Months after the Freedom Convoy was cleared out from Ottawa’s streets, some of its leaders remain behind bars with no end in sight, and one expert says they’re likely serving more jail time awaiting trial than they will if convicted. Pat King, one of the leaders of the convoy, remains in jail 113 days after being arrested for his role in the protest that occupied downtown Ottawa streets for more than a month. 

Pat King

You’d think that this would all be somewhat illegal, right? How could any legal system possibly justify giving people more jail time awaiting trial than for the crime they commit? 

Often seen at King’s side, Billings is known among supporters as “Freedom George” and gained notoriety during February’s protests for his booming chants of “Let’s go!” and “Freedom!” Billings has been behind bars for 112 days. The two continue to be denied bail.

If you think that this is a sympathetic piece written by the CBC, think again. Comments are disabled, and this is what the propagandist who wrote the piece, David Fraser, looks like.

CBC Propagandist David Fraser

Understand when you see these two men denied bail, that the anti-White bail project types will not be fighting this. I mean we all know that, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

Police never disclosed a full list of who was arrested and charged following the Freedom Convoy, but at least a handful of lesser-known people involved are still in jail.

It’s totally okay for the police to just arrest people and not even announce to the public who they arrested. This is Human Rights Freedom Democracy after all. The goal is to hide as much as possible from the public.

Somewhat unrelated, but I do need to draw attention to this guys awful writing style with this screencap.

Almost every sentence of his gets a new paragraph break, with only one exception in the entire article according to my count. This was so bizarre that I wondered if there was some weird formatting problem with the CBC’s website, but no. Other pieces are somewhat like this, tending to have short paragraphs. But there are in fact multiple sentences in most of them.

I don’t know why the editors insist on this bizarre writing style. All I know is that weird people are in charge of the multi-billion state propaganda agency.

A pastor who tries visiting regularly with King in jail at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre questions the length of time he has been incarcerated for. 

“He’s pretty beat down,” says Melissa McKee, a pastor at Ottawa’s Capital City Bikers’ Church, which offered sanctuary space during its regular hours to protesters during the Freedom Convoy. 

King continues to be frustrated by the justice system — he went through a series of lawyers before hiring his current representative, Natasha Calvinho, but continues to face charges for mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order, and counselling to obstruct police. 

In the midst of an April bail review hearing, King was charged with obstructing justice and perjury.

All evidence presented at the bail review remains subject to a publication ban, which is often requested and granted to prevent potential jurors from being prejudiced ahead of trial.

Pat King

So they are claiming that he perjured himself at a trial, but they don’t have to present any evidence of this, because they put a publication ban on the proceedings.

It’s possible that the defense requested the publication ban, but very unlikely. And as I’ve detailed before, the injustice system is designed to be as opaque as possible so as to justify this tyranny.

McKee says regardless of what people may think of him, being in jail for this long is not just. 

“I’m not measuring Pat against Tamara or Chris Barber, I’m measuring what he did, what did he do? He did Facebook live videos rallying people, he knew this was a possibility that he could be arrested, but [113] days?

Facebook live videos rallying people? My goodness! I had no idea we were dealing with such a dangerous criminal.

I thought he burned down an Arby’s and looted a Target. This changes everything.

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  1. Here’s some more classic anti-white CBC. Indian kills his own kid, and it’s the police’s fault: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/baby-tanner-new-details-emerge-1.6484733

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