I’ve introduced you to the six chosen cucklets who hashed it out in Edmonton on May 6th for the CPC leadership debates. Remember, these six career politicians are already astroturfed. Three semi-legitimate candidates were shut out by the CPC election commission, and similar things happened last time around. 

This debate promised to be a boring and tedious affair, which is why I honestly just forgot about it until now. However, I guess I have to write about it, so here’s what happened.

And more specifically…


Conservative leadership candidates took the stage Wednesday in Edmonton for what turned into an unorthodox, wide-ranging debate that featured discussions about the war in Ukraine, abortion and supply management — with detours on the topics of binge-worthy TV shows and the candidates’ current reading lists.

There’s a lot of nothing important that happened. Part of my job is to tell you that, and give you some examples. But after a while it gets tedious. So just trust me, nothing of importance was said by anybody.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, the perceived front-runner in the contest to replace Erin O’Toole, focused most of his speaking time on economic issues, the cost of living and surging inflation figures.

As prime minister, Poilievre said he would replace Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem, who he accused of acting as the federal government’s “ATM,” which has driven inflation and made life unaffordable for many Canadians.

Oh FFS. This guy whined that the Bank of Canada wasn’t independent enough from the government of Canada. So now he’s campaigning on putting his guy in charge of it. This is stupid and meaningless.

Charest said Poilievre’s promise to fire Macklem was “irresponsible” and would make companies second-guess their investments in Canada.

After the debate, Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis said: “I don’t agree that members of Parliament should be meddling in the Bank of Canada.” 

Leslyn Lewis

The Black Lady is right, Pierre. And so is the Charest-fag. Well actually they’re not right, because fuck the Bank of Canada. I just want to point out again that Poilievre is doing this weird watered down Ron Paul routine, where he loves central banking he just thinks it should be completely undemocratic. It’s really stupid.

Candidates generally agreed on the need to bolster Canada’s energy and resources sector by building more pipelines.

Above is Scott Aitchison. I’m sure he’s got a chance.

On the candidates’ support for the freedom convoy protests, Charest accused Poilievre of simultaneously denouncing illegal blockades while more broadly supporting protests against pandemic restrictions and vaccine mandates.

“Mr. Poilieivre is very conveniently rewriting history tonight. The fact of the matter is that he did support illegal blockades,” Charest said.

I’m honestly wondering if Jean Charest isn’t simply there to make Poilievre look good by comparison. He’s basically Reddit Runs For Office.

In a section on cryptocurrency and its potential role in helping Canadians weather the effects of inflation, Brown accused Poilievre of misleading Canadians through “late-night YouTube videos” in which he championed the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Patrick Brown

I can’t even remember what Scott Aitchison is even supposed to have been doing before. but Patrick Brown is a creepy sex pest who wants the Conservative Party to be even more anti-White. Sorry, more “big tent.” Having said that, his burn on Poilievre is pretty solid here. If I was up on that stage I’d be roasting Dollar Store Ron Paul pretty much constantly.

Poilievre, for his part, attacked Charest as a phony Conservative with a long track record of raising taxes and painted Brown as a politically motivated operator who has changed positions on numerous issues during his career in federal and provincial politics.

See, the thing is, when these fags criticize each other, they’re usually right. Their criticisms are also really gay, and not incisive, which is by design. So this entire debate is just a fagfest through and through.

As another example, there’s this little video the CBC puts of the two cucks, Patrick Brown and Pierre Poilievre, having a real cuckfight on Ukraine.

Some Propagandist: Do you support creating a no fly zone over Ukraine?

Patrick Brown: Yes. I believe Canada should push and actively advocate and be part of it and show that NATO is gonna be serious about policing encroachment. We need to stand steadfast with our allies in Ukraine.

Pierre Poilievre: No, but I believe we should provide more lethal weapons to our Canadian allies.

They go back and forth for the next two minutes. Patrick Brown stumbles over his words, and is basically an unreal fag. Poilievre points out, correctly, that a No Fly Zone could escalate to a war with Russia. I would have pointed out that Canada enforcing a No Fly Zone over Russia might be just about the LARPiest shit imaginable, and bantzed the two of them off the stage. But of course, we’re not invited on stage.

On abortion, all candidates except Lewis indicated either said they are pro-choice or that they would not introduce legislation on abortion as prime minister. Charest jumped on Poilievre after the Ontario MP did not definitively describe himself as pro-choice.

“On this issue can we be clear on one thing? Every candidate in this race needs to tell the women of Canada where they stand, whether they’re pro or against,” Charest said. “And Mr. Poilievre’s answer quite frankly does not fit that test.”

What Charest just did is like fake and gay, but true and gay instead. Yes, it’s true that Pierre Poilievre, as a conman, wants to pretend to pro-life advocates that maybe, just maybe, he might think about one day potentially giving them some policy. This is a con, and he needs to be called out on it. Except that Charest does this whiny neo-feminist “I believe that wahmens need to know, you pig,” line of attack and it’s so gay it makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life that I’m even covering these people.

Poilievre said he believes in “freedom of choice on the issue.”

The hell is that supposed to mean? Are you pro-abortion or not you duplicitous fag.

Ontario MP Scott Aitchison, as he did in last week’s unofficial debate, appealed to voters as a reasonable, calm potential leader and promised to end the “politics of division.

First of all, CBC, you forgot the closing quotation marks. You’re a big boy propaganda agency, you can’t be doing that. Secondly, Aitchison? This fag? Yeah only because everyone in Canada is going to be united in thinking he’s a gross weirdo.

Lewis said she would build bridges and repair the distrust in Canadian politics. She also railed against “woke-ism and cancel culture.”

Thanks, Leslyn. Maybe you should start with the woke-ism in the Conservative Party.

And the “cancel culture,” that lead to three normal people being mysteriously barred from running in the election.

Former Ontario MPP Roman Baber focused his pitch to party members on his credentials as a voice against vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions, a position that caused his removal from the Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative caucus. He said Canada must “end 21st century segregation and let people make their own medical decisions.”

Right. This is the same Roman Baber who has denounced the vicious scourge known as BDS stickers.

I’m sure he’ll get right on ending segregation in Israel any minute now.

While the debate mostly focused on policy issues, the candidates were also asked during a section of lightning round questioning about lighter topics, including about their political heroes, the most recent TV shows they’ve binged and the books they’re currently reading.

Please, make it stop.

Poilievre said he’s reading the book 12 Rules for Life by the Canadian writer and psychologist Jordan Peterson, who has generated controversy by his hardline stances against identity politics and gender issues.

No. We are not pretending that Juden Peterstein is some sort of hardline ideologue. This is a guy who is literally promoted by the YouTube algorithm. He’s just a weirdo deradicalizer who sucks at his job.

“I think he has a lot of good wisdom in that book that could help anybody,” Poilievre said.

Yeah, like how you need to clean your room. I think anyone can benefit from that advice.

And that anybody included Mr. Peterstein.

Brown and Lewis named the Netflix series Ozark and Bridgerton, respectively, as the shows they were most recently hooked on. 

I am so out of the loop, that I honestly thought that Ozark and Bridgerton was the name of the show, rather than two shows. But really, Netflix is utter trash. It’s hot garbage. It’s not like I need to force myself to not subscribe, I don’t want Netflix, and can’t remember the last time I watched it.

Candidates will meet again on May 25 in Montreal for a French-language debate before resuming campaigns that will run for nearly the entire summer.

That’s it, that was the whole debate.

No further official debates are scheduled, although the party says it is reserving the right to organize a third debate in late August.

So there’s going to be another cuckfight in late May. 

Conservative members will vote for their third permanent leader of the past five years at a convention on Sept. 10.

And then three and a half months later, the CPC leadership will decide, behind closed doors, who the actual puppet is.

Why not hold these elections right after the debates? Well, they’re hedging their bets in case one of these weirdos actually performed well, and so the peasants got mad that he got fucked over. Don’t want another Bernier situation, now do we?

NOTE: The top commenter on the CBC piece, Greg Stanford, actually make a good point, which I’ll filter.

Honestly I’d copy Biden’s tactics if I was the CCP…..pick anyone, hide them in the basement until the election, and just contrast dang near every position Justin took in 2015 to his 180 today, and just let people get even more sick of Justin while the CCP candidate hides in a basement. Worked to beat Trump, and that’s the closest comparison to Trudeau….a guy who nobody really likes except their most devoted base who will bend and reject reality to keep them a saint in their eyes.

Ignoring “muh CCP,” stuff, there’s something to this analysis. It’s not that hard to run against Trudeau. You can literally throw his old campaign promises in his face, like a competitive fly off, prop rep, and ending oil subsidies. But none of these puppets are interested, because their donors aren’t interested.

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