Yesterday Patriot Front was arrested by the Coeur D’Alene blue antifas for protesting antifa groomers demanding access to children. Earlier today I wrote an article collecting some of the most bitchmade takes online. It was quite the collection.

Having said that, some changed their minds as further evidence was provided. It’s nice to see people change their mind and admit that they’re wrong. It’s so rare to find this behaviour online.

Apparently, among many other groups, some Catholics were in the park.

When we take another look at that we see what appears to be pudgy manlet Dave Reilly leading this group in a prayer.

Well fair enough. I don’t see what that accomplishes, but it’s nice to see everyone working together against antifa. I shouldn’t call Reilly a pudgy manlet. There’s really no reason to be attacking anyone who went to protest the creepy drag/tranny doing his song and dance routine aimed at children. And I’m glad that, for once, we didn’t hear any manlets decide to open up their cunt mouths and –

The manlets have indeed opened up their cunt mouths. Juan Fuentes, the tradtwink tranny porn enjoyer, could resist taking a swipe at Patriot Front about as well as he can resist delicious catboi cock. It’s not his fault, that’s just how he’s made.

Luckily this grifter is spending the million dollars that he made grifting off of people who thought he was doing serious political activism to organize the legal defenses for the Jan 6th, protest that he constantly supported and promoted. You remember that one, right? The protest to help Blormph grift more money off of people desperate for change, so that he could pocket $300 million and laugh at them?

What’s that? He’s not interested. Oh, my bad. Well let’s take another look at that picture.

I’m a little confused. Is the catboi cocksucker saying that PF facing state oppression is something that… makes them bad or something? Because I’m pretty sure this fag LARPed about how the feds taking away his bank account, something that never happened BTW, meant that he was a SeRIoUs GuY dissident figure. And he used this non-event to attack everyone else with the “why isn’t your bank account taken away,” line. But now that his group did a gay little prayer in a park while PF got arrested, something tells me the Cult of the Manlet will not be extending any sympathies or condolences to them.

A hunch confirmed by his very next telegram post.

Isn’t that hilarious? Patriot Front allegedly has a fed plant, and they’re now facing state oppression because of it. What wacky and hilarious hijinks. We should all buy that fed, assuming this is true, a beer at the local boywhore brothel.

Also The Cult of the Manlet has open fed informant Milo Yiannopoulos implanted balls deep in their Totally Not Gay asses. If having fed informants in your political movement is bad, maybe they should consider dropping the ones who don’t even bother trying to hide it. Is Fuentes going to laugh at his own supporters if they try to do something and Milo, the open fed informant, rats them out and they get arrested? 

If this is sounding like a muddled message, let me make sense of this for you. The Manlet Cult are grifting e-boys and PF is a competitor group. Therefore them facing state oppression is good, and they think it’s funny that a group of earnest goyim are getting arrested for bullshit reasons. 

As for the short pudgy faggot Dave Reilly, he’s not as innocent a party to all this as I initially believed. At first I thought he was simply leading one of the protest groups, but this was not the case. He deserves his own article, which I will release ASAP.

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  1. Why do you hate manlets so much?

    1. I don’t hate manlets at all. I just need to point out that these guys are a collection of Visible Losers, and it’s their most defining characteristic.

      Hey, I don’t hate ugly women just because I call feminism the “fat ugly girls club.”

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