Uppity Whitey catcher for naive young men. Couple that with the constant and malicious slanders of TRS that the Manlet Cult put out to scare these men away from something real, and it’s not a surprise that many high quality men fell for it.

And the little sperg is still slandering us to this day.

So then Jaden gets ensconced in the Twink First “movement,” also known as Nick Fuentes’ Grift Project, or the Manlet Cult. He tries to get real political action going, but the loser Fuentes doesn’t want to support things like the AF Candidates project, or primarying Republicans. He just wants to grift off of desperate and impressionable young men. McNeil has been convinced that Fuentes is the only way to get policy, so he sticks with him for a long time.

But finally the straw that breaks the camels back, and he quits the cult. Potentially after realizing that he’s about 5 inches too tall.

LMFAO they are all 5’7 or shorter except for him.


So what’s the actual deal with Jaden McNeil?

Personally my view lies in between those two extremes. Jaden McNeil was an idealistic young man, to a point. Supporting this conjecture is that he was very aware that he had a cushy job lined up for him in Con Inc. He had already been invited to Mar a Lago, and was touted as a rising cucklet in TPUSA and Con Inc more broadly.

But you have to sell your soul to work for Charlie Kirk’s (((owners))), and he wasn’t willing to do that. He finds out about Fuentes, believes he’s somewhat genuine, and publicly quits TPUSA. This throws his Con Inc career into the toilet, but he doesn’t care because he thinks he’s working for the Catboi Fuhrer, so he’ll be taken care of eventually anyway.

Fuentes strings him along with promises of financial payment, and Jaden stays on the reserve for a while, despite realizing that it’s not really a political movement, just a grift. McNeil is also far from innocent in this, basically shitting the bed with the America First Students, or whatever it was called. His excuse was Covid-19, but there’s not much evidence that he’s a particularly hard worker.

Nevertheless, he did try to organize the AF Candidates operation behind the scenes, only to find out Fuentes is a fucking child and totally disinterested. Finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back was Fuentes throwing a bitchfit during their New York trip, indicating that the little faggot wasn’t even good for creating content anymore. This caused Jaden to completely check out of the fake movement, along with plenty of interns and Simon Dickerman, who we will get to later.

Even before that he was getting steadily discouraged from the Manlet Cult, which is why he did video game streaming instead of real politics. He was checked out of the cult by then, and stuck around because it was an easy payday, for a while, and he had some online and IRL friends in it. But eventually this easy payday dried up, and Fuentes, the psychopath, pissed him off one too many times and he quit.

He tried to quit quietly, but Fuentes is a hilariously catty faggot, so he blew up on him. 

This caused Jaden, who was leaving quietly, to leave less quietly, and blow up what was left of the cult with the Kino Casino revelations. If Fuentes hadn’t been such a psychopath, McNeil wouldn’t have gone on, despite the fact that he’s well aware that Fuentes is hurting a lot of young White Men and destroying their future for his personal gain in his cult.

So who is Jaden McNeil then really? I can’t get into his head, but I think he was just a somewhat idealistic, and somewhat lazy young man. He wanted real change in the world, but only if it came easy. Fuentes promised him that, and when he realized that was bullshit, he stuck around for a while and grifted before eventually bouncing. While he’s not a complete narcissistic psychopath, he was fine with allowing the cult to continue until he personally was attacked publicly by the Catboi Fuhrer.

I don’t think that Jaden can be trusted in any serious movement going forward, but, especially if he quits politics like he’s saying he probably will, I don’t have much hatred for the twink. He was an idealistic young man who was kind of a faggot, and then he grew up. It’s possible he was constantly and viciously attacking us “wignats,” so my opinion may change, but I don’t remember him being nearly as evil and malicious as Fuentes. For now I’ll just say that there are worse people for us to focus our ire on.

Hell, if he went on TRS he might even get a redemption arc going, and I’m sure he has plenty to spill with regards to the fake fed accusations. 

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