For the backstory on this, go here. Anyway, I got into the chat about 10 minutes early, and was introduced to the lovely ladies trying to fuck over Carey Linde.

Morgan Camley

Here we see Morgan Camley. I wrote about her before. Back then I used what I now know to be out of date pictures.

But as we can see with the shortening and greying hair, she’s becoming who she is now.

Michelle Robertson

Also included was Michelle Robertson, the LSBC “Inhouse Solicitor.” She’s also got the weirdest frown I have ever seen plastered all over her mouth. And I assure you, that’s not a one time thing. These two short haired dysgenic weirdos were all I and everybody else had to look at until Lindsay LeBlanc started speaking.

Lindsay LeBlanc

Upon seeing her face, and the name, I had a weird feeling that I remembered who this broad was. That was for good reason, as I had written about her before.

She’s yet another White Woman LARPing as an Aboriginal, and trying to get special privileges because of that.

Anyway, the beautiful blonde Abo opened up the meeting precisely at 9:00 AM. 

Lindsay LeBlanc: Alright it’s ten o’clock so I believe we’ll start. I think we have everybody.

It was actually nine o’clock, but whatever.

My name is Lindsay LeBlanc. I’m a bencher. You may refer to me today as Ms. LeBlanc. I’m going to have the parties and counsel introduce themselves. And then there’s a number of preliminary matters that I wish to address before I hear the applications that are before me today.

Then she called on Morgan Camley.

Uh yeah it’s Camley C-A-M-L-E-Y. Counsel for the law society. My pronouns are she and her.

This is what we’re dealing with. People who do this kind of thing, but not as a joke. 

And with me are Ms. Low, and Ms. Power. And their pronouns are she and her.

At this point it was Carey Linde’s turn to speak.

After some kerfuffle with him being accidentally muted he got into it.

Carey Linde: Good morning everyone. It’s Carey Linde. I am the respondent, and co-counsel with Mr. Paul Jaffe who is here. 

Lindsay LeBlanc: Mr. Jaffe, he is your counsel?

Linde: Yes, I’m phrasing it as “we’re co-counsel.” There are certain aspects of todays hearing that he will argue, and others that, as the respondent, I will.

LL: Thank you. Alright, before we begin I notice there are members of the public who have joined us today. I’ve had an opportunity to review the material that’s been downloaded to the sync folder. And with respect to the material and what I’ve seen, I find that it is appropriate to limit the public in the hearing today, uh, to protect the interests of third party youth. And also to ensure that I can receive fullsome submissions from counsel, with respect to the applications that are before me.

I thank the public for participating today, but it is appropriate that we limit those that will be in attendance. So I’ll leave a few minutes for members of the public to sign off, and then we’ll proceed.

This isn’t an abridged version of events. This is everything that happened. Lindsay LeBlanc, the cuntess, thanked us all for showing up, and then told us all to leave. The justification for this was “protection of third parties,” which is absolutely outrageous. It doesn’t make a single shred of sense, nor did she provide any justification for this.

Carey Linde: Excuse me! Am I allowed to at least put an argument before you on this.

LL: Not on this matter Linde, no.

Linde: Why is that, that’s outrageous.

LL: This is my order. I’ve reviewed this material, and I find it appropriate in this circumstances.

Linde: Why? So everybody who’s concerned. All the people who might be named, we’ve all agreed to that. There are orders in the supreme court. There are orders in the court of appeal that cover everything my friends want. You can make orders in your jurisdiction but that doesn’t affect anybody else. That doesn’t affect anybody other than lawyers like myself.

There’s no protection needed, that’s the whole argument. 

*inaudible, they talk over each other for a second*

For what reason, I’ve never been given a reason.

LL: I’m not about to debate this. I’m giving an order. This is within my jurisdiction. This hearing is within my jurisdiction, and I’m not about to debate it.

Linde: But surely you have to give a reason.

LL: You have my reason.

Someone (not me): No he doesn’t.

Linde: You have to give a reason. The public is entitled to know why, on two applications, one, to close the hearing next week. Two, to seal the orders. The very discussion that we’re gonna have on those two points you unilaterally all on your own, unappealable, decide to just shut it down.

Lindsay LeBlanc: I’ve made no determination on-

Linde: … not even that I mean this is absolutely unacceptable.

LL: I’ve made no determination on the applications before me and I’ll –

Paul Jaffe: Yes you have.

I think this is the same Paul Jaffe, but maybe not. The guy I saw on the video had greying hair, and a slightly different face. In any case, he stated the obvious.

Linde: Yes you have, of course you have.

*Jaffe said something similar in the background.

Linde: You’ve already biased yourself. You’re already shutting everybody out for no reason on a preliminary hearing.

LL: Ms. Robertson, can you please have the members of the public leave the hearing.

Michelle Robertson: Can I ask every member of the public to please leave the meeting as quickly as possible. If not I will remove you.

Linde: Wait a minute, the public have to know that if they don’t do that, there’s no penalty. They are not obliged to do whatever you say. I am, we here, but the public are out there. It should be their choice if they wanna leave or not. You don’t have that jurisdiction. The public is entitled to know what’s going on in the Law Society Building by the Law Society, when they have this vendetta against me. Now that’s my –

“The host has removed you from this meeting.”

That was it. I didn’t click leave. I was furiously transcribing everything and then all of a sudden there was no sound, and I was greeted with the “you have been removed,” message above. For a second I thought I had a glitch, but nope, removed.

This is how desperate these people are to hide what they are doing from the public. Not being a lawyer, I’m not sure how much of what they are doing is legal. For all I know, they don’t actually have the authority to hide this from the public. But again, I can’t say.

What I can say is that a legal system that hides from the public is a dictatorship. And the purpose of this one is to let perverts continue to cause harm to children by, among many other things, giving them “puberty blockers,” on their thirteenth birthdays that leave them permanently sterilized. A dictatorship of child abusers.

This is from Alberta, but it’s the same kind of thing.

I’ll be covering this case as best that I can, although I don’t know what tangible actions we can take against these people, for now. Thank you to everyone in the various places I posted this, who got on the supposedly public zoom call, or the phone version, and got booted after not even five minutes like the rest of us.

Thank you for your service. I’ll keep you posted as to what we do next. I have to look into the legal question of how much authority the LSBC has over members of the public.

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