After my last piece on this trial, I got an interesting comment from a feminist on Spinster. Normally I’d simply dismiss what these ladies have to say, but they’re not all entirely bad. After all, I’ve written about Meghan Murphy before, and back when I was a part of an IRL group, we showed up at one of Meghan’s talks pretending to be a hockey team so as to keep away the antifas. I’ve been meaning to write an article on this behaviour specifically, and Lady Grey serves as a great example. Here was the comment she left under my poast on the Fediverse.

This was the profile.

Its very interesting and disappointing to see dissident right men follow along with literal redditors and celebrity worship culture, those who they would normally rightfully deem ‘npcs’ or their enemy to bash on this woman alongside them, never stopping to question the absurdity of it all or the agenda behind it. Don’t you find it weird how a bunch of so called progressives are making tiktok videos mocking her recounting her rape on the stand? Surely that goes against everything they believe in right? Even if there was reasons to doubt her story. Well… maybe its the new current thing like Ukraine or Covid or whatever, and there’s a reason so much public interest and outraged has been manufactured to the point people are behaving in such insane ways.

She makes some good points later on, but not here. I’ve covered two pieces by the Epstein Killed Himself Liars where they bemoan the fact that everyone on the internet hates Amber Heard and is making fun of her. It’s not hard to figure out why, because the woman is a slandering nutcase who literally defecated in Johnny Depp’s bed. And no, I don’t think that’s astroturfed, because it’s so natural. People have to be told to not hate Amber Heard.

Her every move is being picked apart by a mob of angry reddit users while his every move is being praised. “Oh look, Amber cracked a smirk, the bitch is manipulative, no genuine abuse victim would smirk like that!”. “Oh but Johnny is laughing through the entire case, good for him, how endearing and lovable, goes to show he is completely innocent”

Having your partner literally rage shit in your bed buys you a lot of goodwill. I haven’t followed the trial much at all, but from what little I’ve seen Depp truly has been charming, and Heard has been so repugnant that she’s difficult to watch and has been caught lying on the stand. While it’s true that the internet can sometimes lightswitch brain things, pick a side and start cheerleading, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more truly one sided trial. Even Rittenhouse wasn’t this bad.

I find it funny how in this article you actually make a good point about metoo not going far enough and you acknowledge some level of systematic sexual perversion is rampant, and yet you are unable to connect the dots that maybe, like all the other ‘current things’, this manufactured outrage and dogpiling has a nefarious purpose that benefits that very system.

Weinstein, Epstein, Maxwell.

This sentence right here is why I felt the need to write this piece. Johnny Depp is not a part of a Mossad blackmail ring where they rape young girls, and then sic “ex” Mossad agents on them to shut them up. Johnny Depp does not bribe politicians to enact his zionist political agenda. Johnny Depp is literally just a man who had an abusive wife who slandered him as a wife beater while pretending to be the victim in this whole situation. 

The reason why Weinstein finally got a tiny amount of the justice that he deserved was because the women that he abused hit critical mass where it was undeniable. And the reason why Johnny Depp is being championed is because his supporters hit critical mass where it is undeniable that he was wronged. In reality, the (((system))) wants Weinstein and Epstein to go about raping and blackmailing as many goyettes as possible, while also using the courts to abuse innocent men like Johnny Depp. 

I’m not even claiming that Amber heard is a saint or that she isn’t mentally ill, she clearly is and the relationship was entirely dysfunctional, but you know whats going to happen next?

Every woman who ever comes forward is going to be compared to her
Every man who abuses a woman and deems her hysterical when she reacts is going to have the perfect new vocabulary, “another amber heard”
And I’m sure there will be plenty of yesmen to join in.

Yes, but those are copes. The way that the (((Weinstein’s))) are going to cope with Depp winning his trial, my anticipated outcome, is by trying to discredit the many women who have legitimate complaints about these filthy kikes getting handsy with them or worse. But once again, Depp wasn’t a man with institutional power over Amber Heard, he was just her husband. Weinstein and the rest of the #meToo’d had institutional power over women, and used it to abuse them. It annoys me when people conflate the two.

That’s the problem with feminism. Since these are grown women on “team women,” something most people move past after the first grade, they lose any sort of rationality and nuance. As a result, they end up lumping in (((men))) who are evil disgusting rapists like Weinstein with men like Depp who are the clear victims of slander. They also write things like this.

All males hate you innately. And 100% of males get off on women girls and animals getting tortured and raped to death.

These are bitter, spiteful women whose politics are downstream from them being bitter and angry at getting sexually rejected by men for their entire lives. If they weren’t so nasty we’d all feel sorry for them, as they’re the women equivalent of the manlet incel freaks at America Fist. Check out this Gamer Uprising fag who wrote this, as well as dating advice for men.

Lady Grey isn’t as bad as that LadyMont cuntess, but it shows the problems with those kinds of communities. Whether they be the manlet cult, or spinster feminism those communities are extremely toxic and full of anti-social people. Since those people don’t have popular support in real life, only getting affirmation from these online communities, they stick around and drive everyone normal out.

But it’s funny to me how we have the Manlet Cult on one hand, who write 20k word screeds about how kike rapist Harvey Weinstein getting convicted is something that is terrible, no good, very bad, because of utterly non-existent precedent being set where every man will now just be convicted of rape. Then we have the Spinster catladies, who are assblasted that innocent man Johnny Depp is about to win his trial (I hope), because of utterly non-existent precedent being set that now no woman will ever be believed again. In both cases, these anti-social losers can’t just acknowledge the actual facts of each case, and both of them rely on uncritically repeating jew feminist copes where the (((Roberta Kaplan’s))) of the World LARP like they can use these results to further their agenda.

Two years later, and tiny fag Andrew Anglin’s predictions that every single man accused of rape will be convicted have been shown as ludicrous. If we wait another two years we will find the Spinster’s predictions, which is that every single woman who accuses a man of abuse won’t be believed, will also be shown as ludicrous. Although in fairness, these catladies never explicitly said that, probably because they’re more mentally healthy than these guys.

Having said all that, there is another comment from Lady Grey that I wanted to print out.

If there is one thing young women need to know above anything else, one thing they need to be told to set them up for a good life: Dump your pornsick boyfriend

Any man in your life who regularly watches pornography does not see you as a human being, no matter what your relationship to that man is.
If he is okay with treating other women’s bodies like a commodity, creating the demand for women to be used and abused and traumatised for a lifetime for mere seconds of his pleasure, if he believes sexual consent is something that can be bought and that such a system isn’t inherently coercive, then what makes you think he has any respect for you? What makes you think that if you were in the position of those abused and trafficked women he’d view you any differently? That he wouldn’t be jerking off to your pain
If your boyfriend watches porn he doesn’t love you

He views you and all other women as tools for his sexual gratification.

If your boyfriend watches porn, you don’t have a monogamous relationship, the fact that you don’t view it as cheating means you’ve dehumanised those women just as much as he has.

If your boyfriend watches porn, he is desensitised to women’s rape and sexual abuse, he sees nothing wrong with it

And that is not a man who is safe to be around

So please,

Dump your pornsick boyfriend

This was her very first post on Spinster, which is a fediverse instance similar to Poast. Despite her going somewhat overboard, I agree with a lot of what she says. Pornography is a disgusting industry, full of trafficked women. The ones who do the “anal” scenes tend to not be able to hold their stool inside their body, and I feel for any women who had her boyfriend pressure her into doing something so unnatural and, for most women, painful.

Watching porn is cheating. Your sexual urges should go entirely to your partner, if for no other reason than that a long term relationship can be difficult, and you need all the enthusiasm you can get for your partner. Porn also encourages a very “checkbox,” type approach to sexuality, where you’re trying to get things from your partner, as opposed to simply enjoying their presence. A pretty girl standing close enough to you that you can feel her body heat, whispering in your ear close enough you can feel her breath, or even just putting a finger on your wrist should be intensely erotic and enjoyable. And during sex, you should focus less on “getting x,” and more on being in the moment with her.

And yet, the policy here that we would both support is a ban on pornography. Feminists have gotten plenty of policy that fucks over men in divorce courts, or enables partial birth abortions, so when are they going to get the ban on pornography?

While there are a lot of “intersectional feminists,” who just Support The Current Thing, there are also plenty of feminists who are opposed to mentally ill men with “female penises,” destroying women in sports and scaring them in their change rooms. So when are they going to win on this issue where they have popular support? Oh right, never, because the World’s most famous feminist is Harvey Weinstein, and feminism is nothing more than advocacy for Harvey Weinstein.

Now that they’ve used these bitter ladies to further destroy the institution of marriage, and destroy our birth rates through supporting abortion, they don’t really have any use for them. So now they can get as censored as we all are, and scream into the void on Spinster.

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  1. Dissident right – TERF alliance when?

    1. There’s something to be said for that, as we saw with Meghan Murphy. However, these broads really do have it in for men, so it’s really hit and miss.

      1. It’s sad because a lot of them have these brief moments of clarity where they see the truth of this world but they can’t stop overgeneralizing in the wrong direction.
        Unfortunately, I think it’s more about them being huge victims than it is about identifying and punishing wrongdoers.
        A lot of it, I think, is the classic fear of naming the jew. Instead of blaming Epstein and Weistein and those kikes for their crimes, they shift the blame to all men in general.
        Which dilutes the potency of it and actually just ends up turning them into a joke — because they don’t care about right and wrong they only care about team women vs team men.

        1. Yeah it’s just Team Women, The Organization. That’s why they have good opinions on trannies, and bad opinions on pretty much everything else.

          1. Trannies and jewish men.

    2. We’ve always had a good amount in common. No one respects (normal and decent) women more than Nazis.

  2. Let’s lock the incel manlets and the bitter feminists in a cage, and make them fight. Let’s make them entertain us vs annoying us.

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