In my last piece I ended with a picture of chubby manlet Dave Reilly, and promised to write more about him after doing some research. He lead the tradcath prayer that really took it to the antifa groomers by kneeling on the ground a mile away from them and wearing suits.

Literally “pray the gay away”

I was first introduced to Dave Reilly years ago when he asked Charlie Kirk “how does anal sex help us win the culture war?” 

A perfectly reasonable question, and one that launched Reilly to some amount of e-fame.

I remember him being invited on TRS after this. I knew some of their old shows were lost, but I managed to find the right episode.

I personally was not much of a fan of his Trad Cath routine, a reaction I appear to share with the vast majority of the audience.

Frankly his schtick was so annoying that even Alex McNabb had to dish out a refutation of it in the comments.

TRS was not the only show that had Reilly on after his trolling of Charlie Kirk. Henrik and Lana of Red Ice also invited him on to their show at around the same time.

I didn’t watch that show, but I assume it was more of the same. In any case, I thought he was annoying, but fine. These E. Michael Jones types do some good work. They also whine a lot about race stuff, but you can take the good with the bad. Theoretically we could all unify and fight against antifa pedos doing this in the park, so there’s no reason to be too discriminating in terms of allies.

NOTE: Look at the girl with long hair unenthusiastically clapping in the background. Let me see what I can do with that.

I’m no graphic designer, so that’ll have to do.

I actually heard about Dave Reilly again just a few months ago when doing research for the Fuentes pieces. Someone said that he was running for Governor of Idaho as a Democrat. At the time I though that seemed a bit odd. I thought he was either doing a troll, by pointing out the kosher-left having nothing for working class people these days, or maybe he just saw an opportunity to run a populist campaign. It was weird, but I hadn’t thought of him in a very long time, 

His website, screencapped above, helpfully provides the reader with three ways to part with their hard earned shekels and help this adorable young child achieve his dreams of becoming governor of Idaho. And what will he do as governor? Well let’s take a look at his site and see.


It’s not that I hate this set of policies, but I feel that if you are listing yourself as “pro-bitcoin,” by the fourth item, and “progressive,” as the last, you don’t really have that much to offer. His campaign was also not particularly serious, as he was a write in candidate. And have we mentioned that you can donate to him yet?

At the top of his site there are links to instagram, twitter, and a few others. I thought those were generic social media links that his site theme came prepackaged with, just like this site. After all, nobody could possibly have a twatter account, especially their original twatter, in the year 2022.

Well apparently not. His site does in fact link to his uncensored instagram uncensored twitter. And on both of them you will see this image as his last update, as of time of writing.

The instagram post I screencapped here might lead you to believe that he was showing solidarity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To quote him.

Kneel for Jesus Christ, or Kneel for the Federal Government.

At time of writing this is his pinned tweet. So proud was he of his glib line, mocking the Patriot Front goys for facing state oppression in the absolute most idiotic way possible. Is he trying to say that Jesus Christ protects you from the power of the federal government? Is he trying to take credit for PF getting arrested?

Local sources say that he started Idaho Tribune, and here we can see him re-tweeting them.

Well that last statement might not be quite so off the mark. A bit of snooping around his twatter and I find this tweet. Notable for one of its replies. This was marked as “sensitive,” BTW. So I had to make sure I was adult enough to see this. 

What do we have here?


Hello. The information is right here: I’m the one who will be calling the cops. End of story.

If I see any Catholics putting themselves in a situation to directly confront these people I will call the cops on you – I don’t care who you are.

Prayer and Penance will have a bigger and more positive impact than any kind of confrontation, and I’m putting myself on the line to PREVENT any kind of nonsense.

So, let this be the end of it.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story caused confusion. I don’t believe that Dave Reilly snitched out Patriot Front. I’m sure he would have loved to, but it’s very unlikely, in my opinion, that he would have had the information to do so. I do need to write yet another piece trying to figure out what went on there, but I don’t think that this chubster is responsible.

First of all, how’s that prayer and penance going?

That’s right, it’s getting laughed at by Ukraine flag flying I Support The Current Thingers. And Andrew P points out that they protested in the wrong park. And yes, this has been confirmed by a local Coeur d’Alene activist who got in touch with me for this story. This was where the two groups were.

Dave Reilly’s big idea to stop antifa groomers was to show up to the wrong park in a suit and get on his knees.

This was the grand Online TradCath plan. The great America First machination to stop antifa groomers by kneeling on the ground and praying in silence, while out of earshot, or site, of the actual PRIDE event. Oh and then call the cops on anyone who actually does show up.

Pretty sure Patriot Front could have gone and kneeled over that park in a random location and the cops would have left them alone. That’s the thing with not actually fighting, no one cares enough to oppress you.

If you are actually fighting, then obese middle aged LARPers will make up stories about how they know a guy who totes saw PF guys all using their FBI badges in the bar he works in. Because the FBI is so stupid that they can’t give anyone fake ID’s. Instead they take away all other identification, like Driver’s licenses, from their employees, and force them to identify themselves every time they sit down for a meal.

Notice the 5 views, bottom left corner.

On the topic of conservatives not actually fighting, I mentioned a local Coeur d’Alene activist who I got in touch with, and in addition to useful info on Dave Reilly he told me about Summer Bushnell. She’s a typical “muh gubmint,” LOLbertarian crossed with patriotardism.

So of course she makes it her personal mission to face doxx every single member of Patriot Front that she can get a camera on.

I’m not going to link to that article, or her site itself. Suffice to say that she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Patriot Front men are handsome and in good shape.

It would not surprise me if this lonely broad snapped those pictures while biting her lip, one hand absently touching her crotch. However it happened, she was rewarded with 20x more views than her other “work,” where she bloviates into a camera about… well, I have no idea. I’m going to link to a video of hers where she goes on about “not wanting to be called x,” in a fake conversation with herself. It’s incredibly weird.

By the looks of things, you’re not the only one who is disinterested in Summer’s comedy routine.

Update: I’m not kidding when I say she’s made it her mission to doxx these brave men. And not just them. She’s also going after the citizen who posted bail. Although she says here that she can’t figure out how to find that.

Another thing our activist friend told us is that this video of a Coeur d’Aline cop talking about having informants in Patriot Front, was taken by some guy named “Northwest Off Grid.” He’s another of these Inna Woods LARPers, although I can’t find much about him personally. The video is just 38 seconds long, and I’ve started it from just the right time.

Northwest Off Grid: Do you know what the original stop was for? 

Blue Antifa: For that. [context: them magically knowing there were weapons in the UHaul]

Woman offscreen: But how did you know? How did you know that they…

Blue Antifa: We have informants. We have informants inside.

Northwest Off Grid: Niiiyyyyycccceeeeeee!

With friends like this, who needs antifa? Speaking of…

Remember how I said that Reilly went on Red Ice? Well apparently he did more than that. Henrik and Lana live in that general area, and sometime back in 2019 they had a small get together for everyone in the scene at Dave Reilly’s place in Post Falls, Idaho. According to my source, Dave Reilly has an extremely nice home, and at the time was quite friendly with the jewphobic alt-right sphere. You might not have suspected this, considering how milquetoast his “pro-Bitcoin,” political plaform is, but Mr. Reilly himself has quite the spicy history.


Among tweets posted from David J. Reilly’s account: “All Jews are dangerous” and “Judaism is the religion of the anti-Christ.” Reilly’s Twitter timeline has been scrubbed of antisemitic posts, but some screenshots live on.

Let’s take a look at some of those screenshots, shall we?

You might find yourself nodding your head in agreement and chuckling. Frankly, “all jews are dangerous,” is something that is a bit much, even for me. At the time it was stuff like this that ingratiated him to the White Nationalist/Alt-Right/Pro-White community. 

When he was still on friendly terms with everybody in the scene, and still feigning pro-White, pro-Goy political beliefs, he ran for the School Board in Post Falls. Supported by our community, he came fairly close to winning.

Idahoe News:

Post Falls. In an open trustee race that drew national coverage, Jake Dawson won with 53% of the vote. Dawson defeated David Reilly — who came under scrutiny for his far-right ties and a string of anti-Semitic tweets. Despite the controversy, Reilly ran with the support of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. Here are more details about these candidates.

I don’t want to say “failed bid,” because I strongly support our guys running for office. These local positions do matter in and of themselves, they are usually paying, and they serve to legitimize us as a national force. Nevertheless, after his ultimately unsuccessful bid to join the School Board in Post Falls, Reilly apparently rebranded himself, and did a hard pivot away from the Mid Twentieth Century Graphic Design Enthusiasts he had previously courted. 

Reilly even got himself banned from a telegram group that Red Ice ran for “infighting with everyone constantly,” according to the activist I talked to. He also started going on about how Patriot Front were “pagans.” Well they’ve always been pagans, but “pagan,” is basically this guy’s “Duginist,” and he uses it constantly. 


Reilly appears to have gone through a weird three year political shapeshifting. He started out as an a-racial Catholic activist guy, cared deeply about ethnicity, but not race, and was woke to the heeb question. Then he starts doing pro-White posting, and pretty much being an alt-right guy. Now he’s branding himself as an anti-racist Democrat who loves workers as much as he loves bitcoin.

It’s confusing to figure out what Reilly’s real beliefs are, but it’s not hard to see his weaselly behaviour. Here’s what he was saying in a publicly available telegram channel on June 9th. 

The cops will be called on people who confront antifas, or even show up in the correct park? Why would that happen? Because Reilly will call the cops on you.

Up until this point in the chat, Reilly had been insinuating that the police themselves would be arresting anyone who showed up to protest the Pride In The Park event. This was not true, and when directly confronted on this, Reilly had to say the above.

I thought the implications was the Police saying that it is why I asked. – Heather Green

Then again, Reilly makes some allusions to some unnamed kids planning (poorly) the rosary march. Consider we’re dealing with America Fist, he might have had something of a point. If it’s the manlets that we know and love so dearly, turning their rosary march into a static event a half mile away might actually have been for the better.

We don’t want the mentally ill trannies to look good through comparison.

Do these weak conservatives, who disavow Patriot Front because they’re supposedly feds making them look bad, really want to be associated with the Cult of the Manlet? Are people who unironically post pictures of themselves murdering women really the kind of people you want to be associated with?

Getting back to Summer Bushnell, I originally thought of her doxxing of Patriot Front members as bad, but irrelevant. Surely there would be antifas who got the face doxxes of Patriot Front members. And even if that happened, the corrupt police would do their best to reveal all of these guys to the World, faces and all. Turns out I was right, and thanks to Kent for the link, just before this story was published.

I pixelated their faces. Their release makes it crystal clear who these people are.

Even still, this one image going around was absolutely from Bushnell. I took the liberty of removing his face.

The original image is hers, the idiotic caption and red circle are from the telegram channel “Red.Pill.Pharmacist.” In it we see the retarded conspiracy theory claim that the Patriot Front guys had a megaphone with “F.B.I.” written on it. In fact they obviously have “Abolish F.B.I.” on their microphone, but conservatives are not about to let facts and logic get in between them and siding with antifa and the actual feds/cops. Some of our guys got into that public chat of theirs and called them out on this.

Can’t say I disagree with these guys. Antifa pedos just laid their neo-penises all over these cucks foreheads, and they’re still whining about how Patriot Front gives the media ammo to attack them. Because when the WMD Liars attack you, you don’t attack back. You whine about how other peasants are making you look bad to the objectively evil people who lie us into wars.

These people are not in politics to get any tangible policy. If they were, they’d be outraged that some disgusting suspected pedophiles just groomed a bunch of children in their city. It’s just sportsball to them, where they can feel powerful attacking Patriot Front, because they are an oppressed group, and serve as little more than some sort of Christian Antifas. 

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  1. Fortunately it’s 2022 and doxxing “nazis” isn’t as hard hitting of a tactic as it may have been in the past.

  2. It’s hard to not end up sounding like Varg in cases like this but Christian fundie LARPers in general and Online TradCaths in particular have been a absolute blight on any vaguely right-wing movement.
    Subversives, doxers (‘memba Dan de Carlo/PT Carlo?) and obsessively divisive people who demand everybody subjugate themselves to their ideological demands 100% or end up getting attacked or betray for 30 pieces of silver.

    1. Addendum: It should also be noted how much overlap exists between E-TradCathism, clownish manlet misogyny, incels and striped rainbow sock discord servers. “All the girl are STACIES who only want to FUCK BBC” and “In my BASED, TRAD CHRUCH™ I’m finally going to find a girlfriend (brown, male)” are concurrent beliefs.

      1. It’s just a thing for the constantly online weirdo crowd to gravitate towards. This is why I focus so much on their appearances. They’re all visible losers, and their politics flows downhill from that.

  3. You forgot to mention that he secretly recorded Richard Spencer’s drunken rant and sent it to his favorite Jew, Milo the homosexual.

    1. I’d heard that. I just couldn’t find any direct evidence corroborating that claim, so I felt it best to leave out. What we have is damning enough.

  4. This online tradcath stuff is exactly what Oswald Spengler describes as the “second religiousness.” The religious forms which, in the early days of the life cycle of a civilization, provide inspiration and enthusiasm for accomplishing the cultural quest now serve as protection from the falling wreckage of a dying civilization. It’s utterly regressive. It’s like trying to climb back into the womb.

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