Actually all credit for these archived links go to KiwiFarms user Jewish Porn Hoe. I need to use archived links, because the stormer deliberately removed their search function, so finding any articles that aren’t on the main page is basically impossible.

But before I get into it, remember that Atomwaffen was explicitly a fed honeypot. I detail this in the article I just linked, but they were run by a fed informant the whole time.

They’re still collecting White scalps to this day.

And they were always cringey and offputting even back in the day.

So here’s the first article from Zeiger promoting these feds. It’s a short article, so I’ll reprint it in full.

Archived Link of Atomwaffen Promotion #1:

The brave lads of the Atomwaffen division have started a youtube channel to document their exploits.
The principle is the same as that used by the very successful National Action; activism is only useful insofar as people hear about it, either through the media or through slick propaganda videos featuring said activism.
The first video, aside from their trailer above, is about their latest stunt at the university of Washington.

There are a lot of videos linked in that article, and to no one’s surprise, none of them are still on YouTube. Although it is pretty wild remembering that this kind of content could be on YouTube in early 2017.

Speaking of which, additional media coverage has emerged since our first article about it, this time featuring a short twitter interview with the leader of the group.
If you’re interested in reading the full twitter interview, I’ve found it floating around:

I feel like I’ve hit the motherload here. Let’s go through some of the juciest bits from this anti-social loser.

We are simply promoting our message of National Socialism to student and faculty

The rise of Black Lives Matter Communists, the overarching rise of radical leftism and domination of Jewish interests in our country make it an opportune time to radicalize the white student body and working people. Now is the time for National Socialist Revolution!

National Socialism is the only way to resist the displacement of our race and culture and reclaim our dominion over what belongs to us. We maybe viewed as radicals today, but at one point it was Christ and his disciples who were seen as radical and crucified for it (much like Adolf Hitler). All great men are viewed as radicals (if seen before their time), and it is radicals who make history. National Socialism’s time is almost here, you are witnessing the rebirth of eternal truth into a time of lies and deceit.

Atomwaffen Division, and also, if you’d like to know more of what we’re about, read SIEGE by James Mason.

Let me go and check out some of the stuff this tiny faggot wrote back when he was sucking off Harvey Weinstein.

“Now that your own followers are revolting against you, because you are simping for women who literally had sex with the most disgusting Jew on earth.

And no, this is not bargaining time, you neo-Nazi faggots.”

Odd coming from a guy who owns a site called the Daily Stormer, but that might have been a one off. Let’s make sure we get Atomwaffen Andy’s true opinion on neon-natzees.

All that having been said, the assertion that women are fundamentally endowed with sexual innocence is so absurd that we are left wondering if these neo-Nazi white knights have ever even met a woman in real life before.

German idealist Arthur Schopenhauer, Adolf Hitler’s favorite philosopher, was “THE SCUM OF THE FUCKING EARTH” according to neo-Nazis, as he did not have sufficient respect for women.

You’ll note that the neo-Nazi we are analyzing actually says that a man is evil for calling a woman who has sex for money a “whore.”

Neo-Nazis literally believe that because all women are innocent and pure, an aspiring actress in her 20s who has sex with a Jew in order to advance her career is no less of a victim than an 11-year-old girl who is raped and murdered on her way home from work.

That is something that goes back to the beginning of time, and it is the reason the patriarchy these neo-Nazis are trying to tear down existed in the first place.

And yet, these “pro-white” cartoon neo-Nazis on Twitter are willing to sacrifice the birthrate because it feels good to see a fat Jew thrown in prison?

Extraordinarily, the neo-Nazi feminist we are using as our template to analyze feminist neo-Nazism actually stated that women in pornography – that is, women who have sex for money – are not whores.

It’s shocking that neo-Nazis would be so fixated on promoting liberal Jewish ideas that are proven to harm white society.

Feminist neo-Nazi white knights defending the “believe women” theory of total female innocence believe it is clever to point out that non-feminists in the right-wing will often claim that women do not have the ability to make decisions properly, but also claim that they should be held responsible for those decisions.

Here is an example of a feminist neo-Nazi making this criticism:

If these feminist neo-Nazis are legitimately too stupid to understand this, then they are simply dangerous.

A big part of the argument being presented by these neo-Nazis is the Marxist-feminist theory of “gender power dynamics,” which says that because women are so oppressed by men, the government and various other institutions must be wielded to disempower men in order to level the playing field.

Classical Marxist theory obviously plays a big role in the neo-Nazi feminist argument that Harvey Weinstein “raped” women who went to him to exchange sex for career advancement, as they are arguing that the women “had no choice” but to have sex with Harvey due to economic factors.

Here’s some extended reading for those who want to understand further what these neo-Nazis are arguing:

  • Judith Butler (Her book “Gender Trouble” is specifically enlightening on these issues, as the neo-Nazis are focusing so heavily on the role economics played in the decision of these women to have sex with Harvey Weinstein)

The neo-Nazi we are examining here claims that people who do not believe women, and men who call women who have sex for money “whores,” are “the scum of the earth.”

Telling white men to “respect women” is effectively anti-natal propaganda (these neo-Nazis really seem intent on harming the birthrate any way they can).

Many feminist neo-Nazis will actually tell men to marry single mothers, because that fits into their “respect overload” philosophical paradigm.

This is all evidenced by the fact that I have more female readers than any feminist neo-Nazi website.

This is an anti-natal hoax that these neo-Nazis are spreading, which is going to damage the chances of those who follow them of ever being successful with women.

Although most of the neo-Nazis on Twitter are anonymous, you can look at other people who promote Marxist Consent Theory and “gender power dynamics,” and get an idea of what they might look like.

This type of Jewish-Marxist feminist nonsense being promoted by neo-Nazis is designed to sabotage men.

And Finally: Why is Neo-Nazism So Strongly Associated with Feminism?

The question for the ages, which serves as a backdrop to all of this, is why is it that modern neo-Nazis are such aggressive devotees of feminist theory? 

I don’t want to sink to the level of a feminist white knight neo-Nazi and psychoanalyze anyone, but as a general observation, neo-Nazism is an extremely anti-social movement, which attracts primarily anti-social people, and anti-social people tend to wallow in failure.

So if neo-Nazis are attracted to failure as a principle, it makes sense that they would be white knights.

It is also true that neo-Nazis tend to be overweight slobs, who presumably have little or no experience with women, and it is possible that they honestly believe that what women are going around looking for is the man that is capable of respecting them the hardest.

The neo-Nazi movement has spent years attacking me, often over my lack of respect for women, and they appear to now be attempting to draw a hard line against me, Nick Fuentes, Scott Greer and others who refuse to respect women by defining their movement as a place for woman-respecters.

You see that everyone, Andrew Anglin hates “neo-nazis.” He hates them with a passion, to the point where he believes that the 99.9% of the World that doesn’t want to defend Harvey Weinstein is secretly a neo-nazi white knight feminist. 

God he just hates Nazi LARPers. He hates them with a passion. If there’s one thing you can say about Andrew Anglin it’s that he’ll never be caught dead promoting neo-nazis.

Anyway, so here’s the second article on his site that we’re covering today where he promoted neo-nazi feds. This one is from January, 2017, so it predates the other by about one month.

Archived Link of Atomwaffen Promotion #2:

Just as they are lied about by the tabloid press, Atomwaffen division strikes again!


Wow, those Atomwaffen neo-nazi LARPers sure do seem based! Thanks tiny e-faggots, I’d have never even known about them if it weren’t for Atomwaffen Andy.

Wow! Look at these based Chads who are totally not a cringe inducing fed honeypot TriGGeRiNg tHE LiBS!

These pitiful creatures basically had their psyches destroyed by a few pieces of papers with hurtful words on them.

Oh my god, Lib Status: Owuned. Thanks fed honeypotters! Man those libs were given an easy propaganda victory because these feds put up cringe-inducing posters promising terrorism while also being gigantic pussies afraid of confrontation. Thank god these Aryan Gentlemen are out there defending Da HuWhyte Rice!

But oh, boy, what nice posters.

Uh, can I get an optics check? No need, this is what appeals to normies. Impotent neo-nazi LARPers promising a “cleansing,” is how we save Da HuWhyte Rice. That and obediently voting for Sheldon Adelson’s GOP.

Thanks tiny midget e-faggot who calls people who don’t defend Harvey Weinstein neo-nazis. Thanks for promoting this literal neo-nazi honeypot. Thanks, bud.

That was the entirety of that piece, and I guess I’m going to have to quote the entirety of this other piece as well. The first two were from Zeiger, this one is from Weev.

Archived Link of Atomwaffen Promotion #3:

Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes. They’ve posted tons of fliers with absolutely killer graphics at tons of universities over the years. They generally have a lot of fun and party. Normal Nazi shitposters, basically. They made just one mistake: they trusted a raghead-convert, and now two of them are dead.
Thanks irrelevant faggot who no one likes or cares about anymore. It’s so nice to know that literal neo-nazi fed honeypot Atomwaffen are full of a bunch of nice guys. You know, just good old fashioned nazi shitposters who exist to entrap young White Men for the (((ADL))) and make White Activism look stupid and evil in the meantime. Just a bunch of Chads who really like to party, where by party I mean vote for the Republican Party while being hyperlosers in real life.

Well anyway, that piece quotes from some Tampa Bay Times article. It’s behind a paywall, but the archived link isn’t. Below is only what weev quotes in his pro-fed honeypot piece, with the bolded parts by him.

Tampa Bay Times:

Tampa police have identified a man they say shot two roommates to death, then held hostages briefly in New Tampa on Friday night.
Devon Arthurs, 18, 15350 Amberly Drive, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder as well as armed kidnapping after he said he killed two men in the Hamptons Condominium, where he lived.
On Sunday, police identified the victims as Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18. Both were living at 15350 Amberly Drive, Tampa, the same address as the defendant.

Underneath that he writes the following.

All three of these people were known to us. I have personally had a conversation with the Islamic murderer months ago, where I implied he might be a federal agent. I had just banned him from our Discord server for being shady as all hell and trying to get people to convert to Salafism, an especially violent and wicked form of Islamism. This guy was acting so completely retarded I really thought he had to be a federal informant. Turns out he really was an unhinged Moslem.

He had also been banned from Ironmarch, the forum where Atomwaffen organizes their activism.
Atomwaffen is a really friendly crew and was too tolerant in terms of ideology, so they let a Moslem move into their spare room. What they failed to understand is that Moslems are not white. If you adopt a brown ideology, you have excluded yourself from white people forever. Bosniaks are not white. Albanians are not white. I don’t care how “based” you think these hajis are, they are irrational and prone to violent chimping out due to the programming they receive from their pedophile terrorist ideology.

Gotta love the mixed-race mischling who’s also part Aboriginal proclaiming himself as the arbiter of who is and who isn’t White enough to be in the fed honeypot.

Two good men are dead because they didn’t heed the advice of many to cut ties with a Moslem. I suspect, given the circumstances (there were explosives found at their apartment) that his roommates found out he was planning some kind of terrorism and tried to stop him, so he killed them. If this turns out to be the case, at least they died heroically.
There’s an obvious lesson to takeaway from this: do not associate with any Moslem. No good white will ever convert to Islam. Whites who profess Islam have cut themselves off from their race and serve the most savage and foreign of all possible gods. Get away from these people, because the proximity of any Moslem is a risk to your continued existence.
All “based” Moslem converts are unwelcome on The Daily Stormer, and urged to go become roommates with /r/The_Donald posters or Antifa from now on.
[Note: We’ve heard that Atomwaffen Division has now instituted a strict “no-Moslems” policy. Good choice.]

Hey weev, when is Atomwaffen instituting a “no fed,” policy? Asking for a friend.

I dunno, I just think that might be a touch more important than pretending that Albanians aren’t White. That’s just me though, the guy who has never promoted any fed honeypots in my life. 

Oh BTW, I hope you didn’t think that was the only time Andrew Anglin promoted the fed honeypot known as Atomwaffen. These are the related articles that pops up at the bottom of that archived page. Click around through them and you’ll get an absolute cavalcade of shilling for young White Men to get entrapped by the feds.

This isn’t even close to all of it. It just goes on and on and on. “Hey fellow goy, you should join this cringe anti-social loserfest so the FBI can get some scalps for the ADL.”

But remember, you should take accusations of being a honeypot by these faggots extremely seriously.

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