I’ve been wanting to be done with this series since forever, but writing about the Dylan Roof Fiasco is difficult under the best of circumstances. It gets even harder, since Anglin’s trash site was down due to having their CN domain taken, like many others. They’re back up now, but even with them up, it’s really hard to do research on the old Stormer, because of something that they used to have, but don’t anymore.

That being a search bar. You can see that in the top right of the page. Most websites have an internal search function, because there’s no actual compelling reason not to have one. 

This site has one. You can see it in the top right corner of the page. 

When you click on that, you’ll be rewarded with this screen. And you can use that to look through all our old pieces, with absolutely no restrictions.

Even I as the main content creator use this search function from time to time. It’s incredibly tedious to not have this kind of thing, and wastes a huge amount of time on the part of the content creators. That the DeadMeme Honeypotter doesn’t have a search function is a conscious choice. There is no real justification for this. And remember, they used to have one.

Back when the site was actually readable, they had that search function. And then, sometime later, and without much fanfare, they removed it.

For all I know this is when they removed the Race War and Jewish Problem sub-sections of the site. I don’t really know when they removed this, only that they did. And they did so with the intent to make it really hard to go back in time and point out some explicitly contradictory things that Anglin has said. Or really anything he said, all of which is very important for a number of different subjects.

Even though there are some things that are undeniable, without direct quotes it’s not nearly as hard hitting. Still, we must make do with what we have.

Buzzfeed News:

Three days after 21-year-old Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine black people during a Bible study in a historic Charleston, South Carolina, church, his apparent manifesto detailing a hatred toward black people, Jews, and Latinos appeared online.

On Monday, the Southern Poverty Law Center said Roof has been a regular commenter on The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website.
The SPLC said that it “ran the document’s full text through Grammarly, a piece of software with plagiarism detection capabilities.”
The group said it found several connections between the manifesto and comments made on the Daily Stormer. Using the usernames provided by the SPLC, AryanBlood1488 and Aryan_Blood_1488, BuzzFeed News compared the comments with Roof’s apparent manifesto.

Above is the comment written by Dylann Roof. The guy was pretty mentally unstable, which is exactly what you’d expect from a guy who shoots up 9 random Black Churchgoers. But he’s not so relevant here. The whole meme about “muh scary propaganda leads to terrorism,” can go right out the window when these anti-White propagandists refuse to accept responsibility for Waukesha, or any other number of anti-White terrorist attacks.

Not Waukesha, just run of the mill BLM riots.

What is relevant is Andrew Anglin’s bitchmade response. Specifically, him fleeing the United States because he was weally afwaid that the feds were going to come after him because Dylann Roof commented on his site a few times.

Need I remind everyone that this fag left the following comment on our site.

And yes, it’s really Anglin. Let’s spotlight that last part of his comment.

However many hours of your life you spent compiling these memes and garbled sentences should have been spent trying to convince Mike Enoch to debate me on the Ralph Retort like any biological male with basic human dignity would do. Then we would all know who the real alpha male is.

Andrew has this weird e-tough guy routine that he enjoys doing, but he’s a complete and utter pussy who has lost every single one of the lawsuits he’s been a part of because he didn’t bother showing up. We’ll get there later with the Tanya Gersh stuff, but this guy has never shown up for a fight, physical or intellectual, in his entire life. 

He can whine about Moike Enoch not bothering to debate him, but he was scheduled for a debate with Randbot on the very same Ralph Retort that he whines about Enoch not debating him on. So Randbot showed up, and then Mr. Anglin just decided to not bother. Yes that’s right, this fag can’t even debate Randbot.

Here’s Randbot on that.

Randbot: Late 2019 we were scheduled to go on the killstream. Ralph himself has acknowledged this by the way. Of course he forgot, and then I reminded him and he went “yeah oh right yeah.” 

This was a thing, we were scheduled, we were supposed to go on. He no-showed. He never followed it up. I asked him about it like 2 years later like “where were you, why’d you dog out,” the next time I actually had a chance to talk to him live. He just completely blanked and said “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

That day I went on to do a show, back when YouTube streaming was still a thing, or maybe on DLive, and uploaded the video to BitChute. I think it was the most viewed video I ever made on BitChute. Because he didn’t show up I went and did my own thing with all the material I had on him with some people who had some inside knowledge about it.

In fact it was his second most viewed video, and you can watch it below. Considering that it’s four hours long, I’m not sure I’ll ever get a chance to watch the whole thing. Having said that, seeing Anglin get felted is extremely high quality content as far as I’m concerned. And at about 21 minutes in, we hear this about weev from Randbot.

The first time I ran into Weev was over a decade ago on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He was openly committing bank fraud, and boasting about it on the IRC. Something he never got in trouble for. 

He’d gotten hold of a woman’s credit card details and was making purchases. This was in response to her writing a complaint to the servers that were hosting ED about an article that had gone up. So weev thought it was appropriate to try and ruin her life. That’s one of his famous quotes “I hack, I ruin.”

I’ve maintained that it’s way funnier and more cutting to pretend that weev is a good actor, and is just a mentally ill midget online with delusions of grandeur. But it gets harder and harder to figure out why he’s not rotting away in jail. His mysterious non-prosecution for bank fraud is totally fine though, just like it’s okay for a long time leftist hacktivist to get mysteriously released from prison and then suddenly become a White Nationalist. That’s not suspicious at all.

I mean he has a swastika tattoo, so he’s definitely one of us. 

But anyway, this is about Andrew Anglin, not his tiny friend, so let’s focus back on him with this quote from Sven on TDS:891: America Felted. This starts at 1:49:30.

Andrew Anglin is the biggest coward in this entire movement. The man fled the country over a thing that had nothing to do with him. Dylann Roof shot a bunch of niggers in a church, and Andrew Anglin, coward, fled the country and will never come back.

He has since lost several lawsuits in absentia and owes $20 million dollars. And some of them were because he was dumb enough to do anonymous troll shit on the internet under his own name. He fucking incited his audience publicly on his website to harass Tanya Gersh at her residence and that’s an actionable legal thing. 


Andrew Anglin is such a great example of “I’m so much cooler online.” This is a little faggot who ran from a debate with Randbot of all people. This is a little faggot who fled the country because Dylann Roof commented on his website a few times.

I’m sorry, let’s take one more look at that comment he left when trying to have sex with me.

Then we would all know who the real alpha male is.

Hey guys, real alpha males flee the country after randoms acts of violence that have nothing to do with them and then bitch out of debates against livestreamers after saying “I’ll talk about this with anyone.”

Andrew Anglin is never going to actually debate anyone over his smear of TRS, because it’s absurdly retarded and he’s a little bitch. I’d do it, but a debate between me and the little e-dwarf would be the closest thing to murder you can do online.

He might pop on over here and try to have sex with me again, but he isn’t debating me or anyone else on pretty much anything.

That’s his comment. Hilariously I didn’t know it was him at the time. I almost just oven’d it.

What he will do is go to a boxing gym, do some light sparring that he thinks qualifies him as a real fighter, take a selfie of his beat up face while putting on a tough guy look and then upload it to his site. 

He used to do this all the time.

Reading the Deadmeme Stormer is something I can look back on without much embarrassment, but without much pride either. This guy is just such a faggot.

But let’s take a look at that last part of what Sven said.

He fucking incited his audience publicly on his website to harass Tanya Gersh at her residence and that’s an actionable legal thing. 

She just looks so trustworthy and morally scrupulous.

Ah yes, the Tanya Gersh Fiasco.

Next time we get balls deep into how the two tiny midget e-losers Andrew Anglin and Andrew Auernheimer managed to let a zionist terrorist get away with extortion in addition to getting a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Anglin. Oh, and also ruin an actual White Nationalist community lead by April Gaede in Whitefish. Oh and also scam his followers out of at least $150k.

It’s a sordid affair, but it’ll make for some great content.

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  1. I actually liked this site, but complaining about someone “fleeing” the federal government is a bridge too far. Not only is this a very weird flex. Its shameful. It reads like someone who has never actually had to face the full power of the FBI. Unless you can say this after the FBI bring a hell cat to your moms house and threaten to imprison you for, who knows how long with a bunch of white hating black torturers, you have no right to speak on anything.

    1. Lol wut? He didn’t “flee the FBI.” He wasn’t under investigation for anything. He wasn’t being charged with anything. He never talked to the FBI. He never talked to anyone.

      The FBI never brought a “hell cat,” whatever that even is, to his moms house. None of that happened, Anglin is just a whiny little e-boy with no balls.

      If you don’t like this site, great, go back to Gamer Uprising and pretend to be relevant with muh kidz alongside Andrew Anglin and the other 40 year old zoomers.

  2. Nice article, quite a few typos on it though.

    It’s “Incited” not “Insighted”.

  3. Uh oh. You pissed off the Andrew Wronglin simp pay pigs. LOL

  4. I knew he had completely lost the plot when he deleted the the Race War and Jewish Problem sub-sections.

    Honestly he left a big gap in the news coverage when he decided to turn into a homosexual. (you and other guys like you are doing a good job trying to fill that gap.

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