Recently I got into a bit of a spat with someone on the TRS Forums, which you can find here if you are a paycuck. Their take was that anyone who fights back against the constant slander and attacks by the Manlet Cult, especially Anglin and Fuentes, is just a “third grade interracial porn obsessed loser with a typo-ridden site”.

I almost feel like to defend myself against such attacks is to on some level legitimize them as coherent enough to defend from, but I’ll do so anyway. Anyone who reads this site knows how ridiculous a mischaracterization of my work that is. You can find the part of my site dedicated to e-drama here, with some of the older works being erroneously labeled under cuckservatism. The vast majority of those posts are more traditional critiques of the Republican Party, the CPC, and conservatism more broadly, but there is some e-felting in there as well.

What you’ll notice is that I, a guy who averages about 5 articles per day, probably more, wrote a grand total of 14 e-drama articles from February 27th, until today, a time span of 70 days. That’s an average of about one every five days, which works out to roughly 4% of this sites content. And that includes the article last night announcing the week of Manhandling the Manlets.

Another commenter in that thread made this remark.

If you stare into the catboi abyss long enough, you start sounding like a catboi.  Consooming too much of this shit obviously coarsens relations between our own guys.

Assuming all of this amounts to “[Redacted] is counter-signaling attacks on Fuentes,” I don’t see it.  Absent your opening line, you seem to agree with [Redacted].

But your own content is almost exclusively centered on the kino dumpster-fire Right and you have a bloodsports writing style so I don’t expect objectivity from you on this.  If everyone stopped caring about Fuentes you’d have to find something else to write about.

You can click my site header itself to see what the content of the site actually is. We’re doing an e-drama week here, and then getting back to IRL politics and other electorally relevant content. I’m not going to put any links in here, because frankly just look at the goddamn site itself. What I will note is that I have intentionally abandoned the e-felting pieces, despite these being my most popular articles, in favour of things like calling into the RCMP and asking for an explanation for the lack of hate crime charges and terrorism charges after an antifa terrorist attack.

A majority of the most popular content on the site is still, to this day, my original takedowns of Manlet Cult leader Andrew Anglin, and defense of TRS from slander. I’m not going to apologize for a spirited takedown of the evil people who are our enemies, and despite it being labeled “e-drama,” going through the absolute bad faith attacks on actual populist activists is politically relevant and serious work.

I said in my last article on Felting Fuentes the following:

…So I understand why guys like Eric Striker and the rest of the TRS goys rarely responded to the Beardsoy crew’s constant homosexual attacks. After all, Striker spends his time writing articles exposing the BLM activism of the Waukesha terrorist, or covering important trial like CVille, or exposing Con Inc. figureheads as being part of an Israeli run “modeling” agency.

I’ve always understood someone like Striker, who does actual real things in the real world, and the NJP guys not wanting to be seen stooping to the level of engaging with these e-twinks. Traditionally, there are attack dogs to do the dirty work, a role I happily filled way back in December-February. Even then, like I said, I myself have 4% of my site content about these e-retards, and that includes Thuletide, NWG, and the Breadtube idiots as well. 

Similarly, once I finished wrapping up the Jayoh and Cantwell slander, I sporadically wrote three more articles on Anglin and tapped out. I could have written more, but I felt the most necessary political work had been done, and nothing in particular was happening other than occasional retard bits that I wrote about when relevant.

But there are still impressionable young men who realize that there is something very wrong with society, and get dragged into the Manlet Cult by Anglin and Fuentes. That is after all, why Fuentes wasn’t censored on YouTube and twatter for so long after the normal sized heterosexuals were. He wasn’t censored because he’s a grifting faggot, who the ADL took one look at and decided was a laughable threat to their illegitimate power.

I wonder why…

I’ve long called them the Manlet Cult, but the recent stream by Jaden McNeil and Simon Dickerman have shown that they are in fact actually a cult. Just like people have long known that the views on their streaming site are botted, we finally got confirmation that they are botted. Just like we’ve always known that Fuentes is a completely unserious faggot politically, we finally got confirmation. He’s not interested in primarying Republicans or contesting elections, only grifting superchat donations off of his audience. And we got confirmation that his audience is a combination of worthless losers, but also people desperate for change who saw Fuentes as their only hope.

There were people as late as 2021 who were collectively doing thousands of hours of unpaid labour for this grifting piece of shit, trying to get the America First Candidates up and running. And there were also people like this, who actually wanted real policy changes, and saw Fuentes as their best hope.

In full honesty, I was a fan of America first while posting in this thread. That’s why my early posts in this thread were so comically exagerated. That was at the very beginning, but this fucking kino casino stream was the last straw. I will never put any confidence into Nick again. It almost makes me want to cry. To me, and many groypers, this was the only movement which had some modicum of success, so it was necessary to stick with it no matter the cost. And I know many will remain ardent supporters in spite of these revelations because of this belief. But it really is over. I gave Nick the benefit of the doubt every step of the way. Facing all this, I really can’t believe my eyes.

And another comment from the same user.

That’s true. I was young when I started following him, a lot of groypers I know are young. We can only hope that some of the better among them will stand up and get out. Moving away from Nick first is a part of maturity.

Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin are not just e-losers. They are evil pieces of shit who are, at the very least, deliberately grifting off young men and putting them on a spinning wheel to nowhere. And they know full well that they aren’t a part of any serious political movement, nor do they wish to be. They just want to grift off the desperate, sad, and alone. And even that assumes that they’re apolitical grifters, as opposed to politically motivated enemies. With the tiny little jew faggot with a swaztika tattoo behind the scenes, it’s hard to say either way.

“Stop being bad optics you normal sized republican criticizer!”

And if you’re curious as to what the Manlet Cult Leader, Andrew Anglin, is saying about TRS right now, here you go.

That’s Andrew Anglin’s comment. You can tell it’s him from the below poster quoting him, although I’m sorry I didn’t screencap his name in there.

Oh jeez.

Did not know that.

[James Allsup] had to have been paid for working at TRS. They are making a lot of money, not just through magically still having credit card use and doing $10 recurring subs, but also through large lump sum donations. I mean, they’re millionaires. You couldn’t not pay someone working on that kind of thing.

*For the record, TRS does not have a credit card processor and hasn’t since 2020, nor are they millionaires. The methed up manlet’s attacks have gotten more low energy and even more retarded with time.

But you could easily dump someone if there was no contract. Allsup was probably too stupid to be in the fed thing, maybe that’s why they put him out (although it’s kind of come out that TRS has an internal narrative explaining that they need access to the feds to protect themselves – people in the organization have said stuff like “well, if Antifa is able to make their case to the feds, why shouldn’t WE have a line to them too”).

I have utterly destroyed this alien-looking midget before on this. He’s referring to Cantwell, who isn’t a part of TRS BTW, giving the feds video of antifas committing crimes. He also supports Milo Yiannopolous recording pro-White activists private conversations and then explicitly giving that to the feds as well as (((Roberta Kaplan))) so that our goys can be fucked over in courts.

Or he was thrown under the bus for being mixed-race while they’re going full pure Aryanism. Or maybe he just sucked, who knows.

That’s brutal.

But hey – we live with our decisions.

We live with our decisions is a weird thing for someone to say when they can’t come back to the US because they’re a little bitch who fled from the Tanya Gersh case, but okay, I’ll allow it. 

Also keep in mind that I was a longtime DS Forums user who got censored for tepidly defending TRS by the above e-midget. Also, Anglin is a fag who thought I was a woman and tried to have sex with me.

Moments of levity aside, what the Manlet Cult Leaders do is evil. They take young men, they burn them out for money. They get them obediently voting for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP, and they tell them that TRS are feds over and over and over again. No disagreement on this issue is allowed by the cultists, at the risk of the expulsion from the Manlet Cult.

As a result, many more serious guys keep trying to give Fuentes the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again until finally they snap, realize it’s a useless grifting cult organization, and leave. But many of them are so burned out, angry, and ashamed, that they don’t come over to our side. After all, we’re just secret feds honeypot, right? You know, just like Atomwaffen, the actual fed honeypot that (((Weev))) and Anglin promoted on the DS.

I have personally received many messages from people, and seen many multiple more online, echoing the KiwiFarms user earlier in the piece. Even more, one of the writers for the old Hyphen-Report team, who mostly worked behind the scenes, said that he started off with Fuentes, and was hesitant to come over due to lingering fears that TRS really was a fed op. The idea that there are no high quality people trapped as victims of the Manlet Cult is absurd, even if a high percentage of them are constantly online human detritus that we don’t want.

Nicky Juan Fuentes and Andrew Anglin have undoubtedly done a great deal of harm to Mike Peinovich, Sven, and the rest, both politically and financially, with their constant and indefensibly malicious slander. They have also done serious damage to any sort of real pro-White movement through this slander, and also through the promotion of the e-Faggot known as Nicky Fuentes. We have a time right now, where the iron is hot, to get these men into TRS, and into NJP. The time to act is now, and no, slitting their e-throats does not preclude doing NJP events IRL, or running for election. Fuck any bad faith faggots who want to make that idiotic attack on me or anyone else.

We have a golden opportunity to grow once again. People who have never even heard of Fuentes are talking about this little e-boys demise. And the stories that we are going to hear from the cultists who finally snapped and broke ranks are going to be delicious. The time is to attack, and attack, and attack again.

Which is why I’m spending a week breaking out the bamboo stick on these grifting and evil pieces of shit. Hope you enjoy.

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  3. There’s a big problem with right-wing types and respectability impotence. I remember a while back before Pat Little went totally nuts, him, Emily Youcis, and Illegal Aryan flew a blimp in the San Francisco Bay that had “Jews rape kids” on it and Illegal Aryan made this really funny video where they got drunk and talked about it and showed clips of them flying the blimp. Anyway, these weirdly uptight online autists left all these comments on Pat Little’s gab account complaining about the drinking. Not long after that Little went nuts and everything got blown up.
    I just don’t get it. Fuck those people. Have a fucking drink if you want, make fun of your enemies, be a real person. It’s like the alt-right just attracts these total squares who have no style and hate fun. I mean, there’s also a lot of good people, you know, it’s not everyone. I think that part of the problem is that people don’t wake up unless they suffer and so you’re gonna get the kind of loserish people who understand the truth because they failed in life or are lame or whatever. Idk, anyway, I love your e-drama articles. They’re great and were definitely needed and you’re right, the time to strike is now. You’re doing the right thing, thank you for your service, don’t listen to the anti-fun squad.

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