It’s been a while since we last covered Amber Heard’s trial for establishing dominance in the marital bed. But we’re back, because the CBC is whining about everyone making fun of Amber Heard.


If you’re on a major social media platform, you’ve probably noticed it by now: tweets, TikTok videos and other posts about the defamation trial involving actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which began in mid-April and has been an inescapable source of viral content since.

The minutia of libel law litigation, however, has fallen practically to the wayside in recent weeks when it comes to internet content about the trial. Live-streamed online, even now as the jury begins its deliberations, critics say the legal action has devolved into a frivolous source of entertainment.

“It’s a meme-ification of domestic violence,” said Farrah Khan, a gender justice advocate and the director of Consent Comes First at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

Farrah Khan

There was another Farrah Khan that I originally found when searching her name. That Farrah was surprisingly good looking, for a feminist “gender justice advocate.” My shock was short lived, as I then added “ryerson,” to the search , and was pleased to find someone more in line with what these creatures always look like.

Anyway, this broad with the weirdly yellowing teeth tips has made it her mission to turn every workplace environment into a no fun zone. She was forced to do this, because so many men were just throwing themselves at her and it was really negatively impacting her day to day life.

“We’re seeing this proliferation of misinformation about a domestic violence trial. We’re seeing people see entertainment in it — content creators saying, ‘you know what, this is how I actually can build my brand.'”

I probably should have been writing about this more. It’s evergreen content, and not just the dominance establishment ritual that Amber Heard did on Johnny’s bed. Plenty of content creators have been making YouTube videos of this dumb broad contradicting herself and all that. She’s pretty much universally reviled by everybody, and there’s a niche for someone to give more serious analysis.

On TikTok and Twitter, users are pulling audio and video clips from the trial, in which Depp and Heard have spoken about the sad details of their marriage, to glorify and vilify either party. Heard, who is counter suing Depp for $100 million US, has been the target of vicious hate on TikTok in particular, said Khan. 

“I’ve been seeing content creators, specifically on TikTok … jump on this trend of using audio from the trial, using audio specifically where Amber Heard talks about being hit and beaten, where she talks about being raped, re-enacting it, mocking it, finding it sexy,” Khan said.

This wahmen is really bringing me back into the 2010-15 era of the internet, where intolerable feminist cunts would just give their opinion when absolutely nobody asked. Imagine being this pissed that people are making fun of a psychopathic domestic abuser in Amber Heard.

Also, where were these people when Kyle Rittenhouse was being slandered in the media, or Nicholas Sandmann? Or when these people lied us into Iraq, and tried to do the same with the Assad Gas Baby Hoax? I guess people making fun of feminism online is bad, but these people using lies to send innocent White Men to jail, or murder hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners is totally fine disinformation.

“We have to really think about how sexual assault, domestic violence is becoming entertainment or is seen as a joke,” Khan said. 

That online fervour has given the trial the feeling of a football match, said Paula Todd, a lawyer and media professor at Seneca College. 

“‘Who do you want to win?’ I’m asked all the time about this. ‘Whose side are you on?’ This is bizarre,” Todd said. “I’m not on any one side. The idea of a trial is that as much authentic evidence as possible is put before a jury.”

God these people are intolerable.

“I think in general, bot activity is overstated on things like this,” Bridgman said. Research by the Israel-based tracking firm Cyabra indicates that, of 23,000 accounts that were analyzed for their engagement with the trial, only 11 per cent were bot accounts.

Why am I not surprised that the CBC is referencing Israeli firms for intelligence analysis of the peasants organic support for Johnny Depp. Although they do go on to say in that article that the support for Depp is organic, they just frame that as something bad.

So who might be behind this brigade of fervent Depp supporters online? Bridgman said it’s primarily young people who have a lot of time on their hands.

“They are very digitally literate. They have differing political positions,” he added. “So it’s very tempting when we consume an online conversation, to think it’s somehow representative of society at large. But what you’re actually capturing is the actions of sort of the top one per cent of users who are deeply engaged and are able to push these narratives.”

I said earlier in this piece that maybe I should have been covering this trial more. I take that back, but only because I can focus on just a few things, and celebrity drama isn’t one of them. Having said that, Amber Heard is an abuser. She’s displayed the textbook signs of abuse of Johnny Depp, and she’s going to lose this trial. All of which makes it even less credible how the English courts ruled in her favour in a previous trial where Depp sued the tabloid defaming him.

This guy is kind of a fag, but he did a decent breakdown of the Rittenhouse case as well. The point is that the Depp trial shows how these catladies push this anti-male agenda in the media, and rarely get called out for it. Amber Heard is a vicious abuser, Johnny Depp is the victim, and yet the English court ruled against him, and yet we still get CBC pieces like the above which are whining about Heard being the victim of misinformation.

Heard said during her testimony on Thursday that she has received death threats throughout the publicly broadcast court proceedings.

“The harassment and the humiliation, the campaign against me that’s echoed every single day on social media, and now in front of cameras in the showroom — every single day I have to relive the trauma.”

Jokes and memes about domestic abuse have serious real-life consequences, said Khan.

Cool story catlady, did Johnny Depp receive any death threats after Heard slandered him as physically abusing her? I guess we’ll never know, because she won’t tell us.

Jenne Benchetrit

This is who wrote this article.

“Jokes become ideas … this idea that you can demean, police, persecute and punish people. Then it becomes harassment, threats and verbal abuse. Then it can also, if people think that’s okay, then it’ll lead to other things like sexual assault, physical violence and murder.”

“So I don’t think these are jokes,” she said. “These are real people’s lives.”

Basically if meanies on the interwebz don’t stop making fun of Amber Heard shitting in Johnny’s bed, actual women in real life are going to suddenly start getting beaten. This is impeccable logic, and the reason why these types of people need to have their political opposition silenced is purely to save the lives of innocent toddlers who will no doubt start having their beds shit on by their drunken fathers who saw someone making fun of Amber Heard on TikTok.

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