The Giardian:

Israel will not launch a criminal investigation into the killing of the US-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, which Palestinian officials and witnesses have blamed on Israeli soldiers.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces claimed that because Abu Aqleh was killed in an “active combat situation”, an immediate criminal investigation would not be launched, although an “operational inquiry” would continue.

Shireen Abu Aqleh

For some backstory on this. Shireen Abu Aqleh was an American-Palestinian Journalist. She had a decades long history in this position, and was murdered by the Israel army while covering a raid by the Israelis in the West Bank.

Al Jazeera:

Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered.

She was not “killed”. She was murdered.

She was shot in the face. Not in the arm or a leg. In the face. That is not a “kill” shot. That is a murder shot.

Abu Akleh was shot in the face, on purpose, while doing what she has been doing since 1997 for Al Jazeera: telling the truth.

She was murdered for telling, yet again, the truth about how Israel has corralled, bludgeoned, “raided”, evicted, jailed, traumatised, tortured, murdered, and terrorised Palestinian after Palestinian, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

Shireen was no armed. She was clearly marked with press equipment. Furthermore, she’s a Christian, so you’d think that the supposedly Christian Values Conservatives would be all over this. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened. 

Shireen Abu Alqeh was murdered by the Israeli army on May 11th. On May 20th her public funeral was held. It didn’t go so well.

Hong Kong Post:

Israeli forces have attacked a funeral procession for a Palestinian American journalist shot dead this week, kicking and hitting people with batons and causing mourners carrying her coffin to lose balance and drop it to the ground.

Oh but you see goy they just had to. They were forced to attack those coffin carriers. They had violated some bureaucratic bylaw that entitled the Israeli police to beat them with batons and throw stun grenades at them.

Palestinian flags – which are rarely seen – were openly waved by many of the thousands of people who circumvented roadblocks in occupied East Jerusalem to join the funeral procession on Friday for Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh. Mourners sang the Palestinian national anthem and chanted “Palestine! Palestine!”.

Police said mourners were “disrupting public order”. Footage showed the coffin on mourners’ shoulders outside St Joseph’s hospital in East Jerusalem as police rushed in and attacked people. The sound of a stun grenade could be heard and the windows of the hearse were smashed in.

Israel forbids public displays of Palestinian flags and often prevents people from hoisting them at rallies and protests in the city.

Wow, you’d think it might be a human rights violation to forbid people from flying their flag. But it’s justified because jews are god’s chosen race, and “goyim exist to serve us” and all that.

The response from the blue checkmark of David crowd is all too familiar.

(((Noa Tishby))) is exactly what you’d expect.

The Intercept:

Pointing to an annual report from the International Federation of Journalists, Tishby noted that Abu Akleh was just one of more than 2,600 journalists to be killed in war zones since 1990. She also said that Abu Akleh was the only one of 12 Al Jazeera journalists on the list to have been killed in Israeli-occupied territory.

What Tishby did not say is that Abu Akleh is just the latest of more than 50 journalists to have been killed in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories since the early 1990s. “Despite this shocking figure,” IFJ’s current president, Younes M’Jahed, wrote in the 2015 edition of the report, “not one investigation conducted into the actions of the Israeli army concluded that there was any wrongdoing or fault, and certainly no one has been held accountable.

No you see goy, journalists just die sometimes. It’s just a thing that happens, like mass migration. Focusing on the specific cause of death being gunshot by Israeli soldier is Uppity Goyism, and motivated purely by length of nose hatred. 

Getting back to our original Giardian article.

According to a report in the Haaretz newspaper, the Israeli military police branch has accepted the assurances of Israeli troops that they were not aware she was in a village adjacent to the Jenin refugee camp when she was killed on 11 May.

You see they talked to a guy, and he was like “yeah I shot that bitch in the face.” So they were like “yeah that’s pretty much okay, you do you.”

The Israeli military had previously released an account that said it could not unequivocally determine the source of the bullet that killed Abu Aqleh. That account speculated that the bullet could have been fired by either a Palestinian militant or an Israeli soldier using a “telescopic scope” at 200 metres.

Oh you see goy, it could have been the Palestinians who shot her in the face. There’s no real reason to believe this, but it could have happened. Hell, there could have been some secret Russian forces in the area who murdered her as a false flag on behalf of Bad Man Putin. There’s no evidence for this, but if anything that only shows how dastardly the coverup was.

In case anyone is confused, when George Floyd killed himself by ingesting his own stash, these same zionists encouraged and celebrated the burning down of America by BLM and antifas. But they also think that them murdering a journalist in cold blood is just no big deal and the goyim need to stop getting so uppity about it.

Palestinian officials have refused to give the recovered bullet to Israeli authorities to analyse but said it welcomed international investigations.

I’ll keep covering this story in case something else happens with this. Just understand that the kosher-leftists who bloviate about “muh imperialism,” are going to be desperately making opposition to this impotent, stupid, and anti-White.

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